Gang Stalking Explained

Gang Stalking Explained
Gang stalking is being exposed every day. The perpetrators in many instances are also being duped because they are told that what they are doing is authorized by the so-called “Government” which is a total lie.
The perpetrators usually have no idea what they are doing, why they are doing it or who the person is who initiated the gang stalking against the targeted individual.
There are government employees (lower level) involved, but they are not authorized by the legitimate government; it would be the rogue, shadow or criminal element of the government that would be involved in gang stalking and any other racketeering activities, and it is all done covertly.
Gang stalking is a money making, covert racket just like human trafficking, drug trafficking, porn production and distribution, etc.
A very criminally minded person is contracted to hire people who will gang stalk an innocent person in their community.
The community contractor or community organizer/Manager, then either hires people who are unable to get jobs for whatever reason, bribes, coerces, black mails, bullies, and gets his gang stalkers, and then trains them to terrorize the targeted individuals.
These criminals use lies, bullying, bluffing and intimidation in their community to manipulate and control the people in their community.
These criminals use businesses, corporations, institutions of every kind as their “fronts”. They try and whitewash everything that they do, and they go to great financial expense and efforts to cover up their illicit, immoral and subversive activities.
In my area; the contractor pretends to be a Christian Elder, and he uses a large church group on the property as a “front” to whitewash all of the illegal activities.
I have a heart and a burden for all of the targeted individuals. Dear Friends, always remember that King David was persecuted, Job, Paul, Daniel and his friends, the disciples and of course Jesus was gang stalked. Countless Christians have been persecuted throughout the ages, and those who desire to live a godly life “will” be persecuted.
However, God can bless you even when you are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. He heals, refreshes you, delivers you from the evil agendas, renews your mind, revives your love, joy and peace, and He works it all together for your good (Ro. 8:28). Thank You, Jesus.
My prayer for all of those who are being gang stalked all over the world.
Dear Father,
Thank you for your wonderful goodness and mercy for all of the targeted individuals or targeted individuals, because we are being healed and delivered every day as we trust in You.
I pray that You will expose all of the evil deeds of darkness being done to the targeted individuals all over the world. I pray that You will bring all of the perpetrators to justice for all of those that they have robbed, stalked, wiretapped, killed their pets, hacked their computers, used illegal surveillance, used Direct energy devices on them while they slept, and slandered their good name with false reports and lies, etc. May You bring justice and total restitution for all those who have suffered, and we pray that you will expose every crime and bring this evil covert crime to a screeching halt in The Name of Jesus Christ.
We pray forgiveness for many of the perpetrators who unwittingly were deceived into attacking their innocent neighbors, and we pray for all of the gang stalkers’ salvation. May they understand what they are doing before they are cut off without remedy.
These so-called community managers/organizers are used to terrorize the most vulnerable and innocent people in the neighborhoods throughout America. Wake up people to what is going on in your neighborhood as everyone is responsible to stop this insidious crime.
Father, Your truth always prevails, and so we trust in You. Please give all of us faith, patience, forgiveness, healing, restoration of our homes and property, and please give all of us a new and better beginning.
Thank You Father, and we praise Your holy Name forever!
We ask everything in the precious and almighty Name of Jesus Christ which is the Name above every name in heaven and earth.
Amen and amen.
Peggy Kannaday
Regent Park
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 547-2164
May The Lord bless and keep all of you in His loving arms both today and always.,

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I so want to go to a real church, where the people are honest. I quit going because of gang stalking. I committed a crime when I was young. I’ve been gang stalked for 30 years now. I think the “Christians” believe they are doing God a service. Jesus saved me in spite of them. They become angry when god uses me. I will never understand it. How can people be so cruel. My crime was theft and forgery But I did one and a half years. I did my time paid my restitution and repented of my sins. What these self righteous have done to me and are still doing is beyond my comprehension. Even when I was in sin I would never do that to anyone. They do it all in the name of jesus and quote scripture about the church being the judge. And about how paul said he had turned someone over to satan. Unbelievable. If it were not for the holy ghost I would be dead by now. They are killing me and I welcome that day. There is hope and god has given me victories. My fear of public speaking has left. I don’t care what anyone says about me. I really don’t. I answer to god only. So in all this he’s working on me. Thanks for the encouragement. I thought I was all alone until last week. I had no idea this was a world wide problem. When jesus comes shall he find faith on earth?? That was meant for us. These are the last days. Evil men and seduccers are waxing worse. They Call good evil and evil good. He’s Coming soon.

