Dear Friends,

I lived for many years below a country that broadcasted propaganda 24/7 through loud speakers.  I used to visit the Second ID in South Korea, and I looked over into North Korea where freedom had been totally eradicated.  It was a dark, grey country filled with sorrow, despair that had been taken over by a totalitarian government.

I now find the same process going on in The US, but here it is covert, insidious, and it is growing.  The more the true loyal citizens are proclaiming the truth; the more the subversives are spreading their propaganda.

Countless law-abiding citizens are being harassed, abused, wire tapped, stalked, and kept under surveillance  illegally.  However, the propaganda that is spread is that it is legal, and that it is being done by the government.   They are blaming all of the “gang stalking” on all branches of the government, law enforcement, the CIA, and the list goes on and on.

It seems like so-call community policing groups, community organizers, and other local cults/covens  are actually initiating  the gang stalking, but they are blaming it on everyone else, i.e. “The Government”.   They seem to have quite a lucrative racket going on using deceit and deception.

I can assure you that this type of illegal activity is not approved of by our true representatives in the government.  There seems to be a rogue government that operates in secret in the US, but if it were the real government; it would not have to operate covertly.  The gang stalkers would not have to hide out in neighbourhood houses, attics and behind the walls of local businesses, and other obscure locations.

The true law enforcement officers are even being lied to about all of this.  The truth is that this country is being assaulted by criminal subversives, and they are deceiving people into thinking that what they are doing is condoned by the Government and that it is legal.   There is no law in America that allows for The Government to harass, wire tap, break into the homes, do illegal stalking,  kill the  pets, etc.  of innocent law-abiding citizens of the US.

These lies are spread as if they were facts, and often there are forged, counterfeited documents that they display to back up their erroneous disinformation about individuals, laws and all the people involved.  They are counting on the fact that it is very difficult to check into all that they are reporting.  They say that they are authorized by the nebulous “Government”, and unfortunately, many people do not bother to check up on these imposters.

This type of subversion against the best and brightest in the USA is going on everyday, and it is going on all over this country.  Even the web sites that give information about “gang stalking” are riddled with those who are putting out erroneous claims to muddy the waters and to cause confusion.

These tactics in America are copies of what has gone on in Mainland China, Russia and Germany.  First the subversion, and then the people are taken over by a tyrannical regime.  Fear, ;intimidation, infiltrations, and deception are all used to subvert a whole society.

I am very thankful to see that more and more Americans are waking up to what is happening.  They are coming together, and they are working together to take back our beloved country.

My prayer for America and all Americans,

May the people of America turn back to our foundations:  the Constitution, our Heritage, and The Lord.  These are the basics that made this country great, and may we find our way again.

I pray that America will become even more righteous, free and just than ever before.  May freedom ring in America again.

I pray all these things in the mighty Name that is above all names, Jesus Christ and for His glory,  Amen and amen.


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