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To All Gang Stalkers, Mobbers, and Perpetrators

You are enemies of the state, and you are enemies of the American people. You “will” be brought to justice and tried for treason in the end.
Also, all of your handlers, and those in the Government that are in any way connected with the subversion of America called gang stalking will be tried for treason. This country will come back to our foundation. When this country was great; they did not tolerate subversives or traitors in any way, shape or form.
We will come back to our foundation in the end because countless Americans have died for our liberties, and their blood cries out for justice. Almighty God will bring justice and judgment for all of the innocent blood, and those being tortured in their own homes all over America.
You are people who are allowed to live in America, but you are being used against good, decent, innocent Americans. You are traitors, you are like Judas who betrayed the Lord Jesus, and it would have been better for Judas if he had never been born.
You hypocrites in the American society that are in any way connected with the infiltration and destruction of America; my advice to you is repent, bring restitution or be destroyed.
Ex-KGB agent and defector Uri Bezmenov, tells about how the Americans are being used against each other. He calls those being used to destroy their own country and their own people as dumb Americas, but they are much worse than that; they are murderers, and they are worse than the most heinous serial killer because they torture and kill their targeted individuals over a long period of time.
That makes these murderers the worst type of criminal. They not only kill, steal and destroy their own next door neighbors, but they are sadists. Sadists are the most loathsome type of human being, far below the level of your most vicious animal.
These gang stalkers, perpetrators and their handlers will be rounded up in the coming time, and they will receive all that they have planned for innocent people.
Read the story of Mordecai and Haman in the Book of Esther, and find out what happens to people who plot against innocent people out of sadism, greed, jealousy, and covetousness. It never works out for those people. The tables are always turned.
However, for those that love God and are called according to His purpose; He works even the worst afflictions for their good.
I was a missionary overseas for 13 years, but since moving to Regent Park in Fort Mill, SC; I find that I am needed here as a missionary more than overseas. My beloved America has become infiltrated by dissidents, sleazy perpetrators, and neighbors who try and destroy you and your property hidden behind your walls.
Gang stalking has gone on every day at my home: Regent Park, 707 Torrey Pines Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715 since 2005. I know who all the players are, justice will be served. Give these people enough rope (like Haman) and they will end up hanging themselves.
Justice and judgment is coming.
America will “not” be destroyed or taken over by hooligans, terrorists in hiding or a bunch of criminals. The plan they have will be reversed, and it will be turned on themselves in the end.
Those that live by the sword; will die by the sword. These subversives will die the same way that they killed the targeted individuals unless they repent.
Do not be mocked, “Whatsoever you sow; that also will you reap”. This is a universal law.
Wake up America, and deport or bring to justice all traitors to our people. Even the Presidents of The US are not above the law. We need to start making previous administrations accountable for their part in the gang stalking, mobbing and illegal activities. They all need to be investigated for their part in it from decades back to the present time.
Regent Park, Fort Mill Township, SC, USA needs to be thoroughly investigated as to how a group of criminals were able to acquire this property that was paid for by Christians. How was this type of injustice accomplished, and exactly which people in our local, state and Federal Gov. turned their heads.
May truth and justice prevail in Regent Park, York County and the USA.
I pray that 100% of everything that has been covered up, whitewashed and concealed will all come out into the light of day.
I really do thank “20/20” and “Dateline” (Mystery in Rock Hill) for their documentaries which uncovered the horrible corruption and evil going on in the judicial system and solicitor’s office in York County. Bless you 20/20 and Dateline for being the overseers for the sake of justice. Exposing the criminal activities provides 99% of the solution to it, and those that are corrupt; will be replaced.
It is a shame to SC that they are still doing “business as usual”. May they all be brought to justice. Real justice, and not the kind of justice they gave to Billy Wayne Cope and his wife and children.
“20/20” and “Dateline” exposed how this county operates to punish the innocent and to reward the guilty. May all of their illegal and unconstitutional activities be broadcast again and again, and may more networks come into York County to investigate all of the illegal activities going on in the county seat and in Regent Park and also in the various “fronts”.
I believe that the vast majority of Americans are moral, and they will wake up, and they will demand justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of the people.
I pray that America will wake up before it is too late, and I pray that everything that was meant to destroy America; will be turned around to bring America back to her greatness which was in being a good and just people.

What is the Answer for the Targeted Individuals!

