The Great Deception

The Great Deception
Peggy Kannaday
“Oh What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. What a tangled web, America has become.
I have been gang stalked since moving to Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill, SC in 2005.
At that time, I did not know what gang stalking was, but one of my neighbors tried to talk to me about how all the religions should merge together. I told this person that was impossible and ludicrous.
I later learned that one of the largest churches on this property was involved in promoting the NWO. They are teaching a type of dominionism that is totally unbiblical.
It involves 7 main categories in our society, i.e. Government, religion, Education, etc. and they would all be controlled by a few so-called “Christians”. They would be in league with the NWO “religious” category.
The only problem is that they wanted to control the church, and they were not even talking about being under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The NWO is under the lordship of the anti Christ or Satanic powers.
My neighbors have severe anti-Christ spirits, and they harass me daily and nightly. They do not hold down regular jobs, they killed my dogs, and they steal and vandalize my property.
The main thing that they work on is hacking, wire tapping and surveillance.
They seem to be obsessed with stopping the Christian work that I have been doing since 1991.
I have been the managing editor for one of the largest churches in the world which is located in Seoul, Korea for 20 years.
The hackers work very hard every day to block, hinder and cut off my Internet connection, block my servers and to mess up all of my work and communications.
From what I understand, these perpetrators and those involved in rioting are part of the NWO paid subversives.
Most of them are psychotic, disturbed, and they have been very deceived. They act like they are big shots for no apparent reason.
They remind me so much of the “brown shirts” of Hitler’s Germany,
who were used by Hitler to get him into power. Then after he came into power; Hitler had all of the brown shirts incarcerated and slaughtered.
They were very deceived just like these NWO gang stalkers and rioters seen to be deceived into thinking that they are above the law, and that they will actually have a place in the NWO.
The first time that I heard the term New World Order was from the Senior President Bush. It seems to have been kept quiet since that time.
The New World Order is neither new or worldwide or does it involve order.
It is as old as the Garden of Eden when Satan wanted to rule over God.
It is not going to involve all the countries of the world because many countries like America will probably not participate.
It it not orderly, but it will bring utter disorder.
Their main goal is to try and destroy the law and order in America, bring racism, strife, and chaos. They seem to want to tear down anything good and decent in the country.
Any person in America that is involved in this NWO stalking, infiltrating and rioting should be charged with treason. They are enemies of the people.
They do not want America to remain sovereign; they do not care about our country; even though they put false US flags out in front of their homes on my street; it is a whitewash and a deception.
Any person involved in this NWO movement could not possibly be a real Christian, because Christians are part of the Kingdom of God first and foremost, and the NWO is under the control and headship of The anti-Christ, Satan, the false prophet and the beast world system.
I know my country, and these people are delusional to think that Americans will betray their country and their people to become part of such a totalitarian movement.
I believe that when America comes to her senses; all of these NWO thugs will be either deported, incarcerated, or institutionalized.
I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, and the people that I used to work with look very normal in comparison to my neighborhood gang stalkers.
They even use their children to commit felonies for them. The children are sent to steal, commit vandalism, and harass the targeted individual which is myself.
The so-called NWO gang stalkers are also involved in the occult. Halloween to them is like Christmas to the Christians.
They killed my pet on Halloween in 2006 in a horrible way.
They came into my home, and stole all of my keys and remotes, but they have many lock smiths who work for them, and so it is futile to change the locks.
The man that confiscated the Regent Park Property is one of the ring leaders or handlers. He is also supposed to be a Christian leader.
This property actually belongs to the Christians that gave their contributions for the old Heritage PTL Club and Heritage USA.
However, it has fallen into the hands of those who are using it in the opposite manner from what it was supposed to be used for by The Lord.
It seems that they use this property to whitewash many of their money making schemes and rackets. I believe that many of the businesses and groups are just “fronts” for money laundering, etc.
There is unbelievable corruption on this property, and much money has been made off of this property.
Sadly, I believe most of that money has been used for evil purposes. The neighbors all around my townhouse do not work, but they harass me 24/7. Where do they get their money?
I pray when this country comes back to law and order that this property will be totally purged of all of these criminals.
I believe that this property is supposed to become a refuge for Christians and a retreat for people who are Christians or who are seeking Jesus Christ.
I pray that this property will come into the hands of those who will be good stewards of it.
My prayer partner and I pray about that every day on the phone. Today, we were cut off 5 times by one of the neighborhood stalkers.
They hate it when we pray, and they hate it when I listen to The Bible or work on my Christian work.
Satan is the greatest liar, and he has really done a number on these people. It seems that they believe that they will be VIPs in the NWO.
What presumption, what delusions of grandeur and what deception.
We pray for these people daily as they are just being used to abuse, and then they will probably be eliminated just like the brown shirts.
These gang stalkers’ handlers are bullies of the first order. They use intimidation and unfounded promises to control their dupes.
Many of the normal people in Regent Park are either deceived about what is going on, or they are afraid of saying anything.
