Beware of Satan Coming as an Angel of Light

2 Corinthians 11:12-15: “But what I am doing, I will continue to do, that I may cut off opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the matter about which they are boasting. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their deeds.”

I moved to Regent Park, Fort Mill Township, SC in 2005, after having been a missionary overseas for thirteen years.  I was asked by the Realtor Don Triplett (former pastor) repeatedly if I had any family or friends here in this area.

As soon as I moved in to my townhouse in Regent Park/Glen Ridge; I came under attack by my neighbors, and other stalkers.  I learned later that I was being targeted for gang stalking.

I researched gang stalking online, and I found out that this is a racket, and a lucrative business for criminals.  The so-called manager/owner/community manager uses his hirelings to harass the targeted individual on a daily basis.

They pretend to be sanctioned by the very comprehensive term, “The Government”, but their money does not come from the legitimate government of America.  They are a rogue group, a shadow gang of subversives and many of them belong to local covens, cults, secret societies and they infiltrate every segment of our society covertly.

They despise true Christians (the ones that actually try to follow Jesus Christ and obey His commandments).  They also have the bullying spirit, and so they only targeted me because I did not have any family or friends here when I arrived.  That way they could spread slander and unfounded lies about me, as the people here didn’t know me.

The above Scripture tells us that Satan comes as an Angel of Light, and I never realized the significance of that Scripture until I moved to Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill, Township, SC.  Everything that these neighbors, and their handlers do is done covertly.  They go to great lengths to protect themselves from detection.

They spend huge amounts of money to whitewash and launder the money, and all of their evil deeds of darkness, and then on top of that; they pretend to be Christian Leaders, Christians and at the very least good citizens who give to charities, churches, the poor, etc.  All of these “donations” are publicized as a means of disguising their true activities.  Everything they are involved in that is able to be seen publicly is a “front” in order to deceive the public.

Satan comes to lie, cheat, deceive, kill, steal and destroy, but he very carefully works to conceal all of his true works of evil.  Since moving to Regent Park; I have had a crash course in the subversive activities going on all over America and also in many other countries without the knowledge of the average, law abiding citizen.

I listen to Russ Dizdar on his website “archives” as Russ was a pastor of four churches for some 30 years in Ohio, and he was bombarded with infiltrators in his church.  He was a chaplain for the army and the police force, and so he learned first hand about the secret activities going on hidden behind closed doors, and done in secret in the woods and other hiding places.

I am learning that most of the people who have gotten connected in covens, cults, secret societies, subversive groups were deceived.  Mainly, they were lied to about what they were getting into, and so they were innocent of the true nature of the groups by those who were luring them into the various groups.

Many now are realizing that what they were involved in was totally satanic, demonic, illegal and evil, and they are getting out of these groups in droves.  They, of course are being threatened, and they are being told that they will be killed or that family or friends would be murdered if they leave or tell anyone about the groups.

Satan uses fear as his main deception, but when a person is saved and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ; he need not be afraid of any of the devices of Satan.  Satan has already been totally defeated on the cross.  Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.

These coven, cult, secret society, and gang stalking groups all lie, and they claim to be legitimate groups.  However, when the person is hooked and goes through their ceremonies, rituals and are involved in their activities; they realize that they have been deceived, and then they are afraid to leave due to the bullying threats.

My pray for all of those involved in these coven, cults, secret societies and gangs is that you will be set free from the chains of bondage that these handlers, perpetrators and wolves in sheep’s clothing are putting on you.

I pray that as you trust in God almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ; He will deliver you, protect you, heal you, and He will give you a new beginning in your life, as you repent of following the plan of satan for your life.

God has a plan for you, but satan also has a plan.  God’s plan is not easy, but it is tremendously rewarding, and the benefits are out-of-this-world.

I pray that you will have the courage and boldness of Joshua, Caleb, Josiah and Jehu to confront this evil, and you will become a staunch intercessor to the glory of God.  God is making His House a House of Prayer for all people.

These people who are getting out of their bondage are being given new lives where they do not have to sneak around and do everything they do in hiding.  They are being given new lives of freedom, liberty and blessings.

I pray that all those who have been lied to, deceived and who have realized their situation, and they want to come out of the darkness; may The Lord Jesus Christ set you free in Jesus’ all powerful Name.  Jesus came to set the captives free and to destroy all of the works of Satan.

