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Gang Stalking Explained

Gang Stalking Explained
Gang stalking is being exposed every day. The perpetrators in many instances are also being duped because they are told that what they are doing is authorized by the so-called “Government” which is a total lie.
The perpetrators usually have no idea what they are doing, why they are doing it or who the person is who initiated the gang stalking against the targeted individual.
There are government employees (lower level) involved, but they are not authorized by the legitimate government; it would be the rogue, shadow or criminal element of the government that would be involved in gang stalking and any other racketeering activities, and it is all done covertly.
Gang stalking is a money making, covert racket just like human trafficking, drug trafficking, porn production and distribution, etc.
A very criminally minded person is contracted to hire people who will gang stalk an innocent person in their community.
The community contractor or community organizer/Manager, then either hires people who are unable to get jobs for whatever reason, bribes, coerces, black mails, bullies, and gets his gang stalkers, and then trains them to terrorize the targeted individuals.
These criminals use lies, bullying, bluffing and intimidation in their community to manipulate and control the people in their community.
These criminals use businesses, corporations, institutions of every kind as their “fronts”. They try and whitewash everything that they do, and they go to great financial expense and efforts to cover up their illicit, immoral and subversive activities.
In my area; the contractor pretends to be a Christian Elder, and he uses a large church group on the property as a “front” to whitewash all of the illegal activities.
I have a heart and a burden for all of the targeted individuals. Dear Friends, always remember that King David was persecuted, Job, Paul, Daniel and his friends, the disciples and of course Jesus was gang stalked. Countless Christians have been persecuted throughout the ages, and those who desire to live a godly life “will” be persecuted.
However, God can bless you even when you are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. He heals, refreshes you, delivers you from the evil agendas, renews your mind, revives your love, joy and peace, and He works it all together for your good (Ro. 8:28). Thank You, Jesus.
My prayer for all of those who are being gang stalked all over the world.
Dear Father,
Thank you for your wonderful goodness and mercy for all of the targeted individuals or targeted individuals, because we are being healed and delivered every day as we trust in You.
I pray that You will expose all of the evil deeds of darkness being done to the targeted individuals all over the world. I pray that You will bring all of the perpetrators to justice for all of those that they have robbed, stalked, wiretapped, killed their pets, hacked their computers, used illegal surveillance, used Direct energy devices on them while they slept, and slandered their good name with false reports and lies, etc. May You bring justice and total restitution for all those who have suffered, and we pray that you will expose every crime and bring this evil covert crime to a screeching halt in The Name of Jesus Christ.
We pray forgiveness for many of the perpetrators who unwittingly were deceived into attacking their innocent neighbors, and we pray for all of the gang stalkers’ salvation. May they understand what they are doing before they are cut off without remedy.
These so-called community managers/organizers are used to terrorize the most vulnerable and innocent people in the neighborhoods throughout America. Wake up people to what is going on in your neighborhood as everyone is responsible to stop this insidious crime.
Father, Your truth always prevails, and so we trust in You. Please give all of us faith, patience, forgiveness, healing, restoration of our homes and property, and please give all of us a new and better beginning.
Thank You Father, and we praise Your holy Name forever!
We ask everything in the precious and almighty Name of Jesus Christ which is the Name above every name in heaven and earth.
Amen and amen.
Peggy Kannaday
Regent Park
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 547-2164
May The Lord bless and keep all of you in His loving arms both today and always.,

The New Kingdom Order is Coming

The New Kingdom Order is Coming
Peggy Kannaday
Before Jesus comes back according to Matthew 24, after the tribulation; He is coming back “to” His people. He is coming to His people in order to build His last day church which will be the most glorious church that this world has ever seen.
Jesus prayed in His high priestly prayer that we would be one, even as He and the Father were One. He told us that this glorious last day church would be invincible, powerful and it will shine like the sun as the whole earth will be in gross darkness.
In Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34, we are advised that in the last days, the Lord is going to raise up the true shepherds that will sincerely care for that one soul. These pastors will have the same heart as Jesus Himself.
In short, there will be a real turnover in the church because those who have been given platforms and churches, but did not care for the one person will be replaced with the pastors that follow the Good Shepherd, and His ways.
The Good Shepherd will leave the 99 in order to seek out the one little lamb or sheep that has been targeted by the wolves, and the one person that needs help. Many times, it seems it is the opposite in our culture, as it seems to be that the most privileged, richest and most powerful are the ones being catered to in the churches.
Many who are very prosperous today, and they were not good stewards of what they were given; will have what they have not used properly taken away from them, and it will all be given to another person who will follow Jesus Christ, and who will obey His commandments.
A new day is coming, where those that suffered great persecution, from the so-called “Christians” who had vigorously attained great power, wealth and many followers will be vindicated, justified and they will receive restitution, restoration and redemption.s
A new day is coming when the Jezebel, Ahabs, witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, and magicians will be put out of business in the churches all over the world. Why? Because Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail about the church that He builds in the last days.
Jesus is going to build His church in the coming years, and He will be the total Head of it. It will be a church where the infiltrators will manifest their demons and the person will be identified and he or she will either repent, be smitten or they will run out screaming.
The power of God will be so evident and thick that the whole world will take notice that thise Christians are the real deal, and they will believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God.
God is going to judge the present day church, and the tares and the dross will be removed, and then those with the “Light” of the Lord Jesus Christ will glow with the glory of God.
God is going to build His last day church Himself by using those who have already learned to trust in Him implicitly. God is going to build His church with those who have already proven their devotion, faithfulness, and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Those with positions in the church, who have just been using their positions for their own evil desires, greed, and in order to control, manipulate and lead many unsuspecting souls to the slaughter will be eliminated.
God is going to raise up the next group of leaders who will not be those who push themselves up, but they will be those who have Jesus’ servant heart for all of God’s people.
Many who are now first; will be last, and many who are now last; will be first. God’s ways are far superior to our ways, and we will learn His ways in the coming years.
Repentance is the key to changing your unfavorable destiny. Those who have taken advantage of their positions in the church should repent, and The Lord will hear from heaven, forgive and heal our land.
However, if those in high positions in the church do not repent; they will be cut off. These wicked self-appointed impostors will not live out half of their time on earth. Many will be turned over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh so that their souls will possibly be saved if and only if they repent in time.
We are going to be entering into perilous times in the future, and so we all need to get right with God today. Today, is the day of repentance, deliverance and salvation.
Come to The Lord Jesus Christ and get right with Him during these days of His amazing grace.
The moment that you turn to Him; He will take your hand, and He will lead you into the promised land. Hallelujah!

