Thank God, people are waking up in America to the bullying going on in every type of institution, setting and environment. Bullying innocent individuals is unacceptable in a free society.
All people, no matter who they are should be protected by our law enforcement from bullying which is harassment, and harassment is illegal.
I live in Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill Township, SC, and I have been bullied, harassed and stalked since moving here in 2005.
These bullies use fear tactics to try and intimidate their targets. We need to rise up in unity and confront this evil epidemic in our country. I am very thankful to see that many of the celebrities are standing up against the abuse of innocent children and all people who are being bullied.
Bullying of Christians is rampant today. A local Christian ministry had their website hacked, and the hackers tried to blame it on another group in order to cause even more division in our country.
These people that are doing these things are enemies of the good people of America, and they should be identified as such.
Below is the comment I made to the Christian group that had their website vandalized:
Dear NarroWay Productions (Fort Mill, SC),
I am very sorry about the hackers. I pray that The Lord will work it for your good, and I pray that the hackers located in this area will no longer have free reign with their hacking, porn distribution, id theft etc.
The perpetrators in Regent Park/Glen Ridge seem to have impunity due to the strange situation here. The people in control in Regent Park seem to have an inexhaustible amount of money, and they go to great expense to hide everything that they are doing to make their money, etc.
This whole area seems to be infiltrated with racketeering, and it appears to be a “front” for many covert activities.
I have been gang stalked here in Regent Park/Glen Ridge since moving here in 2005. I know it is because I am a Christian, a prayer warrior, and I was a Missionary overseas for many years.
Last night the hackers on my PC literally deleted my blog on gang stalking at:
Mostly, the hackers try and hinder or block my Christian work that I have to do on my PC, and so I can really relate to what you have suffered. They also deleted the Guest Book off of my website.
I pray that the true Christians in this area will pray that this corruption which seems to be mainly made up of subversives/racketeers, thugs, cult, coven and secret society members will be halted, and the perpetrators and their handlers will be brought to justice. They also use residents living around the targeted individual’s home to try and intimate, terrorize and control them because that person is not part of their very insidious schemes for this area.
Please know that you are in my prayers, and I pray that the Lord will raise up a mighty army of prayer warriors for this area. When the enemy comes in like a flood; the Lord will raise up a mighty standard against him. Hallelujah!

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