Dear Friends,
What we hear is how powerful these subversives and traitors of the American people are in their gang stalking and all of their illegal activities.
We are not hearing the real truth about the real source, and we are not hearing about how to overcome these attacks.
Unless a person is a born-again Christian; they will have a very difficult time of it.
However, if a person is a true Christian, and they trust in The Lord totally; they will be shown how to pray, what to do, and what not to do because they will be led by The Holy Spirit.
Christians have been shown everything they need to know through the Word of God.
The true source of these attacks against innocent people is clearly revealed in Ephesians 6. We are actually being attacked by demonic strongholds that use servants of Satan to do their dirty work.
However, we, if we are true Christians who trust in the Lord; we have all authority over the enemy and nothing will by any means harm us.
The Lord heals us daily, as we pray and trust in Him.
He will give us perfect love, power and a strong mind against the bombardment of evil thoughts. Speak out the Word of God.
We are to pray and pull down the strongholds of Satan in our areas. We do that by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, The Name of Jesus Christ, and by our faith in His Word.
Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over all of the works of Satan in your area, and pray that all of the works of Satan in your area will be destroyed.
Jesus Christ came to destroy “all” the works of Satan, but the Christians must implement the authority that we have been given through prayer.
Our prayers must be filled with faith, and we must pray daily and consistently against the powers of darkness in our area.
The Kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent (in prayer) take it by force.
We must take back our homes, families and territory for the Kingdom of God.
I pray that all of the true Christians who are being gang stalked and mobbed, etc. will have the boldness and courage of Joshua and Caleb to take back what the enemy has tried to steal, kill and destroy in their lives.
The Lord gave me Psalm 37, as to what is going on here in Regent Park, Fort Mill Township, SC. He will bring the victory here.
Christians paid for this property, and almighty God will not allow it to be used to harm His beloved people.
Please know that The almighty God is going to bring truth, justice and judgment in your behalf, as you trust in Him.
My prayer partner and I pray daily that all of these illegal activities will be exposed and justice will be served.
Already, two prime time TV shows: 20/20 and Dateline “Mystery in Rock Hill” have depicted the corruption in York County, SC which is the county where Regent Park is located, and where there is gang stalking going on daily here at 707 Torrey Pines Lane.
Praise The mighty Name of The Lord!
He always causes His people to triumph.
He is bringing everything out in the open, and truth will always prevail.
Do not believe the lies of Satan that you have to trust in anything other than almighty God.
The Bible says that the help of man is vain, but our hope is in the Lord God who made heaven and earth.
Trust in God, and make Him your refuge and ten thousand can fall at your side, and it will not come nigh unto you.
If you have not turned to Jesus Christ, I would advise you to do so immediately. Ask The Lord Jesus to come into your heart, as He is standing at the door of your heart knocking. He loves you, and He proved His love for you by dying for you on the cross. You can trust Him with all of your heart.
He is the only One Who can help you in the coming times. He will take everything that the enemy has meant for evil against you, and He will work it all together for your good, as you have faith in Him and His Word (Romans 8:28).
May The Lord bless and keep you and yours in His loving arms today and always.
I pray that He will bring justice and recompense for you and for all of the TI’s as well.
Truth, Justice,Judgment and recompense are coming! Hallelujah!

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Dear Friends,

Precision Teaching is the science that graphs the successful use of normal behavior modification techniques. It is a very intensive way to use behavior modification to improve a person’s behavior.

I used Behavior Modification in a very positive manner over the years that I worked with psychotic students.
My students were highly intelligent, but most of them had been raised in dysfunctional homes where they had received no positive reinforcement for good behaviors.

Now, I see that this wonderful tool is being used by those who want to control our people and to use the people for their own evil purposes. They are using reversed behavior modification as a way to dismantle our country from its godly roots.

Examples of reversed behavior modification can be seen as you learn how to identify this process. For example, on TV shows like Dateline, “Mystery in Rock Hill” exposing The York County Solicitor’s Office and The York County Judicial System, you see where the innocent are being prosecuted and the guilty are
rewarded. It is a perfect example of how reverse behavior modification is being used where there is corruption and violations of the rights of good American citizens.

I have studied psychology since I could read about the subject. I later received a B.A. Degree in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

Later, I received an M.Ed. in ESE, and my main area of mastery was in Precision Teaching which is the complete utilization of behavior modification. All of the positive results are carefully graphed on a daily basis. I am very sad to see this great and positive method being used to reward evil of every type.

