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Prayer for the Next Election

Dear American Friends,

Please pray about the next election starting now, and please pray that God’s perfect will be done, as The Lord Jesus taught His disciples to pray.  We cannot lean on our own understanding in such a crucial election as the 2012 election.  We must pray and seek The Lord as to His will, and pray that the person of His choice will receive the nomination, and then go on to become our next president.  Pray that you and all Americans will have supernatural wisdom in their choice, and I pray that we will have the faith to believe that The Lord can move mightily in behalf of this nation as we fulfill 2 Chron. 7:14 and Joel 2, etc.

Sadly, I hear so many Christian talking doomsday talk about the future of America.  Of course, that “is” the plan of satan for America.  However, I believe that some of the dreams, visions, etc. that some Christians are getting are from the wrong side, and they are geared to bring fear, frustration and apathy to the Christians.

The enemy gives dreams that some perceive as coming from God, but they are not from God but from the enemy.  I will explain why I have found this to be true.

I was a missionary overseas for some twelve years, and before I left America; I had several horrible and unredemptive dreams, and of course I thought they were prophetic and from The Lord.  However, later I learned that they were sent to deter me from my mission and calling.

While I was overseas; I prayed and prayed every day, and I received the real dreams from the Lord, and they were redemptive and quite encouraging.

The previous dreams were not redemptive.  God’s dreams and visions are always redemptive, and they will always give the person hope for the future.

You will know if a dream is of the Lord by its content which will be reflective of the Word of God.  It will be the truth, but it will also bring faith, hope and encouragement concerning our obedience to the Lord.

I think many Christians are not praying for our future in America for many reasons. Why?

1).  They may think that they will not be here in the future, because they will be raptured.

2).  They may think that it is all a lost cause.

3.)   They do not understand the tremendous power in prayer and especially the prayers of agreement between two or more Christians.

The church needs to learn about the power and authority provided by the death on the cross and the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Many Christians know about the power they have been given, but they don’t use it in prayer.

We, Christians, have been given “all” power and authority because of what our Lord suffered for us.  We need to start seeking the Lord and praying His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.  Father always knows best.

This year and next year; we Christians need to pray and seek The Lord as never before.  Joel two is a good example of how we should pray and fast and cry out to almighty God for our nation, its people and for our country to become a righteous nation.  Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin brings a great reproach and shame upon a nation and a people.

My prayer for the next election:

Dear heavenly Father,

We humbly seek Your face about this crucial matter.  You alone know the future, and the hearts of all men and women.

We pray Father that Your best choice will be nominated and then elected.  We pray that Your people will repent of our apathy, and that we will humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, turn from our wicked ways, and then You will hear, forgive us and heal us and our land.
We pray that we Christians will seek after Your perfect will for our future, our country and the world.

We have gone our own way, and we have leaned on our own understanding, and we have been selfish, greedy, and we have not sought Your will first.  Father, please forgive us for our rebellion and for doing our own thing.

Father we pray that this country of America will turn back to our foundation and heritage which is Jesus Christ and The Word of God and the greatest and most effective constitution that was ever written.  Please forgive us for allowing Your Name to be blasphemed and Your commandments to be trodden upon in America.

We pray that we will have the supernatural power of The Holy Spirit to turn to You with all of our hearts, and then You will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.

Please bring us to repentance, and please bring a repentance revival to our once great land. Forgive us Father, and please empower us to have the hope, faith and love that we need to build a new and better future for America.

Please bring justice, judgement and repentance for all of the innocent blood shed in America, and for all the abuse done to innocent people, and for all of the lying, stealing, killing, rape, and evil that has been allowed to run rampant in America.

You are not finished with this land, and we must take back our land for Your Kingdom, honor and glory!

We ask everything in the Name which is above every name in heaven and eath, Jesus Christ and for His glory!  Amen, amen and amen.

Thank You Father for hearing our prayers, and for raising up the prayer warriors, intercessors and worshippers all over America.  I pray that You will raise up those that have the boldnes  and courage of Joshua, Caleb, Josiah, Elijah and Jehu all over this land.  We thank You for what You are doing and are going to do.  Thank you for Your wonderful goodness and mercy in Jesus’ precious Name!  Amen.