When a person has been gang stalked for almost 7 years like myself; they become fearless, because what else can the perpetrators do to you? They have tried every way possible to destroy my life, my peace, my work, my relationships, my finances, my property and they spread lies to about me everywhere I go.
I have had one of the handlers and many of their perpetrators try to cause me to have an accident every time I drive.
After all of the above; you get where you are not afraid of anything. What are they going to do to me? Try to kill me? \O/
Anyway,there are some benefits to being a targeted individual, if you are fortunate enough to be a Christian. You become closer and closer to The Lord Jesus Christ. You become stronger and stronger in Him. You learn what is really important in your life, and you find the joy of the Lord in the most mundane routines, as you are not allowed to make friends in your area.
You learn to rejoice when you are lied about, and to rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing and in everything to give thanks.
The only friends you have are those who knew you before you were targeted.
However, I am very fortunate because I have friends all over the world, and some that I have become friends with on The Internet because of being gang stalked.
The Lord has been so wonderful to me. He heals me every day of the Directed Energy Devices and occult attacks at night, and The Lord takes everything that the stalkers do,and He turns them around 180% and He works it all into something very powerful and good in my life.
I am being trained to be used by The Lord, as He never wastes anything that He allows. He only allows what will end up being very good for us, as He did with Job, Joseph, Daniel and all the other men and women of God who suffered persecution.
These gang stalkers, infiltrators and rioters are extremely cocky,arrogant and proud. They have already presumed victory when there is no victory in sight for them.
I believe their pride, presumption and arrogance will be what will destroy them. They have become over confident, and their evil ways are increasing.
Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
I have also learned that the true targeted individuals are those who love God, love their country and who have a moral foundation. There are many who claim to be TIs or targeted individuals, but they are actually perpetrators trying to muddy the waters, and trying to distribute disinformation.
You will know them by their fruit.
These infiltrators are rampant in the churches giving much money, and trying to control the pastors, etc. I believe they get a lot of their money from their illegal rackets,i.e. porn production, distribution, pedophile rings, id thief, human and drug trafficking and every type of crime. They use mafia techniques to keep from being charged. They use money, threats, blackmail, etc. to keep people in line.
They could also be getting funds from some who are involved in the shadow or rogue government by misappropriated tax money.
These people seem to copy the mafia, the gestapo, and many other rogue groups.
They all seem to use the same MO’s. That means they must be trained in their gang stalking, rioting, infiltrating and all of their other subversive activities.
They use all of the occult and pagan ceremonies that are common to primitive cultures that are heavy into the dark side of the supernatural.
They accept every religion and every person except the true Christian and the Jewish people which is nothing new.
Some churches and pastors have already sold out to the NWO Movement even before it has become public knowledge. They are in the loop. The Bible says that if it were possible in these last days even the very elect will be deceived.
It is happening now, and I see it all over.
If the true church does not become the House of Prayer; we may not even be allowed to have a church in the future in America.
This is a spiritual battle according to Ephesians 6, and it cannot be won with only better Government leaders, violence or money. It can only be won through prayer, fasting and becoming a righteous nation and people.
Pray that the Lord will raise up a Godly man for our next President, but then it is up to us, God’s people to continue to pray for him.
We cannot depend on people to do everything; we must turn everything over to God.
We cannot trust in people, Government, money, property, or anything other then almighty God.
The earth is going to be shaken and shaken and only what is of the Lord will remain.
Please pray for our next leaders in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Federal, State and local Governments.
We need to rise up and take out country back for The Lord and the people through prayer, fasting, voting according to godly principles and turning wholeheartedly to God.
We need pastors who will be willing to lay down their lives for their congregations, their people and their country.
The early political leaders were men of God mainly,and they wrote the greatest document for liberty that the world has ever known.
I am being gang stalked daily, and it seems that that the local pastors could care less. They are busy with business as usual. They don’t even seem to care to learn about what is going on covertly in their own neighborhoods.
It seems that many churches are nothing more than businesses, but with the benefit of tax exemption. Many churches have become more akin to covens, cults, clubs, and secret societies.
However, according to Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34; God is going to raise up the pastors who will care for the one individual.
The pastors in the future will leave the big numbers, the big money, and they will go way out of their way to help one little sheep that is in need. Praise The Name of The Lord!
I am looking forward to that day, and to being part of The Lord’s glorious last day church.
I pray that the church will repent and there will be an awakening and a renewal in America and all over the world.
When Jesus Christ is lifted up; He will draw all men women and children to Himself.
What a great day that will be when He is exalted in the churches. What a great day when the church becomes a House of Prayer.
The Lord loves the people in America. Our country was founded on Jesus Christ, The Bible and it was governed by The Constitution. This foundation made America a great country for many years.
Jesus is not finished with this country,and He is raising up a mighty standard against the evil. Hallelujah!
Have faith in almighty God and pray, pray, pray. Let’s take back our country for the Kingdom of God.

Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday is The Managing Editor for “Church Growth International”, which is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
“Because He lives; I can face tomorrow’.
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17 thoughts on “The Great Deception

    • Dear Peggy,

      Thank you for exposing the truth. The Lord be with you, bless you and continue to bring all of this out.
      Cowardly people harass and gang stalk others but the truth and justice always prevails.

      In His Love,


    • Dear Elke,

      Your comment sounds quite critical. Yet I am sure it comes from lack of knowlege.
      We should stand with and pray for and with those who are being persecuted for righteousness sake-remeber Job and how it was what he was doing right that got the enemy to attack him. However God reigns, protects and delivers. The enemy is only allowed to do what God allows.

      In Him,


  1. Dear Elke,
    Yes, I am a great believer in fasting and prayer. I have been on 40 day fasts, 21 day fasts and many other fasts.
    I know that Jesus Christ Himself was gang stalked. We know that Jesus fasted for 40 days, etc. Jesus had people stalking Him, and always trying to accuse Him in what He said, and also trying to push Him off a cliff and to constantly slander His Name, i.e. saying He did His works by Beelzebub, and on and on.
    Fasting and prayer does not keep you from being persecuted for righteousness sake because the Bible tells us that “all” those who try to live a Godly life “will” be persecuted.
    The Lord be with you and yours.
    In His love,

  2. Dear Elke,

    Your comment sounds quite critical. Yet I am sure it comes from lack of knowlege.
    We should stand with and pray for and with those who are being persecuted for righteousness sake-remember Job and how it was what he was doing right that got the enemy to attack him. However God reigns, protects and delivers. The enemy is only allowed to do what God allows.

    In Him,


  3. Hi peggy found your article. iv’e been a victim since i chose not to gang bang and started reading the Bible and obeying it, stopped smoking and fornicating, then i expected a peaceful life going away to a christian college where it soon began again by so-called christians. i dont trust anyone or have any friends, i eat a lot of organic food and meditate on the Word of God day and night. i went to a few fake churches where i was stalked, i was judased by my cousin who was supposedly christian, this country is sodom now. everything that happened to me is written in the psalms, david describes it to a tee. dont get too caught up in that nwo stuff, dont worry about it, it could be an illusion/just another attack/lie. stay in your Word and be grateful to be closer to God on this earth then many have ever been able to get. I speak the truth in Yeshua, lying is an abomination to my lips. ive decided to start reaching out and trying to find others like me especailly in america who are genuine christians experiencing what is called gangstlaking, which is rfeally just what happened to david and im sure all the rest of us who truly have the LORD. ill bookmark this page, send an email if you like, you will hear nothing but the truth from me, trust me i speak it so much that these devils childrens ears bleed.