    • Dear Sammie,
      I am so sorry that you have suffered such treatment from those who claim to be “Christians”.
      It is very sad, and many thousands of people who love Jesus Christ are out-of-church due to the lack of
      love, kindness and righteousness in the churches. In fact, many churches or perhaps most have been infiltrated
      by those who want to destroy the people of God, and to pray against the churches and its true men, women and children of God.
      My prayer for you:
      Dear Father,
      I pray that You will lead and guide Sammie each day, and You will protect Sammie from all harm and evil.
      Please heal Sammie’s wounds, and let Sammie know Your great love.
      Sammie sounds very precious, and Sammie has been very much abused. Please bless Sammie and use Sammie mightily for
      Your purposes.
      I also pray this prayer for all of the other innocent targeted individuals that are being gang stalked and persecuted 24/7.
      Thank You, Lord Jesus, and I ask everything in The all powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
      The Lord bless you Sammie, and may He keep you in His loving arms both today and always.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday

  2. Here is something that has blessed my soul. Psalms 107:20-30. He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions. Oh that men would praise the Lord for his wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing. They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep. For he commandeth and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof. They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits end. Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, So thet the waves thereof are still. Then they are Glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven. God Bless you peggy love Angie

    • Dear Angie,
      I love the Psalms. Thank you so much for the beautiful message and comment.
      The Lord bless you too Angie, and may He keep you safe and secure in His loving arms both today and always.
      In His love and for His glory,
      “Because He lives; I can face tomorrow”.

  3. I am a victim of this new world order gangstalking, The covert home enterings and posiong of my food and etc. has finnaly killed my liver. My son also. even though we live in defferant states now, they have been doing him the same way and his liver has been compromised. My church elders and wifes and others have been c

    • Dear Eniced,
      I am so sorry for your horrible treatment by the new world order gang stalkers.
      I pray that your livers and any other health problems will be completely healed in Jesus’ Name.
      I pray that you and your loved ones will be delivered, healed, and I pray you will receive multi-million fold
      restitution for all that you have suffered.
      The truth is all coming out now, and I believe God is going to bring total justice, judgment and prosecution for all of these criminals. Hopefully, they will repent before it is too late for them.

      The Lord be with you and bless you, and may He keep all of you in His loving arms.
      I found the below article which describes these gang stalkers: The are extremely disturbed.