I am an American citizen that has never broken the law, and I am being gang stalked in Regent Park which is in York County, Fort Mill Township, SC. Case in point.

The perpetrators are being rewarded and the good American citizens are being harassed and tortured simply because they have a strong moral code, and they cannot be controlled.

I know that the Americans will wake up, and they will return to their Christian heritage. No person is above the law of our land; not even the President. Justice always prevails and the truth always is exposed.

I have learned that the old method of “Behavior Modification” that had been proven, tried and was known to be a very excellent way to guide young minds to learn right from wrong has been corrupted in the US. The traitors, subversives, and infiltrators have reversed the proven efficacy of Behavior Modification.

What had been used in the schools, businesses, government, etc. to promote and reward good or the right behaviors, is now being used in many institutions and corporations to reward negative, and wrong behaviors.

Reversed behavior modification is able to be used in America because there is a huge vacuum in the area of morality. These infiltrators, traitors and subversives have tried every way possible to take God and morality out of our American society. However, the people who have been taught right from wrong at home will not be controlled by these subversive tactics to destroy our moral code and our Christian heritage.

This is why these infiltrators are against the voucher system, home schooling and other great choices for American freedom. These traitors and enemies of the country and the people of America want to control the hearts and minds of all the people and they are using reversed behavior modification.
Examples of reversed behavior modification can be found where there is a corrupt judicial system and where corruption, bribes, greed and illegal activities like racketeering are prevalent.

A person who is a pawn in the hands of these evil perpetrators will be protected from prosecution, but the innocent individuals in the same area will be persecuted, harassed, gang stalked, mobbed, and they will be lied about in their area.

We can see some simple techniques of Behavior Modification on TV shows like the “Super nanny”, which are geared to children. Other TV shows give rewards for those who answer the questions correctly. The Olympics rewards those who have trained hard, had natural ability, and who attained the highest scores.

Behavior Modification is Biblical as well, as the law of sowing and reaping is extremely relevant to our everyday lives. Whatever we sow out; we will also reap. God rewards those who obey His commandments.

Behavior modification can be used for good or for evil. Let’s use this tool that is supposed to be used to reward right, moral, good behavior for the good of all people in the correct manner.
Wake up America, and stop being controlled by unscrupulous enemies of our country and our people.

Margaret Kannaday

To All Targeted Individuals

Dear Friends,
This message and prayer is for all those who have been betrayed; not only by a few traitors in our Government, but by our own neighbors, fellow workers, and others who were bought out for money or other rewards.
If these perpetrators had not played the game, then gang stalking could never have been used as an insidious method to attempt to destroy America through infiltration into every area of our society and covert, illegal gang stalking, etc.
Those without a moral code will sell out their own mothers for any reward. However, these enemies of America and the American people are not in the majority, and that is why they have to creep around behind the walls, and use all types of deception to try and accomplish their purpose, which is to kill, steal from and to destroy the very essence of this once great country through demoralization techniques.
These traitors have targeted those who will stand up for decency, morals and the truth. If you are being targeted; it means you have a backbone, and you have a sense of justice, you know right from wrong, and you also try to the best of your ability to live a life of moral integrity. That is why you have been targeted.
When the true Americans will rise up and say, “We will not stand for this abuse against our neighbors and good Americans”; we as a country will not only survive, but we will become a power for good in the world again.
Prayer for America:
Dear Father,
Please expose all of the evil deeds of darkness, and please bring truth, justice, judgment, liberty and righteousness to our nation again.
May all of the subversives and enemies of the state be identified and prosecuted accordingly. Also, all those in previous administrations that have betrayed the people of America.
Please move upon the Christians to become the “House of Prayer for All Nations”.
Please bring Your pastors, and all Christians to repentance, so that they will cry out “Save Thy people Oh, Lord!”
Please raise up the true worshipers, prayer leaders, intercessors, and prayer warriors all over this land.
Raise up the men and women of God that will have the same spirits of boldness and courage as Joshua, Caleb, Josiah, Jehu, Elijah and the great Apostle Paul.
Tear down the strongholds of the Jezebel spirit, Ahab spirit, greed, witchcraft, sorcery, confusion, deception, lusts, selfish ambition, and control spirits. We pray that every evil work of Satan will be totally destroyed in the all-powerful Name of Jesus Christ.
Raise up Your mighty standard all over this country!
Our people will be in liberty again, when we lift up the Name of Jesus Christ, and then He will draw all people to Himself. Hallelujah! Where the Spirit of The Lord is; there is liberty, freedom and justice for all.
The kingdoms of this world “will” become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ and He will rule forever and forever” paraphrase from Rev. 11:15, in Jesus’ precious Name!
Glory to God!See More
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For All Targeted Individuals

Dear Friends,

We have been betrayed by many people in our Gov., and particularly by GB because many Christians still think he was a real Christian. There are countless individuals in our Gov. who need to be tried for treason and for being enemies of the state and enemies of the American people.

