Gang Stalking: What Does It All Mean?

What is behind the gang stalking, the mobbing, the isolation and the attempts to particularly destroy those who love America and who love God? Those people who cannot be bribed, bought or blackmailed are being tortured in their own homes covertly.
I am asking all true Christians and Americans to pray that all of these illegal activities will be broadcast on our mass media, so that the good people of America will never be duped and deceived again.
Please pray that 100% of these evil deeds of darkness will be exposed, and that all of these treasonous crimes will be prosecuted or that the perpetrators and their handlers will repent and turn to The Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late for them.
Yuri Brezmenov, an ex-KGB Agent gives us some very valuable information as to the covert subversion going on in America. Please hear him at:
You can also go to You Tube and put Yuri’s name or go to google and search out ex-KJB Agent.
Please wake up church, people of America, and please do not allow yourself to be used by these enemies of our people, our country, and our Constitutional Government.
Remember that our country is very special to God because in 1607, men and women of God came to Cape Henry, for religious freedom, and they placed a cross into the sand, and dedicated America to Jesus Christ and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! That is our glorious foundation, heritage and when we stand on Jesus Christ and The Gospel; we will not be moved.
Since moving to the old Heritage USA property in Fort Mill, SC in 2005; I have been gang stalked. This property here actually belongs to God’s people who donated the money to pay for the property, etc., but they never received any return on their investments. Instead, this property was literally taken away from the rightful owners by all types of trickery and fraud.
Remember that the Kingdom of God is not a man made system, but the Kingdom of God is in His true servants. Those who have an humble, meek spirit, and who do the will of God.
Please pray that justice and judgment will come for all of the people that have suffered loss here. Please pray as myself and my prayer partner pray that this property will be under the care of godly men and women who will be good stewards of it instead of using it for their own aggrandizement, gain, power and financial purposes. The Lord wanted this territory to be a place of love, unity and prayer, but it has become a den of thieves, and the Lord is about to overturn the tables of these hypocrites. Hallelujah! To God be all the glory for His wonderful goodness and mercy.
I have experienced attempts to wreck my van, killing of my dog in a horrible way at Halloween in 2006, theft of my keys, remotes, jewelry, wiretapping, illegal surveillance, cyber stalking, trespassing, harassment of every imaginable type, constant illegal surveillance, mind games, and the list could go on and on. Occult activities are also used in my case.
I empathize with all of the targeted individual, and I know that this will be ending in the not-too-distant future, as this type of neighborhood terrorism cannot be ignored any longer. It is all coming out, and I pray that it will all be exposed 100%.
Since I am a Christian; I have become stronger and wiser through all of this attack because I have turned to The Lord Jesus Christ as never before.
He has protected me, and He is working it all for good, as when it is all exposed; life will be better in America for everyone, even those who are the perpetrators. Being a perpetrator or gang stalker must be an unspeakably horrible existence.
I hope and pray that all of you will turn to The Lord Jesus Christ if you haven’t already, as He can bring you through victoriously, and He can even work it all out for your good.
I pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to those who are involved in these insidious crimes. May they turn to Him before it is too late.
I hope and pray that all of the targeted individual will be healed, delivered, and everything restored to them in Jesus’ Name.
The Lord be with you all.
Regent Park/Glen Ridge
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 547-2164
Comment by Peggy Kannaday — February 8, 2010 @ 3:10 am

4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking: What Does It All Mean?

  1. Dear Friends,
    I have heard many reasons, as to why the targeted individuals are being harassed 24/7.
    I know that in my case; it is because I was a Missionary in South Korea for 13 years, and because I am a writer, and because I am a prayer warrior, and I still do Christian work as The Managing Editor of a Christian Magazine.
    Thankfully, I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, and so I understand the mind games, the reversed behavior modification techniques, etc. that these perpetrators use on their victims.
    Basically, they are very cowardly bullies who do not know what they are doing, as they are following orders from their handlers.
    Since all of these attacks on innocent people are very evil; it requires a spiritual remedy through concentrated and consistent prayer daily.
    That is what my prayer partner and I have been doing every day. We pray for 100% exposure and complete restitution for all of the targeted individuals.
    May all of us be healed, delivered, restored and have a new and better beginning.
    I pray that all of the perpetrators and their handlers will receive full justice unless they repent and turn to God.
    Dear Father,
    Please give peace and comfort to all the targeted and mobbed individuals, and please bring swift judgment
    on these criminals unless they would hopefully repent and turn away from these evil deeds of darkness.
    I pray that all of the cults, covens, secret societies, their ritual sites, their hideouts, and all of the activities of the perpetrators, the infiltrators, and the ones that just turn their heads will all come out publicly.
    Please bring a complete confiscation of all of their wire tapping devices, their surveillance equipment, their PC hackers devices, and all of the activities that are going on behind the walls of my town home which is connected to two other town homes.
    I pray that the churches will rise up and help the targeted individuals. If the pastor, wife, elders, etc. would just befriend the victim; the perpetrators would know that they cared, and that in itself would make a tremendous difference for the victim of these crimes.
    I pray that there will be a complete investigation into what is going on in this building, across the street, next door, and an investigation into the Regent Park Property, and everything that this property is being used for and what is going on here.
    Please expose the so-called Christians and ministries that are fronts.
    Please draw true Christians and Americans to Yourself, and please cause them to watch Yuri Brezmenov, an ex-KGB Agent on You Tube, and other sites. He tells how our country is being demoralized by our enemies, and how our enemies are using our own people to do their dirty work.
    Please expose everything that is going on in America to destroy its heritage, and may we come back to our foundation of Jesus Christ and The Gospel.
    We ask everything in the Name which is above all names; the almighty Name of Jesus Christ.
    Amen and amen.

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