      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday
      Regent Park/Glen Ridge
      Fort Mill, SC
      Covert Action-Organized Vigilante Stalking
      The Hidden Evil
      This document is dedicated to the known & unknown people who have been driven to suicide or have committed acts of violence as a result of Covert Action & being harassed by Organized Vigilante Stalking groups. It was the goal to make their operations as visible as possible.
      Some of the information will be scary. I do not present the information for the purpose of scaring you, but it is a peripheral result of explaining something this repulsive in detail. It appears that the more areas of a horrific phenomenon you attempt to illuminate, the more you discover how horrifying it really is.
      Organized Stalking This web site was created for the purpose of promoting awareness of organized stalking also known as gang stalking. I have a background in psychology though minimal. Psychology interests me so I’ve included character profiles of the people involved in such crimes, also for the purpose of exposing what kind of people they are. It’s a good way of eliminating the facades. These are scientific studies; a way of taking a look at them under a microscope.
      NDE – This is so people will be aware there is a price to pay for what they do to others as well as a way to be redeemed. If you’re still breathing it isn’t too late. Not only are gang stalkers bullies and control freaks they’re psychopathic/sociopaths and exhibit a variety of personality disorders; people without conscience or morals, new scientific studies conducted on the brains of bullies have further proven, they are also people who enjoy causing their victims pain and suffering. (See Sadistic Personality Disorder) (Neurological studies can be used to predict whether a young subject will become an adult violent offender and may become more significant than psychological and sociological profiling in the future. There are also adult studies. OS/EH is a violent crime. Though the weapons associated with these crimes are referred to as “non-lethal” they’re anything but harmless.) There are signs of neurological dysfunction in the violent criminal brain. They lack the common sense to know their actions are not something to be proud of and the foresight to realize there are consequences for what they do, etc. (See Brain Dysfunction) They are weak minded as well as socially inept and therefore seek acceptance in cult like groups or gangs. They will often try to pass themselves off as people with a kind of (self) righteous cause though they are emotionally under developed and spiritually dead. They are in no possible way qualified to judge anyone else (Mat 7:5). They’re also inferior people motivated by revenge malice and violence. They are narcissists to the extreme. It all begins with a vicious lie against a Targeted Individual. The culprits will exploit the gullibility and vulnerabilities of their members; ie. the inabilty to recognize listening to gossip lowers one to the same level as the gossip, etc. In the end they’re lured into a very dangerous lifestyle that is especially difficult to escape. (Romans 12:2) It isn’t only targets who are being used and exploited.
      Some of the sites I’ve linked to will describe organized stalking or gang stalking/electronic harassment to be associated with government, military or federal involvement rather than what is most likely true: There is classified information and technology that has fallen into the wrong hands. The products and instructions to make home made weapons and surveillance equipment are available on the Internet as well and secret information on military like tactics has been breached. I link to sites like these only when they have otherwise been able to provide very valuable and pertinent information. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. There are conspiracy theory web sites going up all over the web on organized stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH). If there is government involvement, it would mean there are corrupted sold out individuals and there may be many of them in the US as well as globally. It’s also possible there may be former government employees involved. I don’t know how else to explain what the conspiracy theorists are reporting. There are too many to ignore. They couldn’t all be mentally ill (exactly what the perpetrators would have those who are not yet informed believe). What is being described is consistent with what other victims describe, though there may be variations in the methods of the psychological warfare used against each victim. I think the people who believe in conspiracies, etc. believe that because the crime is so outrageous they’re looking for a comparable explanation. Many targets are very credible. The perpetrators initially use tactics such as character assassination in the community and/or mobbing at work in order to discredit TI’s and control them financially. Sensitization is another tactic used that needs to be handled carefully. If you are a target, don’t think there is something you actually did to deserve it. Anything they may be saying about a target is only an excuse to bully them. There is absolutely no excuse for this! There are reports of innocent babies who have been targeted. What could they have done? This is identical to and just as typical common and trashy as schoolyard bullying except the perpetrators are even worse. They’re usually warped and demented adults. The stalkers engaged in street theater skits will not only follow you around in person, they will follow you around on the net. They have no dignity. They’re not smart enough to realize you and others know that they’re trash and people are embarrassed and humiliated for them. Instead they think they’re getting away with the perfect crime. There are many forms of intelligence. It is important to have at least a little common sense as well as spiritual wisdom.
      There are many Targeted Individuals (See characteristics of) networking, blogging and openly speaking out against these horrific crimes today.
      Educate yourself if you have fallen prey to this despicable phenomenon and begin networking with other TI’s.
      Many of the perpetrators involved in OS/EH (if not all) are often perverts. It’s my suspicion and opinion they’re involved in electronic human trafficking with the use of biometrics though there isn’t any proof yet.This is not true of most of the victims targeted for OS/EH. Most are targeted because they’re whistle blowers, activists, politicians, dissidents, people who have gone against large corporations, pro abortion or just target practice. Sometimes an ex husband or lover is the culprit, or it could be a drug dealer. Anyone who has the money may be responsible. Right or left wing extremists may be involved. Other men women and children have it worse. There are cases in which the perpetrators have tried to marry a target in order to keep them in line. They will also try to get close to family members or friends of the target in order to keep tabs on them. In addition, there are cases in which the family members and friends of the target have been recruited to be perpetrators. In every case the gangs are in place to keep the unwilling participants as well as gang members in line. If you’re involved you are in seriously bad company! Sometimes targets know who their perp neighbors are. Some have seen their equipment. This may be one way to get rid of at least a few of them. They are all ages and come from every walk of life.
      These are very serious crimes. People are being disabled as well as dieing from them, while kept under constant surveillance so every reaction can be monitored. They have a lot of good times doing what they do. They’re completely redefining ‘twisted’ and providing new meaning to what it is to be low life. No one is beneath them. These crimes are far worse than anything I’ve ever heard, read or even thought of in my life. They subject their victims to a slow torturous death while they watch and enjoy. TI’s who have spoken to them or met them face to face report that they’re very gleeful about OS/EH. To date there is no treatment for personality disorders associated with the sociopath. There is no medicine. The sociopath does not believe he/she needs help. Future neurological research and God may be the only hope. Meanwhile there are very serious problems with their crimes. There are numerous websites about OS/EH yet few people acknowledge these crimes. Others fear trying to help should they fall prey to the crimes themselves. It requires courage to address such atrocities. Something has to be done because anyone can become a victim. Hitler was a sociopath yet he had many followers. If you think it can’t happen again you’re wrong. It’s already happening. It has to stop! No one will be safe. No one really is now.
      List Of Mind Control Symptoms from
      Spectrum International Intelligence Network
      Visit Patriotic Resistance
      Print Version
      Last update:
      October 06. 2009 02:55:37

      Missing log ./cmsimple/log.txt

      Vigilant torture

      The New Satanists, Linda Blood
      “Denial of ritual crime is based not only on the natural human desire to dismiss as “unbelievable” crimes that are characterized by bizarre & sadistic forms of cruelty. Criminal acts fostered by malevolent occultism are rooted in a philosophy so alien to normal human functioning that it has to be learned through a form of psychological conditioning that mimics a descent into insanity.”

