Dear Friends,

In 1979 through 1981, I was living in Gainesville, FL getting my Master’s Degree.  It was during the Apostolic or Discipleship Movement in the Body of Christ.

I became acquainted with their methods and their deceptions, and praise The Lord, the main leaders repented of their involvement years after that period.  However, some of the leaders had made great sums of money off of the movement by using the labor of unsuspecting young people to build up their respective empires.

One group in Gainesville, FL that I was familiar with had bought some delapidated, old large homes at very cheap prices.  They then started their ministry by using young people who knew nothing about Christianity and The Word of God to be their personal servants.

The young people were given free bunk beds to live in and very cheap food, and the young people totally renovated these old homes.  They sanded down all of the wood, painted, applied polyurathane to the floors.  They increased the value of the properties over and over again without receiving any compensation at all.

The people that had put themselves at the top of the pyramid of power became very wealthy, and the young people were left with false doctrines and nothing to show for their years of work.  They were taught that they could not question the “authority” in their respective churches, ministries, and groups.

However,  according to The Lord Jesus, we are to beware of the false apostles, false prophets, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and we are to be very wary of those who come as an angel of light but inwardly they are wavening wolves.  The Lord was constantly warning us about the hypocritical leaders who would lead us to the slaughter without a second thought, all to build themselves up higher and higher.

These reprobates were described by our precious Lord Jesus as, “whitewashed sepulchres” that were very clean and acceptable looking from the outside,  but inwardly they were filthy, and they were like dead men’s bones.  The Lord warned us over and over to beware of those who would use us, abuse us and lead us to the slaughter in the end.

This false doctrine of the Apostolic Movement which is just a revamp of the old Discipleship Movement,  has risen up its ugly head today.  However, today these people do not want to just build up their own little kingdoms, as in the former days, but they actually want to take over the world.

Please do not be deceived.  Get into the Word of God, and learn that The Lord does not want a few self-appointed false apostles, prophets, teachers and their followers to be taking over the world and lording it over the sheep using the world system, but our Kingdom is not of this world.  Our Kingdom can only come through prayer, and the almighty power of God.

Jesus prayed, “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”.  That is how we bring the Kingdom of God into the earth; it is through prayer, our obedience to The Lord,  and The power of The Holy Spirit moving through His humble, surrendered people who have relinguished their lives to Him; not to a group of self-appointed leaders.

Young people and other unsuspecting people are being deceived into thinking that this is Christian and Biblical.  This is not Biblical, and it is a terrible distortion of the Biblical mandate to be led by The Holy Spirit; we are to overcome the world; not take over the world.  We are to be in the world but not of the world.

These people are distorting the Word of God for their own selfish purposes, greed and to gain as much power as they can using unsuspecting and oftentimes well-meaning young people and others.  These false apostles/prophets are very dangerous because they use the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ to manipulate the people and deceive them.

My prayer:

Dear Father,

Please protect all of the young people and the unsuspecting Christians from these deceitful ministries.  Please deliver those that have already become deceived, and help them to know the Truth.

Please Lord, give all of your people a tremendous love for the truth so that we will not be deceived in these last days.  Help all of us to turn to You with all of our hearts, and to study the Word of God for ourselves and not to depend on the man-made doctrines and messages of charlatans.

Wake up your church today, and save Thy people Oh Lord!  Please bring your people together in love and unity, that we will become the House of Prayer for all nations and all people.  We ask all these things in the Name above every name in heaven and earth, The almighty Name of Jesus Christ and all for His glory!  Amen.

The Lord bless all of you, and may He keep you and yours in His loving arms both today and always.

Peggy Kannaday

Regent Park

707 Torrey Pines Lane

Fort Mill, SC 29715

803 547-2164

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