What Happened to America?

I left The USA in 1990 to go to Korea.  I thought that I would be there for one year, but I was there until 2003 as a missionary/tent maker.

I visited home every year or so, but all seemed okay back home on my visits.  Then when I came back home in 2003; everything had deteriorated.

I  moved to Regent Park (the old Heritage USA property) ) in Fort Mill, SC in 2005.  As soon as I moved into my home; the people in the same building where I lived started coming onto my phone conversations and dialing during my calls.  They also came onto my Internet connection, and they redirected my e-mails, phone calls, and they used all type s of harassment techniques 24/7.

In 2006, at Halloween, when I was out; they came into my home, and killed my dog, and they stole my car keys, house keys, garage door remote which were in my kitchen drawer, and they left a mess in my home.  I later learned from researching online that these people are called “gang stalkers”.    Upon reading many books, blogs and websites written by targeted individuals, I learned that the perps do similar things to all of their targeted individuals.

America was founded in 1607 by people seeking  freedom of religion.  Americans love their freedoms, and I can’t believe that the moral majority and the Christians will let their freedoms become a thing of the past on their watch.

When this country was founded, traitors were hung.  Anyone that came against our country and its freedoms was tried as an enemy of the state.

There are countless thousands of loyal American citizens that are going along without any knowledge of how they are being controlled, brain washed and manipulated.  Wake up America before it is too late.

Some of the greatest, most patriotic citizens of this great country are being stalked, harassed, robbed and slandered on a daily basis through the new terrorism called “gang stalking”.

These gang stalkers are placed in residences all around their targets, and they need to be rounded up as traitors to this nation.  They infiltrate neighborhoods, businesses, churches, schools, law enforcement, government, and every other type of institution in order to divide, conquer and destroy.

America, when are you going to identity your enemies which are all mingled among you.  They are hypocrites, pretending to be normal Americans, but they are subversives.

The past leader of Russia, Khrushchev, said many years ago that they would not have to fire a shot to take over America.   He warned us, but we ignored his warning.

Drugs, porn, corruption of every kind, has been spewed out all over our country.  We have been “entertained” to the point that our brains have stopped functioning property.  We don’t even know what is going on because most of the media refuses to broadcast the truth.

It seems that practically everything that we should know is covert, whitewashed and camouflaged.   We need more media publishers, broadcasters and news reporting that will report the gang stalking and other subversive activities, so that these perps and their handlers can be brought to justice.

Those that will finally report the truth to the American people will be considered heroes.  The people must demand that the news media report the truth or they will be replaced with those who will.

I believe that America will come back to her foundation when she wakes up, and the moral majority understands what is going on behind the walls, behind the closed doors, and all of the illegal activities become public knowledge.

I believe Americans will take a stand.   I believe the Christians will humble ourselves, pray, seek The Lord’s face, and we will turn from our wicked ways.  Then God will hear from heaven; forgive our sins and heal our land, and America will be saved and healed in Jesus’ Name!

The church leadership in America needs to repent first because many churches have become nothing but businesses.  They suck out the life, energy and money of the people that they are supposed to be ministering to.

The Christians are wounded, hurting and in many cases, they are dying for true Christian leaders that are like their Lord, the Good Shepherd.  They are looking for Jesus in the churches, His love, His character, and His care for the sheep.

Jesus Christ is going to raise up the shepherds who will care for even one sheep who has gone astray or who needs help.  The Lord is going to raise up the true shepherds and prophets for His glorious last day church.

I have great faith and hope in all of the true Americans that love their country and their liberty.  We will overcome, and I believe that once again we will become the land of the free and the home of the brave.   May we have the courage and boldness we need to stand strong in the coming days.

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