      Learning about OVS may seem like a horror show. It is probably one of the most violent forms of covert torture you will ever learn about. The most disturbing part is that so many people can be deluded, bribed, blackmailed, or threatened into serving something so utterly heinous. It can be appalling to learn, what people will do when they believe their cause serves “a higher purpose” & when they have approval from the state. So after viewing this site you may never look at human beings the same way again.

    • I’ve experienced kidney failure after 25 years of group stalking that I’m aware of. I was afraid to tell anyone in fear of they’d call me crazy. I finally confided in my father who worked for the government his entire life as an aerospace engineer. He told me that he thought it was the government. 6 hours before my father’s death he called me from the emergency room and told me he was being stalked. He died of a heart attack in the hospital. While I was admitted for kidney failure at least a third of the staff appeared to be involved in harassing me. They’re definitely part of the Healthcare System beware. They’ll make it look like an accident

  4. contacted and shown a bogus file and bogus lies by internet site they also do , and I have had the most horrible tretment done to me by these christains. The shock was hooifieing! ! I thought that would be one place where I would not be tortured. But I was terrible wrong, The horrow of it was more than I can bare. Being sick ontop of the torture, and then realizing that the only support for my sirvifal had fallen to the same lis and defamation, was more than I could bear. They ven turned perputrator and played the theater skits on me. Now I want step foot back inside my own faiths church.

  5. I am texting this and only so much shows up for me to see, thats why there is so much misspellings!!sorry. I also left stories on the multistalking victims forum under the physcological terror stalking,etc. forum. you will find some of my experances there

  6. I and my entire family of three generations have been stalked and maid very ill and unless u realze at least that your home is being entered and they are getting in and secretly putting posions in yor food and other items u use on your body, then u have no chance of survival.pad lock yor front door and make the back door inassisable.

  7. This has stopped the home entries, which has been our only relief. Though it is two late for our hearts and livers. we still suffer the vehical vandilisum and our neighborsand town and doctors, etc. still abusing us. at least we have our home back.If I only knew waht was going on 27 yarars ago I could have protected my son and I’s health.

  8. I’ve been stalked for ten years, that I know of and animals have been killed in my different apartments.
    They are defiantly anti Christian,with a agenda. I can’t work unless employee verification placing me with stalkers.
    My phone,internet,email,and mail service all are tampered even reasterants I eat my food is tampered with. 24/7 cab service following me for a year(never a passenger)
    Possible life insurance taken without my permission by close family members.
    Microwaved in my apartment till my ears leaked,eyes were twitching,and testicles hurt.
    I’m now partially blind.
    My neighbors seemed to be involved,and now live in my vandalized car.
    Can anyone Help?
    It appears that some friends and family are involved

    • Oh I forgot to mention The Poison !!!
      I went to ucla,saint johns,and scripts emergency rooms all in about a month, it appeared that the doctors were switched( too many reasons to list) and wound up in a Tujana emergence to get help. I almost died !!! The doctor said I had septisemia and could not belive I went to any doctor at all. This is True !! I belive I was poisoned more than once. . Stephen

  9. This woman is a saint !!!
    She speaks from her heart.I’m being stalked by a corporation owner/government
    The cooperation of phone company’s/Internet requires federal authority !! The police,post office etc.
    I am being killed, by the Employee verification system,and can only get jobs with people trying to brainwash me. The Gay thing is forced,the games at the work places that I did get work at were obviously done by stalkers.
    The places I go for food,are tampering with my food.
    Please be careful.
    God Bless this woman and her blog!!!
    Be careful they can poison you

  10. They are bad in my state. I first noticed being stalked on the Interstate several years ago. He had a radio to his mouth and was looking into the rear view mirror when another vehicle-a brown truck-changed lanes and revealed what he was doing. Instantly I could see him. Soon thereafter I noticed the car he had been driving had been abandoned near the off ramp where I had attended church. I don’t know if he ever attended the church or not, but a child came up missing in the area soon afterwards.

    It’s been going on for a long time but the police are indifferent to the crime where I live. Fact is, they are indifferent to most crimes and try to force the citizens into doing their jobs out of fear we’ll become like the Germans.

    They’ve traveled to another state to threaten my father and I am usually stalked when visiting my mother in yet another state. My belief they are members of a conspiracy network as I’ve been stalked and they’ve left messages on their fan club board to let me know I’m being “watched.” Thanksgiving before last one entered a home I was visiting about 30 miles from where I lived to leave an object. They’d like others to think they are capable of transporting inanimate objects through space and time-or that I am- after they’ve turned on a cell phone to record conversations within the premises.

