To: All Targeted Individuals

Ribbet collageDear Friends,

First of all, I want to say how sorry I am about what is happening to you.  I would have gone along in ignorance of your plight for decades if I had not moved to Regent Park, Fort Mill Township, SC in 2005.  That is when the onslaught of “gang stalking’ became quite evident and in my face.

This property was paid for by thousands of Christians, and so I know that in the final analysis; it will be a wonderful place where Christians can come and enjoy a very safe and wholesome environment.  It will be used (according to many visions, dreams and prophecies) as a place of refuge for Christians and others in the last days. Right now; that is not the case.

For many years; I was student and an exceptional student education teacher in Florida, and I had experienced some strange things, but since they were isolated incidents; I just forgave and forgot about these injustices.  I now can look back and see that the plan to destroy and block the progress of the Christians, patriots and the most fair minded people was going on for decades.  In short, the people of character have been constantly hindered from attaining their potential.

Then, after my daughter go married in 1990, I was free to travel and work overseas, as I had always felt led to do my whole life up to that point.  I knew I was called to the mission field, but I was waiting on the Lord, and He released me soon after my daughter got married.  I was led to Seoul, South Korea, where I worked for thirteen years as a tent maker/missionary.  I traveled extensively over those years as that was a desire of my heart.

Beginning in 1996, I  prayed for seven years about when I was to come home to the states, and then I was led to come back in 2003 to help my parents during their final years.  After that time, in 2005;  I moved to Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC, and that is when the plot thickened, and it became quite clear what was happening in my beloved country, and I realized it was also going on in most every other country as well.

The area where I moved was in the Charlotte, NC area, and this area used to have the most churches of any other city in the US.  Because of that, I believe it was targeted; similar to why many “targeted individuals” are targeted because of their strong ethics, sense of justice, and their inability to conform to the status quo when it is corrupt.

I began to see what was going on in this area as every day; I was prayed against, cursed, harassed, vandalized, wiretapped, my computers and appliances hacked, destroyed, and often the perpetrators tried to run me off of the road into oncoming traffic, and the list goes on and on.  As all of the targeted individuals know; the perpetrators do the same or very similar things to all of their targets.

I now know almost everything about this crime as I have read all of the books, Internet materials, but more importantly I have experienced it all first hand.  I realize that I would have never guessed that these types of illegal activities could go on in America for all these years.

I understand how the American majority are often times oblivious to what is going on secretly, covertly, and the things that are the darkness are whitewashed to look as if they were good, decent, Christian and/or noble.  It is all a delusion, but unless it happens to the individual; it is very difficult to imagine the evil that lurks in the shadows all around us.

The infiltrators are placed in strategic locations to attempt to control every facet of our society.  They are promised things that can never really happen for many reasons, but the perpetrators believe these false promises.  They are promised that when they destroy the targeted individuals, and control is gained in this country; then they will be able to just take over the property and belongings of those who not part of their community groups.  They are being lied to as they will never be given anything.

The handlers spread disinformation about the gang stalking everywhere.  They tell people that it is being done by the government.  That is not true.  It is not being done by the real, legitimate government, but it is being engineered by an illegal, secret shadow government that is hidden.  These people pull the strings, and they send out propaganda to protect themselves.

The handlers and those pulling the strings are actually subversives and enemies of our country.  Their goal is to destroy our country and gain control of our country, and to take away its power to do good for the world.  They want to tear down our country in order to gain control of the world.  It is very presumptuous for even these people to believe that they can succeed in such an evil plan.  They will not succeed in America because the true American people are waking up.

They get fringe groups like covens, cults, criminal groups, drug addicts, and people who need any type of work they can get to accomplish their insidious objectives.  These perpetrators are being lied to as well, and they think that they will have a big pay off in the end, but instead they will have a rude awakening.

