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How can I make such a bold statement as “America will Rise Again” with assurance? It is because of our foundation and our chief cornerstone. It is because of what this country was founded upon.
In 1607, a band of Christians came to Cape Henry, VA, and the first thing that they did was to put a cross on the shores of America, and then they prayed a prayer of dedication that America would be totally dedicated to God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.
I know that when anything is built upon the Rock of Jesus Christ; it will survive any storm and any attack in the end. Storms may come, attacks may come, but when a country or anything else is founded on The Rock of Jesus Christ; it will stand.
That is why I can make such a statement with full confidence that America will rise again. We may have to go through many trials, tribulations and troubles, but we will end up still standing on the Rock of Jesus Christ because He cannot be moved.
I am saddened to hear many Christians speaking words of death over America, and saying that it will not come back. That is a lie out of the pit. I would question anyone that says that America is doomed completely, as all Christians know there is always a remnant, and there is always hope in almighty God.
There are many subversive forces that are indeed trying to destroy America, but these forces will be defeated when the Christians exercise their God-given authority and take back our country for the Lord and His glorious purposes.
This country was dedicated to The Lord and His Gospel, and it will be taken back by those with the love, faith, patience and trust in our all-powerful God.
The prayer of faith can move mountains, and prayer is the greatest power in the universe. Let’s start coming together to pray for our nation, our president, our government, and cry out before the porch and the altar “save Thy people, Oh Lord”.
Christians of all people should be careful to speak out words of faith and encouragement to the American people, and so I pray that we will not come into agreement with the plan of Satan for America, but we will pray “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in America even as it is in heaven”.
I pray that the Lord will raise up the mighty prayer warriors and intercessors who will stand strong with courage and boldness and take back our promised land for His honor and glory in The mighty Name above all names, Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Ongoing Gang Stalking Saga/Wake Up and Do Not Be Deceived!