    Currently they are stalking my neighbor. Perhaps they think she needs a lesson in self-defense and kritical thankin’.

    I’ve always tracked them back to the drug dealing military bases that thrive on idiocy and extortion. They gather support and the colleges and next establish a fan base among other morons whose culture it is to kneel before the the ONE big person who may be running the whole ordeal.

    I’ve notified the police where my father lives and where my mother lives and expect some action as my own state thinks it is funnier than all get out even as their homicide rates rapidly rise.

    • Dear Friend,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I automatically know that anyone that is being targeted is a
      good citizen of the US.
      However, there are many imposters trying to pretend to be targeted people so as to muddy the waters.
      My prayer for you and for all of the true targeted individuals.
      Dear Father,
      I pray that all of these covert evil deeds of harassment, wiretapping, pc hacking, trespassing robbery,
      slander, vandalism and the killing of pets will all be exposed 100%.
      I pray that all of these illegal activities will be stopped, prosecuted, and all of the innocent targets
      will receive full restitution and total justice will be served for all of the targets that are the real
      targets and not the perpetrators pretending to be targets. I pray that all of the perpetrators pretending to be
      targets will be identified and their attempts to deceive will be exposed.
      I pray that all of the truth will be revealed concerning the gang stalking in America and elsewhere. Please
      bring everything out in the open.
      Please bring all of these subversives and criminals to prosecution and hopefully; they will repent and turn to
      the living God. I ask these things in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen and amen.

  11. A couple of people in my neighborhood don’t really care for me after my refusing to let them take advantage of me money wise. Bottom line they thought that being a single woman I could be duped easily.I started noticing that I was being watched by 2 boys who was 17, 18 yrs old. My 20 yr old got close to them and soon my soon started to display a lot of hostility and hate towards me.I started to notice them sitting outside in their talking intently.I heard noise in my attic and discovered that someone had pulled down a board to get into my attic, important papers started missing, my windows were broken out, heard footsteps by my window at night, rocks were thrown at my house, the list goes on.I am as sane as they make them but they do all these things to cause stress, run you away from your home and when you call the police it will appear as if you are psychotic.It pains me to no end that my son wants to harm me. Since he stays with me he tells them all of my business which I have learned not to discuss with him. If he can be persuaded to harm the one who gave birth and nourished him, then he can be persuaded to kill or poison. I have given him 2 weeks to move out which is too long.The people who is mastermining this appears to be devout
    christians to cover up their demonic actions.

    • Dear Geraldine,
      I am so sorry about your son and your situation. It sounds like you are being targeted, as the perpetrators use all of the methods you described.
      If a target moves; the perpetrators will start up again in the new location after approximately 6 months. This is because there is a network of cults,
      covens, subversive groups all over the country, and they are involved in the gang stalking rings, pedophile rings, porn rings, thief rings, and many other criminal gangs and activities.
      My prayer for you:
      Dear Father,
      Please protect and deliver Geraldine from all harm and evil. Please heal the wounds she has suffered from her son and neighbors.
      Please turn this situation around in her behalf. Please comfort her and give her Your peace which passes all understanding.
      Please give her the strength and courage she needs during this very difficult time.
      Please build a hedge of protection around her and her home, attic, etc. Please work all of this for good according to Romans 8:28, and Psalms 37.
      In Jesus’ Name, amen.
      I pray that you will receive healing and restitution for all that you have lost.
      The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your stories
      I have a sister that scares me. I was poisoned. And three times went to emergency room telling the Dr I felt like my blood was toxic. UCLA scripts and St hospitals. Seemed to have stalker doctors switched “they let me know.they were part of this group stalking” they let me leave three times while I was literally dieing of septicimia. I fianaly went to Mexico TJ ER and was told my white blood cells were at 9. 10 being dead.

      • Dear Stephen,
        I pray that the Lord will heal you completely and you will receive full compensation for all you have lost and suffered.
        May The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms today and always in Jesus’ Name.

