There is Hope for America

Dear Friends, We are living in strange and perilous times in America. the enemy has come in unawares, and he and his cohort have set up camp. We hear all types of disinformation from the news media, the mass communications, the pulpits, the political arena, and every area of society. The infiltrators and perpetrators are on the Internet as well which is the last Bastian for the Truth. Even the very elect Christians seem to be confused by all of the conflicting reports. However, it is not possible for those who are daily stud hying the Word of God to be deceived. Hallelujah! The enemy of our country and of us; the law-abiding American citizens is trying to use intimidation, lies and community “policing” groups to take over this country. These gangs are being used, and they will be discarded later as history reveals. All of these attempts to control this country will be rendered futile because America was founded on the Gospel and on Jesus Christ. He is the rock that cannot be moved or overturned. We, God’s people have His authority to bind and loose, and we have all power of the enemy, and nothing will by any means harm those who put their total trust in Jesus Christ. We need to start using our authority to take back this land. Our authority was bought and paid for by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. How do we take back our land true men, women and children of God? We do it in the spiritual realm; not the physical realm. The physical realm is finite, but the spiritual realm is infinite, and it is under the control and power of our all-powerful, all-knowing and omnipresent God. 1.)First, we need to repent because the evil one has been working during our watch, and we need to dispel him, his ritual sites, high places and followers from our area. All the corruption needs to be purged from our territory. 2.)Second, we need to come together in each area in love and unity to pray for the people from the top down, “Save Thy people Oh, Lord”. 3.)We need to that the Lord will send His Holy Spirit and angels to tear down all of the principalities and powers of Satan in our area, our states, country and throughout the world. We need to pray that the strongholds, of Jezebel, Ahab, witchcraft, sorcery, greed, lawlessness, selfish ambition, competition, control, racism, sexism, sectarianism, lusts of every kind, pride and all other demonic powers will be pulled down and destroyed in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to destroy ALL of the works of Satan. 4.)We need to pray that the Lord will take His rightful place as the Head of The church all over the world and in our own area. We need to pray that The Lord will raise up the true apostles, prophets, elders, teacher, evangelists, and the pastors who will even care for one of the least of these. 5.)We need to stand strong on God’s Word and we need to make God’s House a House of Prayer for all people and all nations. I worked as a missionary/tent maker in Seoul, Korea for thirteen years, and our one church had 169 prayer houses scattered throughout the Seoul City. All of the other churches also had prayer houses. Each prayer house had a red cross at the its location, and when the planes flew over Seoul City; you could see hundreds of neon red crosses shining over the city. America needs to turn to the Lord in repentance, prayer, and intercession. We need to come back to our heritage. There is great hope for America, if we the people of God will humble ourselves, pray, seek The Lord’s face and turn from our wicked ways, then the Lord will hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land. Let’s take back our land for God’s Kingdom, honor and glory. The Lord bless each and every one of you, and may He keep you in His loving arms both now and always. Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday Regent Park/Glen Ridge 707 Torrey Pines Lane Fort Mill, SC 29715 803 547-2164, http://

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