Dear Friends,

Gang stalking is a lucrative business, and that is why the perpetrators are putting out disinformation 24/7 trying to convince the targeted individuals (TI’s) and everyone else that this crime is being done by our Government. This is a lie, and because of the big money that the handlers have acquired illegally (by ID theft, porn distribution, money laundering, human trafficking, drug dealing, providing gang stalkers, etc.) by defrauding people, etc.; they will do anything to keep their racket going strong and to keep their crimes from being exposed.
These people have “front” businesses, ministries, churches, etc. that they use to white wash all of their illegal activities. Everything that they do is covert and it is made to look legitimate. These people spend huge sums of money to cover up everything that they are doing, and to deceive the public.
They use scare tactics in the communities using domestic terrorists to try and control all of the citizens that do not want their community to become a haven for gangs and criminals.
The handlers have huge amounts of money that they have acquired through illegal methods, and they can use this money for bribery, pay offs, and to reward and pay the actual perpetrators or gang stalkers. They use their money, positions and contacts to covertly harass and try to destroy America’s finest citizens.
It seems that this is a game to some of the gang members, but for many it is their life and their only job. Many of the gang members are just dupes being used because they are trapped in the situation. This type of degenerate activity will also destroy the lives of the people that are harassing the TI’s, because this degenerate lifestyle pulls down and destroys everything in its midst.
The gang stalkers that have been positioned all around my home do not work at all on regular jobs, and so they are free to harass, trespass, wiretap, hack, use illegal surveillance, kill my pet, steal and vandalize my property to their heart’s content, and they get rewarded for it by their handlers.
I know their handlers, as the woman exposed herself to me in 2005 after I moved to Regent Park in Fort Mill, SC. She came up beside my van in her vehicle, and she tried to run my van into the oncoming traffic. This type of activity has continued against me and others for many years.
She and her husband are not in any way connected with the legitimate government of SC. They are criminals, and they have quite a racket going on here.
My experience has been that all of the counterfeit TI’s who are obviously perpetrators work very hard trying to convince the real TI’s that all of the gang stalking, etc. is being perpetrated by The so-called “Government”.
These domestic terrorists are very sick people mentally, and because of that; they are delusional in their thinking. They are very paranoid, and that is why they have to watch and monitor everything that the TI does. They believe that the TI is some type of threat to them because of their education, their work, their ministry or whatever, but their fears are unfounded because all of the TI’s that I know have no desire to harm anyone, and they have a high moral code.
The perpetrators, gang stalkers, infiltrators and the handlers all have more issues than Kleenex tissues, and they have devised an illegal racket to exploit the sadistic nature of a few people in our society. These people are not the majority, but they use terrorism tactics to try and make their victims think that they are a large majority.
The large majority in America are moral, and they are decent, law abiding citizens.
I have studied psychology all of my life; I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, and I have worked with psychotic people in my work for many years before becoming a missionary.
It is very sad to see that these infiltrators have come into the most beautiful areas of America in order to steal, destroy and use domestic terrorism to make money and to try and intimidate and control segments of our society. Their goal is to destroy, exploit and make America into a powerless and corrupt country that can easily be taken over by our enemies. We do not have to let that happen.
In short, these gang stalkers, mobbing gangs, the perpetrators, the infiltrators, the domestic terrorists and their cohorts are subversives to our Government and to our society. They are enemies of the state, and I believe that in the future they will be tried as traitors who are against our people, our country, our constitution and our moral code and Christian way of life. They want to destroy everything in our country that made it great.
Our country was founded on Jesus Christ, and that is why it was great for many decades, but we allowed the enemy of our souls to come into this country and wreck havoc.
Wake up America, and understand that we can come back to our foundation, and America can and will rise again if we all stick together and fight the good fight of faith against these domestic terrorists and their handlers.
All those who have enabled these domestic terrorists, turned their heads and did not report the crimes, and those who were in any way connected with these criminals will be rounded up along with the perpetrators and prosecuted with them.
This is the law of our land, and we need to get back to the enforcement of the laws of our land and our constitution.
I am curious about why a few individuals want all of the TI’s to believe that the Government is committing these outrageous, illegal activities against them without provocation? It is a cover up.
These perpetrators posing as TI’s use the term that all those in Washington know about these crimes. Who exactly are they talking about in Washington and The Government? Can they name any person who is responsible? I don’t think so.
I think that those in The Government are too busy with their own business at hand than to be concerned about harassing decent, innocent citizens in the society.
I am not a fan of “Government”, and I know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that is why our country has so many checks and balances to prevent “big” Government with too much central power. Our constitution provides stipulations to protect the people, and the people in America are the true government. We the people of The United States of America are the government of America, and we should never forget that. This is the law and this is how our constitution was written to protect the people of America from every type of tyranny.
We all know that the Government is not perfect, to say the least, but when a handful of people claiming to be TI’s are working 24/7 to convince us that all of this is being done by the Government; it makes us wonder if this isn’t all a big hoax in order to cover-up the real criminals, the perpetrators/gang stalkers and their handlers who have a very lucrative business/racket going on covertly in countless communities.
I am like Dr. John Hall; I do not believe any person that blames all of these illegal activities on the Government. I know for a fact that the gang stalking waged against me has nothing to do with the “Government”.
I am not saying that there could be cases like Gloria’s case, where a rogue member of a Government Agency was involved, but that type of case is the exception and not the rule in my estimation. I think there are probably cases where low level Government officials are bribed to ignore or not report or prosecute the cases of the gang stalkers.
Those that know about these illegal activities, and they do not report it to the authorities will be prosecuted along with the perpetrators and their handlers when all of these crimes are exposed. This is the law of the land.
If there is any Government involvement such as with law enforcement; I believe those in higher positions would not risk their jobs for such hooey. The real Government officials would never want to have any connection with such hooligans and criminal activities against America’s finest law-abiding citizens.
I pray every day that the entire truth will be exposed about every gang stalker, perpetrator, infiltrator and their handlers, and that justice will be served. The truth is coming out all over the place.
I am praying that the TI’s will receive full compensation for all that they have suffered, and that their lives will be restored as well as their health.
May we all have a much better future, as there is life after being gang stalked, and we will be so much smarter, stronger and better for it.
Be assured that America will rise again!
The Lord bless all of the real TI’s, and may The Lord keep all of you in His loving arms both today and always.