  12. Father I ask in your name that you will bring all these secrets out in the name of Jesus let the truth about Gang Stalking be revealed today. Amen

    • Dear Teresa, Thank you so much for your wise comment. We all need to pray more than we ever have before. Gang stalking is being totally exposed, and when the Christians know what is happening; they will respond with prayer. This is a spiritual battle as you know already. I agree with your prayer. May The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always, Sincerely, Peggy Kannaday

      Contact Information: Managing Editor “Church Growth International”

      Regent Park/Glen Ridge

      707 Torrey Pines Lane Fort Mill, SC 29715 803 547-2164


      • Dear Stephen, Thank you so much for your comment and prayer. The Lord bless you and may He keep you in His loving arms today and always. In His love and for His glory, Peggy Kannaday

        Contact Information:

        Peggy Kannaday Managing Editor “Church Growth International”

        Regent Park/Glen Ridge

        707 Torrey Pines Lane Fort Mill, SC 29715 803 547-2164


  13. Today in Brooklyn Center I had an officer who had driven 15 miles from mpls in order to ask if I was ok. I replied yes then he proceeded to ask was I geting on the bus because he claimed from an anonymous tip he was informed that I may have needed assistance I replied no so he the officer proceded to ask which bus I was going to board because I was at a bus stop. I replied I would rather not respond. He The Officer Metro Transit Police D. Cockrell then proceeded to take my state ID insisting on it after I offer a picture ID with my name . Metro Transit Police offercer D. Cockrell then proceeded to write down my State ID information the Liscense number , my birthdate etc…… I asked why did he do that when he had my card in hand whereby he could have easily orally tramited the ID in order to run it. I suspect this officer in helping the gang stalkers to tear down my ID by either getting a cellphone to impersonater myself or to use the info for fake ID or just plain Fackbook hijacking someway. These people in Minneapolis and the surrounding cities are so addicted to gang stalking that it seems like a matrix of demonically crazy gang stalking addicts that seek out new victims similar to the movie.

    • Dear Friend,
      I pray that The Lord will restore all that you have had destroyed, and He will bring multi million fold restitution for your harassment’s.
      I have found from my own research, study, experience and my many years of education in the field that these gang stalkers are very psychotic,
      and their main leaders are psychopaths.
      They have no ability to care for another person, and they have no remorse. What they do is insane, and they are absolutely demon possessed.
      They have no reasoning ability or social skills, and so all they know how to do is to try and destroy other people’s lives. It is very pathetic.
      May The Lord heal, protect and deliver you from these criminals. May He restore your life to you again.
      The Lord bless you.
      Peggy Kannaday

  14. I have been harassed for many years now and have come to see this as a wilderness experience.The wilderness is not a fun place to be in and nobody I know would would willingly choose to go through this but may we never forget that it is God leading us, feeding us and protecting us.One thing I learned from Chuck Swindall is that greatness in serving God comes from wilderness experiences.May we never forget our goal is the promised land, [with Him forever.

    • Dear Friend and Brother Brian,
      Amen and amen. Thank you for your great comment.
      May The Lord Jesus Christ protect you, heal you and deliver you from all
      harm and evil in His Name.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday

  15. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    Most dumbed down sheeple will think that this is crazy thinking, but folks I have several testimonies that this is indeed going on in every community globally. These so called hired hands will do things to people in such a way to make them look absolutely crazy, bonkers! They are all mind controlled and often can and are likely hybrids .. seed of the serpent mingled with the seed of man. Many are being tormented today by these bullies. “We are in the end times!” Every thing the Word says is written and coming to fruition. We are in for the ride of our lives! Stand Strong! have Faith!! Use Your Authority!! and PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR!!

  16. Peggy my Dear Sister this is an awesome write up and very awesome information in the comment section. I reblogged this one to my site and again my friend is going through it again … only she lives in an area where the civil war occurred and the manifestations are daily she says and she just keeps praying while the civil war is going outside daily on her property. Along with the gang stalking and people sicking their dogs on her miniature stallion. Who tore half his face and chewed at his testicles… only to see them laughing their fool heads off.. police do nothing .. her doctor records are being doctored literally. All kinds of things are going on. Lots of witchcraft and masonic activity in the area as well. I have a feeling that a lot more went on on the land she is on then can be bargained for. It absolutely amazes me! What these creatures will do. To make people go crazy and figure life is not worth living. So I am still working with her.

  17. To Peggy Kannady,
    I would like prayer and support for gs. i have been going through this for over a year, probably longer. I had never heard of it until Novemeber, 2013,when I finally figured it out through prayer and internet search why I am being followed and harassed. This is terrorism in American and it is THE CHURCH LEADERS THAT NEED TO RISE UP, TAKE IN THE SHEEP BEING HARMED INTO THEIR CHURCHES FOR PRAYER AND PROTECTION. Most pastors and church leaders are either involved in the gs or too afraid to get involved. (how pitiful and cowardly)
    Can you help?
    thank you

    • Dear Joan,
      Yes, I will pray for your.
      Dear Father, please heal, renew, restore and resurrect every cell in Joan’s body, and please give her a new beginning for the future, new faith and new hope.
      She is important to You, and that is why she is being attacked. Please protect her, deliver her and bless her in a mighty way today and always in Jesus’ Name. Amen and amen.
      Call me if you would like to talk or to have prayer.
      803 500 0985
      Thank you for your comment.