    • Dear Friend Christopher,
      I understand your situation completely. I am in the same boat.
      Yes, the Psalms of David describe our circumstances and persecution perfectly. Also, Yeshua, was gang stalked, harassed, lied about, and finally brutally killed, and so we are in good company.
      May prayer for you:
      Dear Father,
      I pray that Christopher, and all of the TI’s will be completely healed, delivered and have a great new beginning in the future.
      Please give all of us Your gift of faith, fruit of faith, love, joy and peace. Please give us hope for our future and true friends that love You above all else.
      Please help the perps to find The Truth, and to be set free from their bondage. May they all know the Love of almighty God and be saved in The Name of Yeshua and Jesus Christ and for His glory. Amen and amen.
      Have a super duper blessed day.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday
      Fort Mill, Sc

  4. peggy i just saw a comment you made on another site saying “true christians in america are being persecuted by something called gangstalking, it is real and it is spreading” peggy if youre real then email me. im alone in this, if i could only find REAL CHRISTIANS who have thrown away their tv’s and know what is really going on in the world etc… that CAN RELATE TO ME! please God!!!

    • Dear Christopher,
      Yes, real Christians are being persecuted for righteousness sake, and that is something we can rejoice about because so persecuted were the men and women of God before us.
      Also, some of the finest writers and inventors are being gang stalked. There is a movement to destroy everything that is good and decent in America, UK, etc.
      However, God is moving all over this land, and He will raise up a mighty standard against the enemy’s flood of evil. Our God is exposing all of the evil deeds of darkness, and He is going to destroy all of the works of Satan.
      May The Lord be with you, and protect you from all harm and evil, and I pray Psalm 37 for you, and Ro. 8:28 is all working everything for your good.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday

  5. the things ive been through are so bad that the idea of african children with swollen bellies and flies buzzing around them seems like a fairy tale, yet all these “churches” in america and “christians” just watch south park and play xbox and eat krispy kreme and stalk me just like david. i would like to find others like me before i meet the LORD.

  6. i appreciate your prayers and suggestions peggy, do you have any info of how to find others like me? i would like to talk to others who are truly being stalked, specifically the christians. thanks.

    • Dear Christopher,
      Yes, there are many other Christians being persecuted for righteousness sake, but just like with the original founders of our nation; they have those who have infiltrated their domain in order to bring confusion and disinformation concerning the truth and to muddy the waters.
      Our decent and good forefather’s names have been slandered just like our good names have been slandered. Herman Cain’s good name is being slandered just when he was in the first place. Do not believe all of the lies of Satan, and pray for discernment. We need discernment, repentance and we need to pray that all of the Truth will be revealed, as Satan is trying to lie about the finest Americans, and he is lumping the evil with good so that people will be very paranoid and not trust anyone.
      Dear Father, I pray that all Americans and especially Your people will wake up, pray, repent, turn to Jesus Christ and turn from our competition, greed, deception, false doctrines and false pastors. May we be like the Bereans and turn to the Word of God, and be led by The Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen and amen.
      Yes, there is a rogue or shadow government that has infiltrated the legitimate people who want to govern according to our constitution. These people are subversives, traitors and mercenaries who are our enemies.
      These are people who are against the real government of America, the laws of our land, and the high ideals of our forefathers. They want to destroy our land, our people and our heritage.
      Yes, we as Christians have been deceived by many who claim to be Christians, but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have lied, cheated, and sought after positions in order to help demoralize our nation.
      However, when the enemy comes in like a flood; the Lord Jesus Christ raises up a standard against him. This is what is happening. Vengeance is The Lord’s, and He will repay.
      All of the evil deeds of darkness are being exposed, and the Lord Jesus Christ is going to destroy the works of Satan in the end. Hallelujah!
      There will be a great repentance revival in America and the UK. May the Lord prepare the laborers for the great harvest.
      Peggy Kannaday