Our country is loaded with subversives, and I am praying very hard that they will all be exposed, and I notice that a great deal of the truth is coming out on the Internet, and eventually the mass media will have to acknowledge the truth due to public pressure.

I do not consider these traitors as members of our true and legitimate Gov. as the true Gov. are the elected individuals that uphold our constitution. I consider these impostors as the shadow, rogue or counterfeit Gov. Officials who are our enemies. I don’t like to generalize and put them all together as there are still some very moral people in gov. positions.

We just need to weed out the corruption, and pray that all of the corruption in our Gov. will be purged out. We need to expose the evil, pray and vote properly, and we need to come back to our foundation.

It is very good if we follow the admonition in the Word of God to “expose all the evil deeds of darkness”. Exposing it will be a large percentage of the solution.

May we all wake up in America and stop being brain washed, manipulated and controlled by those who want to destroy this once great country.

I am so sorry that you TI’s have suffered such evil, but it tells me that you are a great threat to the enemy of our souls, and that is why you were targeted. Actually, being targeted is a great honor in reality. You are in good company, as Jesus was targeted, Job was targeted, Daniel was targeted, Joseph was targeted, Paul was targeted and many other great men and women of God were targeted by Satan and his dupes. Hallelujah!

If we all pray for each other, and if we pray for the perps according to Jesus’ commandments in Matthew 5; we will all have the total victory in Jesus Christ.

My prayer for you and all for all of the other innocent TI’s:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your protection, and I thank You for Your blood which I plead over all of the TI’s, our loved ones, friends, and all those who are trying to persecute us without a cause.
I pray Father that You will build a fiery hedge around all the innocent people in our country and all other the world who are being tortured just because they are Christians, and the enemy will use anyone he can to hate a Christian without a cause. The Bible says that these demonized people hated Jesus Himself, and it says that they will also hate us, His followers.

I also plead The Blood of Jesus over all the curses, witchcraft prayers, sorcery, incantations, and over all the rituals that the enemy uses against the innocent ones. I pray that justice will be served for all the innocent blood that has been shed, and that all of the evil deeds of darkness will be exposed.

Father, please forgive these dupes of Satan, because they do not know what they are doing.
Father, please wake up the people in our country and all other the world to the battle that we are in, and that the enemy of our souls is not flesh and blood, but principalities and unseen powers as stated in Ephesians 6.

Father, please give all of those who are being persecuted for righteousness sake, a spirit of prayer, intercession and revelation. Help us to count it all joy, and to rejoice when we are being lied about as great is our reward in heaven.

Father, we thank You more than our words can express for Your wonderful goodness and mercy toward us in the midst of our afflictions. You deliver us out of them all, and You never allow us to have more than we can bear. In fact, You are working everything was meant to cause us harm, torment, and distress; You are working it all together for the good of those who love You, and are called according to Your glorious purposes. Praise Your holy Name!

We ask everything in Your Name, Jesus Christ, the Name above all names, and all for Your glory. Amen and amen.

When the church takes their stand and when they exercise their authority in love and unity according to the high priestly prayer of Jesus Christ, then the whole world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that He is the Son of the living God. What a great day that will be!

John 14:14
“If you ask me anything in My Name, I will do it.”

Prayer in love, faith and hope in Jesus’ precious Name and according to His will is the greatest power in the universe. The Lord is so good, and He uses the weak things in the earth to confound the worldly powers. He uses those who are meek and humble to show Himself strong in their behalf. We cannot fight the battle, because if we try to do so; we tie the hands of almighty God.
He will fight the battle for us, as He did for David when he fought His giant Goliath. The Lord will fight for you when you put your total trust in Him.
Always remember dearest TI’s that The Lord is with you in the fire, the lion’s den, the prison, and He will never leave you or forsake you.

Blessed be the mighty Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

In His love and for His glory,

Peggy Kannaday