  18. Many people are targets in our country; this is terrorism and needs attention today and Christian churches need to get together and protect the sheep. Church leaders are either involved in the stalking themselves or unwilling to help, cowardly and afraid and too selfish to protect the sheep. I believe that pastors are the most accountable to God to help with this dilemma in our country. I believe they will answer to God if they will not help soon, both here on earth and on judgment day.
    Christians and targets must unite in Colorado and nationwide and word wide.I also believe those who have been recruited as perpetrators of these crimes are also targets themselves and need prayer for deliverance. I believe many perpetrators have known the Lord at some time in their lives and they need prayer to return to their first love. Nothing is impossible to God, nothing, so have hope and faith and peace, both targets and perpetrators in Jesus Name.

  19. Yes, crimes like this do exist in our country and worldwide, The perpetrators often do not realize they themselves are targets and their lives are also at risk. They need to understand that the fun they are having now will eventually fade as their lives also fall apart.
    I believe it is the responsibility of the church pastors to take in and protect the sheep who are targets of these crimes. Many of the church leaders and pastors are either involved in the targeting or they are cowards, too afraid to stand up for the truth and for other Christians.
    We also need to pray for all targets whether we know them or not, for their salvation, deliverance, safety and protection. In Jesus Name

  20. This (Organized Stalking) is worldwide now affecting hundreds of thousands all over the world.
    I am a Targeted Individual of Organized Stalking in Chennai, India for the past 5 years. it started for me with Hacking of my cell phones and computers , proceeded to all the typical Gang Stalking Tactics and finally Electronic Harassment.
    Thank you for this nice blog, wish every TI would blog and spread awareness about this evil on the net.

    • Dear Friend,
      It is very sad that this unspeakably horrible crime is going on all over the world.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      May The Lord be with you, and may He take care of you, and may He destroy all of the works of the satan and expose all of his evil deeds.
      Peggy Kannaday
      803 500 1267

  21. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this blog. It is such an encouragement to read. I am so far from your attitude Peggy. Bitterness and hatred has consumed me towards these people who have hurt us so badly. Sometimes I can care about them and other times, I wish them dead- would do it myself, I’ll think at times, if I could. All of my kids are targeted, even my youngest – my two year old! the fire trucks have only recently begun…little late in the game since it’s been going on for 14 years now! (It runs through my mind when I see them, “What? Are they gonna spray me down? Really? Is this where our tax dollars go? Harassing people for fun?” Even the victim’s unit advocate I spoke to knows what’s going on with us, calling the people involved a “web” and repeated things back to me I’ve said in the privacy of my home, and was just issued a reward this year for doing a great job advocating for stalking victims?!
    We are constantly followed, stalked, video taped, photographed, watched, cell phones had been hacked into, computer hacked into, private conversations thru our phones were repeated back to us by various community members, property damaged, property stolen, all kinds of evil about my kids and myself being passed around, elderly to babies have been used (those poor babies)…our homes have been broken into with items stolen or rearranged, total social isolation and ostracization, impossible to get a job or make a friend, churches harass and bully and lie.
    Christians aren’t Christian just because they say so or because they preach at a pulpit, or even have a seminary degree, or go on mission trips to other countries. People are Christians because they have the Holy Spirit and are born again. Something MANY so called “Christians” are lacking today. There is definitely a very real satanic spirit behind this catastrophic evil.
    As of right now, a man who molested my daughter and was “verified” by department of children welfare, has won the hearts of all our criminals who just can’t seem to get enough of us. He is whom they suppprt…
    Havin a hard time submitting myself to Jesus like I once did, and forgiving those who have devastated our lives and support my daughter’s child molesters (yes more than)! I wish I had a right attitude, but I don’t. I can’t fake it. This crime is absolutely insidiously monstrous. A total catastrophic demolition of someone’s total life.
    Thank you for letting me share. I’m sorry I am so negative. I wish I wasn’t.

    • Yes, I went through all of that as well, and I am now coming out on the other side, and better off than
      before. It was 9 years of trying to have love, joy and peace despite their attempts to destroy my life, my work and my peace.
      praise God. I can now see a much brighter future. We need faith and patience to receive the promises of God, and patience is long suffering. However, the returns in your life are great.
      Praise The Name of Jesus Christ.
      In His love,

      • I’ve been groups talked for almost 20 years now by a multi billionaire here in Malibu. I had to sell my business and my life is destroyed from outside looks like the government is involved in this
        I had to go to Mexico for kidney infection after fourteen visits to the emergency room they were going to send me home dead . Ignaci $84,000 in medical bills and I went to Mxico and fix the problem for 30$ I can’t find work and it seems that my emails and phone isRedirected. I’m a Christian and I am being stalked also so whoever is posing as a Christian is not starting