The Lord be with you, protect you and may you have the wonderful life that The All-powerful God  has planned for all those that believe Him, love Him and are called according to His glorious purposes.

Bless you dear friend, and may you have a glorious new beginning to the glory of God.

I pray that you will know The Truth, Jesus Christ, and He will set you free.  All those that He sets free are free indeed.  Hallelujah!

18 thoughts on “Beware of Satan Coming as an Angel of Light

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  2. Does the Bible command us to forgive gang stalkers who are not only not confessing and repenting but planning more and more crimes and laughing about it? Where does it say that? I read that we should love out enemies but where is forgiveness divorced from confession and repentance?

    • Dear Bogie,
      Thank you for your very thoughtful question. It was good of you to comment.
      I believe that we are to forgive so that we will be forgiven, but to forgive is an act of obedience to The Scriptures, and it will bless the one who is giving the act of forgiveness. It is for our good.
      It also releases the one who is forgiven. The first martyr Stephen, forgave all of the “religious” people who were stoning him to death. Then, Saul who was later the Apostle Paul was released to have the Lord appear to him on the road to Damascus. The Apostle Paul became a major writer of the New Testament, and that is a very good thing that came out of Stephan’s forgiveness.
      To forgive gang stalkers does not mean that you then can join up with them, or become bosom pals with them, but it means that in your heart you have released them to almighty God. Many Christians erroneously think that when they forgive someone; they then have to become friends with them.
      In my case, the gang stalkers are greatly involved in the occult, subversion and many illegal activities, and even though they are my neighbors; as a Christian; I cannot condone their evil actions.
      Forgiving is not condoning; it is a simple act of our will. Obedience to God’s commandment is greater than sacrifice.
      Yes, it would be good for the gang stalkers, if they would repent, and we can pray for that, but we do not know which ones will repent like the Apostle Paul.
      The gang stalkers “should” repent for their own benefit, but we cannot base our obedience on what “they” do. We should take the high road, and ask God to help us forgive them, to love them, and to pray that they will repent and turn to the living God before they are cut off without any remedy. They are in grave danger.
      My prayer for you and for all of the TI’s:
      Dear heavenly Father,
      Thank you for giving us forgiveness for those who hate us, and those who are trying to kill, steal, and destroy us 24/7. We can only do that through You, because with You; all things are possible and nothing is impossible. We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us.
      I pray for all of the gang stalkers. May they be drawn to You Father God, and may they repent as Saul on the Road to Damascus. May the light of heaven shine upon the hearts and minds of all those in darkness in our country and all over the world.
      I pray that You will bring deliverance, healing, restitution and justice for all of the TI’s or targeted individuals. I pray that You will expose all of the evil deeds of darkness involved, and that You will destroy all of the works of evil that are rampant at this time.
      We pray that where there is hatred, cruelty, racism, sexism, sectarianism, violence, rage, the occult, and all of the hidden evil that is being covered up, concealed and whitewashed; You will in pour out Your Holy Spirit and bring Your agape love, kindness, peace, unity, compassion, gentleness, the Spirit of Christ and You will bring a great repentance revival.
      Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus, and come Holy Spirit. I ask all of these things in the all-powerful Name of Jesus Christ. The Name above all names, and for Your glory Lord. Amen, amen and amen.
      I am being attacked by people who claim to be Christian leaders, and I know judgement begins at the House of The Lord. These so-called Christians hopefully will be brought to repentance so that their souls can be saved. Many “Christian” leaders have become very wealthy through their ministries, and so many have become very competitive because of their riches, power and prestige. These are the same type of religious leaders that had Jesus Christ killed on the cross and who had Stephen murdered.
      Satan’s actions always come back on himself and his followers (Rev. 19:19), and if Satan had known that Jesus Christ was the Lord of glory, and what His death on the cross provided for all mankind; he would never have had the King of glory murdered.
      We must be very careful that we do not give in to hatred when we are being hated. Hatred is very destructive, and it will eventually destroy the hater.
      The Lord bless you Bogie, and I pray that The Lord will give you a wonderful new beginning in the future.
      Because He lives; we can face tomorrow and because He lives all fear is gone.
      Peggy Kannaday
      Regent Park/Glen Ridge
      707 Torrey Pines Lane
      Fort Mill, SC 29715
      803 547-2164