Fight the good fight of faith and pray!


Peggy Kannaday

aret (Peggy) Kannaday
Regent Park/Glen Ridge
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 547-2164

Surrender All

Surrender All
Peggy Kannaday
When I was growing up; I was taught to go to church on Sunday, and perhaps to attend Sunday School and other various church activities such as the famous “covered dish” feasts, etc.
I think many Americans had a similar upbringing.
All of us presumed that we were Christians, as I did for 29 years.
However, I fell into an entrapment by satan in 1972, and I was almost murdered. I cried out to almighty God, and He saved me from sudden destruction.
During this very traumatic time in my life; I was led to go to a church despite my terrible circumstances, and I met the Lord of glory.
I remember going forward to receive Christ (even though I thought that I was already a Christian), and I floated to the front of the small church. It seemed like I was literally carried by unseen hands.
When I got to the front; I was crying tears of joy as all of my previous burdens were being cast away from me one by one. It was unspeakable liberty and the Lord spoke to me that I would never die, and He told me that every word in the Bible was true, and He totally transformed my life.
This was the turning point in my life, and I realized that I had truly been born-again!
It wasn’t until after this experience that I understood that before I only believed in The Lord Jesus Christ, but I did not know Him. After this experience, the Word of God came alive and it exploded off of the pages of The Bible, and it became the living Word of God in my heart and mind.
As I began to read the Bible and understood the spirit of The Word of God; I learned that with God “all” things are possible. I found that God used the Word “all” a great deal in how we should walk with Him.
The rich young ruler came to Jesus, and he had surrendered a great deal to the Lord in trying to follow Him. However, he had not surrendered “all” to The Lord Jesus.
The old saying is true, “If Jesus Christ is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all.”
The greatest commandment of The Lord requires that we love Him with “all” of our hearts, minds, souls and strength”.
The Lord told us that if we obey His commandments; we show that we love Him. We are now being taught in some churches that we do not have to obey His commandments. This is a lie out of the pit.
We are saved by grace, but grace without the work of obedience to our Lord is dead. God requires our utmost for His salvation. Those who endure to the end will be saved.
We are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. The message of presuming that you will go to heaven no matter how you live is a dangerous teaching.
Many so-called Christians think that they can have an innoculation of God to enjoy all of His benefits. They think that they can set the standards for themselves, as to what they are to do with their daily 24 hours. This is a great delusion.
Our lives, our time, our property, our money, our family, and everything we have been given is not our own to do with it whatever we so desire. We were bought with a high price (the blood of Jesus Christ), and our reasonable service unto Him is to lay down our own lives and live for and unto Him.
Unless we die to our own desires; we cannot live in His resurrection life. When we learn to seek Him first, His Kingdom and His righteousness before our own desires; we will be given everything that we need for life and godliness.
Jesus Christ requires that we deny ourselves; take up our crosses daily, and He requires that we follow Him. He only did what His Father revealed to Him to do, and we also must only do what He shows us to do.
We can do whatever He asks of us in His mighty Name! However, if we try and operate in our own flesh; we will fail.
We are hearing a very greasy Gospel these days that tells us that we can sin, but we do not have to repent of our sins. This is a doctrine of demons. This doctrine can cause you to slip right down into hell; do not be deceived by its high sounding claims of unconditional salvation.
God is not mocked; whatsoever we sow; that also we will reap. The Lord told us that unless we fall to the ground like the seed in the parable and die of our own self-interests; we will remain alone, and if we die, we will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God. The greatest blessings of God are based on our obedience to The Lord and our being led by The Holy Spirit each and every day.
With God; nothing is impossible, and we can live the abundant life with almighty God, as we surrender “all” to Him.

Peggy Kannaday has worked as The Managing Editor for The “Church Growth International” Ministry since 1991.
Contact Information:,
707 Torrey Pines Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715, 803 547-2164