      • Dear Stephen,
        I am so sorry for your horrible experience.
        I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal you completely and totally, and you will find a great job.
        You must be a very good Christian to be under such an attack. This is an evil time; even in the churches.
        We are in the last day Laodicean Church in many instances, and the Lord Jesus Christ is about to vomit the leaders who are imposters out of His mouth and His body. Many leaders are worse than infidels, and they have been planted to help destroy the church of The Living God.
        I pray that they will repent before it is too late for them.
        If you ever need prayer; you can write me at or call me at 803 500 1267 in Fort Mill, SC.
        May The Lord bless you and may He give you faith for a brand new beginning.
        In His love and for His glory,
        Peggy Kannaday

  22. I am Very Blessed to be a Soldier for God. I am not afraid of dying for my Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ. I just learned Monday that I am and have been for a while a TI. These are the times that try Men Souls. At first I was angry,because I felt I deserved Freedom after being in a Very Bad Marriage. But…now I have put on my armor and the time has come to Stand up for others that are afraid,once like myself. I am so Grateful that God,is giving me the wisdom,strength,and power,to go to this trial. For all the other TI’s, Don’t be afraid, Keep Close to God,and Remember You Are Not Alone. God will Never forsake us,like many of Our Friends&Family have. Always remember that we’re on the Battlefield for Our Lord. God Loves each and everyone of Us. We are is Children, Pray for those people whom obviously have sold their souls,or are very naive and don’t realize what they are doing. My name is Judy I reside in Lathrup,Village Mi with my Mother and her Husband,and my sister,friend,and newphew and niece,and my brother Bubba. I can see that they have been compromised by the many things I’ve experienced. But…I know that this Wilderness Moment is Fleeting. Stay Calm,and Peaceful,and Ignore the Powerless Ones. Pray for them to wake up,and Pray for your Selves and each other alot. But remember God is Our Source and Our Only Source. I use to depend on Friends,and Family. No More!! God and God Alone!!!!!!

  23. Thank you so much for the prayer.I moved 1000 miles from Houston Texas to get away ..theses criminals followed me to Charlotte NC its been horrific.They have no morals and no understanding they are breaking the law.

    • Dear Kay,
      I am sorry that happened, but I heard it is common to be followed wherever you move. However, I think there are worse places than the Charlotte, NC area.
      I live in the Charlotte area, and you can call me if you would like to do so at: 803 500 1267. I will pray for your safety, health, and for you to have a new and better beginning.
      The Lord bless you,
      Peggy Kannaday
      Regent Park/Glen Ridge
      707 Torrey Pines Lane
      Fort Mill, SC 29715

  24. It’s been awhile since my last post. Sorry about the way that he came out I was typing them out living in my car, and being intensely group stalked. I remember when I was in my twenties working for this multi Mega billionaire now after meeting Neil bush and another billionaire, that I know very well for over 20 years I found a business card in his car from the Secret Service that had started their own private investigation agency I guess you’d call it an ex-agent that was my first clue that I was being group stalked. I can’t believe Secret Service agents can go start a private investigation team to work for corporations doing corporate espionage. If you know too much about these people and even mention it you’ll go on a list. It appears that the Bush family is a corrupt organization of murderers trying to suppress information it’s obvious to anyone and available to everyone. Corporations killed America and a lot of another Christian mentality. In 1987 I met Neil Bush and then mentioned something about it to a police officer that I believed he was involved in the S&L loan scandal before it was televised. This got me on a list and my life is going to end soon from the kidney infection that couldn’t be cured for five years till I went back to Mexico for $55 the pharmacist and I fixed my kidney. St John’s in Santa Monica when I returned after 5 years and $300,000 in medical bills I brought the $55 of medication and and showed it to the doctors and nurses. They wrote down that I was a drug addict coming in seeking drugs every time I went to the emergency room except for once I had a kidney infection and they prescribe pain medicine. After bringing the medication in and confronting the doctors about making an executive decision regarding seven pills or 21 pills of antibiotics they were infuriated. St John’s needs to be exposed as well as other Hospital officials. I have not gotten real Healthcare on Obamacare I never see the same doctor twice and now have chronic kidney stones every 3 to 6 months 6 and 7 mm that keep getting jammed in my life is threatened then now I have a heart condition from the kidney failure I’ve had several heart attacks and it’s all related to being poisoned and winding up in Tijuana to find out they tried to kill me. I would never lie this is all true and documented. Thank you Peggy for having these blog and website to warn others. God bless you and everyone that reads this.Stephen Frazier.

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