Do Not Be Deceived
We are receiving much disinformation these days from the Internet, the media, and from every direction.   Some people who say they are Christians are being used by Satan, whether they do it knowingly or because they have been deceived; they are spreading rumors and erroneous information and disinformation.
They are trying to trash our American heritage and the good reputations of our forefathers, i.e. Thomas Jefferson, etc.  Jesus Christ also had his reputation ruined, and He was perfect.  This type of persecution comes to all of God’s true disciples.
America has a great heritage, and the writers of our Constitution were known by their good fruit and their devotion to Almighty God.  It is sad to see that a few reprobates are trying to destroy the truth about our country’s beginning.
Every country, ministry, business, government and all elements of society will have their imposters and counterfeits.  The perpetrators, infiltrators, subversives and those whose only goal is to destroy and tear down the good that others have built up for the benefit of all.
Pray that you will know the true men and women of God by their good fruit.
We have all types of people in America now who are not what they pretend to be.  They are all over the place, and they are impersonators, traitors, and they are the tares that are among us.  Do not listen to them, but they need our prayers.
Please beware and pray for discernment, wisdom and understanding from God in these last days.  Pray that all of us will have a love for the truth, and we will not be deceived.
America has a noble heritage, and we have a moral majority.  Do not be deceived by the lies of Satan that are trying to demean our roots, and to destroy our freedom and liberty.
We need to take back our promised land from the hands of the enemy through the almighty power of God.

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