  7. Dear Friend,
    Yes, our American Government has been infiltrated by enemies of our Constitution, our people and our very existence. These infiltrators are not really true American citizens, as they are warring against all of our morals, belief systems, and our American way of life.
    However, they pose as good citizens, and they go after the most powerful positions. They are not real representatives of America, but they are imposters who actually want to destroy our society, and not only destroy it, but after that; they believe they will take over our country and its people. Their desire is to cause America to become powerless so that they can control it.
    They are trying to destroy everything in America that made this country great many years ago. Then, they will be able to take it over very easily.
    We, Americans and especially the Christians need to stand strong and pray that The Lord will intervene, and the people of America will repent of our apathy and lack of understanding about the enemies within our borders.
    We need to pray that God will raise up those brave men and women who will fight the good fight of faith, prayer and bring back the righteousness that is able to exalt our nation.
    God said that if His people will humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways; then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.
    May we, the people of America turn back to our almighty God, and start having the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom.
    I was a missionary in Seoul, Korea for thirteen years, and during my time there; North Korea had propaganda and disinformation flowing, and that same thing is happening in America. Most of the reports from the mass media are total lies and they reflect the bias of a few of the elite that control their broadcasts.
    While I was in Seoul, Korea through disinformation, a rogue/shadow government candidate was put into the presidency through the use of illegal voting methods and die bold computer software that controls the voting numbers.. After this president’s term, he came under investigation, and he committed suicide.
    During his term; the people, pastors and the church members went out in the city hall area to pray for South Korea, as they always do when there is a problem. God always answers the prayers of those who are praying according to His perfect will and with a pure heart.
    Now, South Korea has a wonderful, Christian President, and the people of South Korea have learned so much from being duped previously.
    Now, God is exposing all of the evil deeds of darkness going on in America, and that is a very good thing. The people of America are waking up.
    My prayer for America:
    Dear heavenly Father,
    I pray that You will continue to expose all of the gang stalking and other rackets here in Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC, and all over this nation. I pray that You will destroy all of these evil deeds of darkness going on secretly.
    I pray that You will expose and prosecute the community managers/coordinators that are running these illicit gangs for their own profit and power.
    I pray that You will bring justice and restitution for all of the innocent people that are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
    Please bring all of those who have infiltrated our communities, government, churches, businesses, and every institution to judgement and prosecution, as you did in South Korea. Please bring investigations into all of the activities of the subversives and enemies of our people that have held any type of position of authority in America. Please expose their treasonous deeds, and also all others in America who are trying to tear down our Republic and destroy our Christian and American way of life.
    Dear Father, I pray that all of these traitors will be identified, and either deported or tried for treason, because they are enemies of the state.
    Please bring all of the subversives to justice, judgement, prosecution and hopefully to repentance for all of their crimes.
    Thank You, Father God, Thank You Holy Spirit, and may America come back to our heritage which is Jesus Christ and The Word of God, and may our Constitution be established again for truth and justice for all people; not only the elite.
    We praise You God for Your wonderful goodness and mercy, and we ask that You will bring all of us to repentance, humility, and righteousness and then You will heal our land. Praise The Name of The Lord Jesus.
    Please raise up those with the hearts of Joshua and Caleb to take back our country for the Kingdom of God. We need men and women of courage, faith and the love of God.
    I thank You Lord in advance, as You always answer our heartfelt prayers.
    In Your Name Lord Jesus Christ and all for Your glory. Amen and amen.
    In His love and for His glory,

    Peggy Kannaday
    Regent Park/Glen Ridge
    Fort Mill, SC

  8. Thanks Peggy for exposing the truth and speaking the truth in love. It quite easy to see that many see many are attacking and lying about true christians. They have critical comments and never build up others. Keep on.Thank you for your encouraging posts.

    The Lord bless you much!
    In His Love,


    • Please accept my prayer for you and all other TI’s.
      Dear Heavenly Father,
      We pray that You will bring justice and judgement for all of the innocent people that are being gang stalked. Please heal them, protect them, deliver them and bring multi-million-fold restitution for all of us. Please bring the perpetrators to repentance before it is too late for them.
      Please bring the targeted individuals together in spirit so that we can pray for one another. Prayer activates God, and so it is the most powerful action against the occult and criminal activities of the gang stalkers. The blood of Jesus Christ is against these perpetrators, and Jesus Christ knows everything that is going on, and vengeance is His; He will repay these criminals. Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus and come Holy Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says The Lord Jesus. We ask all these things in the Name which is above every name, The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ and all for His glory. Amen, amen and amen.
      May The Lord bless and keep you and yours in His loving arms both today and always.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday

  9. The Anti Christ now secretly reigns over Egypt and Libya. The beast confiscated all offshore assets of these two countries and then used these confiscated countries assets to finance and install a puppet government that answers to the antichrist
    Daniels prophecy is happening now

    Dan 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
    Dan 11:41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.
    Dan 11:42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.
    Dan 11:43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.
    Dan 11:44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
    Dan 11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

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