The New Kingdom Order

The New Kingdom Order
Peggy Kannaday
As we all heard in a speech by the older George Bush; there is a new world order planned by those in the world system. This new world order will be headed up by world powers talked about in Ephesians 6.
However, on the opposite end of the spectrum; there is a New Kingdom Order coming upon this present world. It will be headed up by The Lord Jesus Christ, and His most faithful followers who have overcome in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
As time progresses daily; the dichotomy between the order of darkness and the Kingdom of God widens. The motivations and purposes of each group of people will become more and more evident as the last days continue.
The bible calls the two groups of people as the tares and the wheat. The tares also pretend to be wheat, and that is what is becoming more and more pronounced.
The tares that pose as “Christians” are termed hypocrites by our Lord Jesus Christ, and He hates this act of trying to deceive, ensnare and entrap innocent Christians into believing that that are ever so “spiritual”. Annanius and Sapphira pulled that stunt and were immediately cut off before their time for trying to lie and deceive other Christians, and yet this is going on all the time in this age of apostasy.
Jesus hates the ugly attempt to be “spiritual” when actually the person is a rogue in sheep’s clothing. Jesus said that He would spew these detestable characters out of His mouth.
The Lord is going to start His judgements in the House of the Lord, and the hypocrites will probably be vomited out of The Body of Christ first. The Lord is going to totally renew His church in the last days.
At the time of the great harvest; the wheat and tares will be plainly identified. First the tares will be bundled up and thrown into the fire. The wheat will be gathered into the Lord’s barn.
THE PARABLE OF THE FIELD (Matthew 13:37-43):
The Lord told the following parable of “The tares of the Field” to His disciples (not to the multitude because He sent the multitude away) Paraphrase below:
He explained to His disciples that He that soweth the good seed into the ground is The Son of man, and the field is the world.
The good seed or healthy wheat plants are the children of the Kingdom of God, but the tares are the children of the wicked one or Satan.
The enemy that sowed the tares is the devil, and the harvest time is at the end of the world, and the reapers are the angels of God.
As the tares will be gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this present world.
The Son of man shall send His angels, and they shall gather out of His Kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity.
These people will be cast into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
At that time; the righteous shall shine as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. Those who can hear this and understand; let them hear and understand it.
THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER (Matthew 13:18-23):
1. Many people hear the Word of The Kingdom, and they do not understand it, and then the wicked one comes and takes it away. These are those who received the seed by the way side.
2. Then there are those who hear the Word of God in stony places, and they receive it with joy, and then later because there is no root; persecution and tribulations causes that person to be offended.
3. Then there is the person who receives the seed among thorns, and then the cares of this present world causes him or her to turn to worldly riches, and the Word of God is choked and it comes to nothing.
4. Then there is the person that receives the seed into good ground, and the person understands it, and he or she goes on to bear fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty.
The Kingdom of God is a journey, and salvation must be worked out with the fear of God and trembling, and it can never be taken for granted. Our salvation was bought at a horrendous price to God our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.
Only those who continue on until the end will be saved. Many who have received the lies of Satan will never see God. Why? Because blessed are the pure in heart for “they” shall see God.
Many during these days, are teaching that you can be impure, sin and commit every type of evil, and still enter into the Kingdom of God. It sounds very nice, but it is a lie out of the pit of hell.
There is no temptation that has not been overcome by our Lord, and through Him; we can be over comers in this very transient life on earth. This life is like a vapor compared to all the future in the Kingdom of God.
I have found that the enemy of our souls is really ramping up his deceptions, his false “Christian” leaders, and his agenda. Remember, he always present himself as an angel of light.
Please have faith in almighty God to bring you through victoriously, as He will bring your salvation to fruition as you trust totally in Him and His powers which are unlimited to heal, deliver, inspire, and He always causes His people to triumph!