Dear Friends,

As a person that has been gang stalked since moving to Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC in 2005; I have learned there is a tremendous amount of disinformation on the Internet.  It seems that for every fact; there is a counterfeit contradiction with erroneous information.

I read online that the illegal wiretapping, cyber stalking, illegal surveillance, and all of the illegal harassment involved in gang stalking does not violate the law of the land.  This is not true.

The law concerning terrorism, and the investigation of anyone suspected of it is clearly stated in the law.  Any person that is suspected of being a terrorist must have a warrant issued against that said person in order for them to be wiretapped, or any other invasion of their privacy by the government or anyone else.  These gang stalkers do not represent the true government of The USA,  even though they tell everyone that they are with the government.  Don’t believe it.

Without question, trespassing, harassment, torture, etc. of innocent USA citizens is prohibited by our laws and constitution.  Please do not believe the disinformation that our real laws condone gang stalking of innocent American citizens.

The perpetrators are putting this disinformation out to muddy the waters of the truth, and to bring confusion to all involved. They are using lies, infiltration, bullying, intimadation, the Internet, and many other methods to try and gain control of our government illegally.

Remember that wiretapping, cyber stalking, all stalking of any kind, all surveillance, all trespassing, robbery, defacement of private property, neighborhood terrorism, vandalism, attempted murder, killing of pets,  and all of the other tactics are illegal.  Do not be deceived by the disinformation online; it is not true, and it will all come out publicly, as justice will be served in The United States of America.

Actually, we the people of the United States of America are the true government, and only those who represent us are the legitimate government representatives.  There are many mingled among us that would like for us to think that they have gained power, but the vast majority of Americans are decent, law-abiding citizens who will not allow the subversive, traitors of our country to gain control.

May God bless America, and may it become a righteous nation again, and may we turn to the Living God and regain our strength and power to overcome these insidious schemes of the enemy of our country.


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