The only people who are gaining out of the work of the perpetrators are the people who are their handlers and those who are holding the puppet strings.  They are getting rich and gaining power by leading these perpetrators into these criminal activities, which will then be used to blackmail them, bully them, and eventually the perpetrators will more than likely be eliminated as in Germany (the brown shirts).

I know that America’s cornerstone and foundation is based on our Christian heritage, our great and fair constitution and a people who were willing to die to keep their freedoms.  This is the America that will rise up, and I pray that all Americans will turn to the Living God and call out to Jesus Christ.

I pray that we will humble ourselves before Him, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, and then He “will” hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.  Please pray also, that the targeted individuals will have relief from all of their persecution soon, and that everything that they have had stolen from them will be restored.

Truth and justice always prevail, and that is why I know that Regent Park will be used for God’s glory and that America will repent, and the Lord will heal our land, and He will give us a new and greater beginning.  May His Kingdom come, and His will be done in Regent Park and in America, and flowing out throughout the world.

Please pray that we will have a tremendous repentance revival in America and throughout the world.  It is our greatest hope for our future and the future of our posterity.

8 thoughts on “To: All Targeted Individuals

  1. God bans mind control and directed energy weapons abuses and tortures.

    I became a victim of remote mind control abuses and tortures since Dec 2001.

    I reported to police office, but I did not get any help.

    I left Australia on Apr 2002, I travelled to some places and I wen to New Zealand on Aug 2002.
    I have already filed my lawsuits with some organizations:
    I had been trying hard to look for help while I suffered the terrible abuses and tortures from the secret mind control weapons, and I did not get any help.

    (1) God told me to listen to Solomon’s wisdom
    While I was suffering, I cried for God, I got answers from God.
    The first day (7 Aug 2002) I arrived New Zealand, I closed my eyes, prayed to God and asked God opened the Bible for me. I closed my eyes and opened the Bible. It was God help me to open the Bible, it was “”(it teaches Solomon’s Wisdom”. God told me ” will teach you how to do”.

    (2) On Feb 2003, God helped me to open another page of the Bible:
    Romans: 3-5 If our unrighteousness brings out God’s righteouseness more clearly, what shall we say? That God is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? (I am using a human argument). 3-6 Certainly not! if that were so, how could God judge the world?

    (3) God also helped me to open the Bible.

    “Matthew 12:42 The queen of the South will rise at the judgement with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, and now one greater than Solomon is here.”

  2. If you watch Inception, and listen closely when they point guns or talk about dreams and reality. You can hear them faintly say Loughner. They were trying to push him over the edge. They probably had told everyone to be rude to him and using little sounds to torture him. The targeted individual program needs to stop.

    • Dear Tanja,
      I am so sorry about your horrible treatment. As you know, it is nothing that you have done, but it is all the psychological issues of the perpetrators, the handlers and all others that they use in their games.
      I have found that jealousy, envy and covetousness are often at the bottom of many of these cases.
      I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, and people who are very insecure become very jealous of almost anyone that they perceive as a threat in any way, or someone that they are in competition with or someone that they want to destroy in order to push themselves up.

      My prayer for you:
      Dear Father,
      I pray that you will please heal Tanja’s wounds, and I pray that you will deliver her from this evil crime of constant harassment, stalking, torture, etc.
      I pray that You will bring total restitution for all that she has lost and suffered according to Acts 3:19-21, and countless other Scriptures like (Romans 8:28).
      I ask everything in the Name which is above every name in heaven and earth, Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.
      May The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday
      Fort Mill, SC

  3. Watch Inception and listen closely to the undertones when the actors say safe, envelope, or point guns. You’ll hear the word, Loughner. It has to be a pre-tragedy copy of the dvd. They’re pushing people over the edge. They go around to where a target works, goes to college, their bank, anywhere they go and ask people to be rude to them. Not only this but they have speakers in the bugging devices that they are listening to with that play sounds to torture them. The targeted individual program or whatever it is callled needs to be stopped!

  4. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back. ecdkfgeagcee

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