      • Hello Peggy
        I am OK with your definition of forgiveness and with forgiving according to it. You are the first TI that I have known to come up with a sensible answer. It is sensible because it does not contradict the entire Scripture. Your definition of forgiveness is to release the gang stalker to God. This is consistent with Scripture (Vengeance is mine…) which has us release the gang stalker to God’s justice. Normally, this would be handled through an earthly intermediary, the criminal justice system such as the local police, state bureau of investigation or the FBI but in the case of gang stalking this is not working; so, we must release them to God directly for judgment and condemnation to the Lake of Fire if they do not confess and repent. (If this is not in God’s order why is it in Scripture in abundance?) By your definition, I am forgiving them. I pray that they will be prompted to confess, that they won’t be able to sleep until they confess and repent, that they will be exposed, bring themselves to justice, confess their sins, renounce their sins and crimes, and call upon the LORD and be saved. I do not pray that they will be let off the hook. I don’t see how such a prayer would help me or them nor do I see it justified in God’s word except in the case of Stephen and Christ in Luke (which is not found in some important manuscripts). Furthermore, when Stephen unconditionally forgave his persecuters he was at the same time exposing them by saying not to leave their sin to their charge. I once told one of the suspected gang stalkers that if he had something against me I was available. He could have confronted me openly instead of sneaking around putting drugs in my food. He replied “I don’t follow you.” How can you forgive someone like that?

      • Hello Peggy
        It also occurs to me, regarding Steven, that while he was a godly man, he is not God. Not all utterances in Scripture are from the mouth of God. The Devil also quotes in Scripture. If we are to take Steven’s request to let murderers off the hook as God’s will then we really need to examine a lot of other Scripture, not the least of which would be Revelation where we read about slain martyrs asking when they will be avenged. I think the more relevant Scripture regarding murder
        would be “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the LORD.” God did not let Cain, the first murderer off the hook. Again, releasing gang stalkers to God, is asustainable definition of forgiveness. Letting them off the hook would wreak havoc on our criminal justice system and our military. Why should the Unibomber be punished but gang stalkers go free? God is balanced. His love is composed of mercy and justice. To have mercy on Nazis in 1935, for example was an injustice to Jews.

  3. Gangstalkers I forgive but forgiving does not mean that i surrender it only means that i forgive their crimes against me.Jesus told us to forgive our enemies and Jesus wants us to pray for their salvation as I do.I hope that my enemies will forgive my anger and thoughtless words against them!We targets should understand that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness and demons who use hapless ,witless demon controlled humans that think they are doing the world a favour by destroying us!

    • Dear Friend Yuri,
      You are so right. Vengeance is the Lord’s and He will repay; our job is to love, forgive, pray for, bless and do good.
      May The good Lord bless and keep you and yours in His loving arms both today and always.
      In His love,
      Peggy Kannaday

  4. Peggy – Thank you for bringing these issues to light! Enjoyed this post and the information you have provided. Can you shed some more light on the actual activities committed by these sinners? I want to be vigilant in ensuring this doesn’t happen to others.

    • Dear Tommy,
      Thank you very much. The sins are harassment, attempted murder, thief, vandalism, killing of my dogs, and the list could go on]
      ad infinitum.
      Please pray because this is a spiritual battle.

  5. Do Pastors and Ministers understand what gang-stalking and psychological harassment is? I want to talk to my Pastor about this but I don’t know if he will believe me. I see some of these affected people in the church, even invited speakers, that are trying to bring destruction of our society and religion.

  6. I am an Organized Gang-Stalking target from October 2006 to date. It Thank you for sharing your experience. I completely agree with you: Gang-stalkers are funded by the person(s) who compensates the local crime ring leader to put a hands-off murder contract on the target. The targets name is given to the shot-caller and the shot-caller passes it along to the minions, the majority of them being tweakers. There is an unpublicized Satanic church in the area as well. Evil IS as evil DOES…

    • My prayer for you:
      Dear Father,
      Please heal, protect and deliver Martguerita from these gang stalkers. May all of their evil intents backfire, and come upon the perpetrators 7 fold, and please cause these curses to turn into blessings in behalf of this dear sister.
      Please bring justice, judgement and prosecution in behalf of all of the victims of the crime of gang stalking. Please stop this covert and insidious crime. Please expose it all, and
      destroy all of their resources, money and may their evil empire come down in Jesus’ Name. Please bring these perpetrators to prosecution or bring them to repentance in Jesus’ Name.
      Lord bless you,
      In His love,

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