Gang Stalking a Covert Crime

I receive countless e-mails every day from people who are trying to convince me and the others on their mailing list that gang stalking is sanctioned by the “government”. They are simply trying to cause the people to distrust “all” government in America in order to bring confusion, disinformation and disloyalty to those who are trying to govern America as the Constitution dictates.
I am very wary of those who generalize and claim that “gang stalking” is all sanctioned by the “government” without specifying which members of our government they are talking about. Our government, our society and our institutions are all comprised of those who are the real deal, and then there are those who are the infiltrators, the rogue elements, the shadow groups and those who are the subversives who only want to destroy our government, our society, our people and our nation.
We cannot assume or presume that every person in the “government” is involved in the illegal, insidious and hidden crime of “gang stalking”. Many in our government and the media are kept in the dark about this type of crime which is a lucrative business and racket.
Gang Stalking is a similar crime to human trafficking, drug trafficking, porn production and distribution, and many other hidden crimes that are being done covertly.
I know that the gang stalking that I have had since 2005 is not being sanctioned or authorized by the real, legitimate government of SC. It is indigenous to Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill Township, SC where I live. It is “not” being sanctioned by The Government of SC, but that is what these criminals would want everyone to believe.
I have found that accusing innocent, decent people, and particularly, America’s finest has become a sport of subversive perpetrators to destroy the targeted individual’s reputation, credibility and his or her ability to make a difference for good in their area of influence.
These traitors and enemy’s of our country and our people, love to put out erroneous slander against those who have passed away and also those who they know will not retaliate due to their moral code. These liars are fearless in trying to destroy the lives of the greatest Americans, and those who would be able to bring law, order, decency, justice and freedom back to this nation.
They want to destroy the reputation of those who wrote the Constitution and established America as a great Republic. In short, they want to vilify our heritage and our firm foundation. I am very sad to say that many so-called “Christians’ are busy in this endeavor, and it is to their shame.
We need to pray for wisdom, understanding and discernment in who we trust, because we cannot believe the liars. They are planted in every segment of our society, and we must learn who they are and identify them as the enemy of the state and the people of America.
Many of them are not loyal to our country and they should be deported. Many of them are very dangerous to our liberty, and they should be tried for treason. Many of them are just dupes being used for the unscrupulous schemes of those who are making money out of these groups.
May the truth prevail as it always does, and may our living God bring justice, judgment, prosecution and repentance to all of those who are slandering the good names of our best citizens in this nation. Let truth, freedom and justice reign in Jesus’ Name.Amen.


9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking a Covert Crime

  1. i dont believe the fear mongerers or the government. something is seriously wrong though when washington dc itself is an upside down broken pentegram with the whitehouse on the bottom point, and all these guys (im sure at least some arent even human) are running for the same office were in the same dark secret society group in their elite private colleges. All of them are distantly blood related, and also to the actors. its also more than obvious that bush and clinton both had knowledge of 9/11, which was probably like mass human sacrifice to them, you can clearly see the form of a demon in the smoke if you google it. the extent to which the fearmongerers push it leads to nothing but fear and anger and powerlesness though, im absolutely sure that these demons and ppl are on a short leash and would love us to believe that they are “like God” the same thing the devil got the boot for. God is in total control, he makes nations rise and he makes them fall. He has it taken care of. i think it is wise to submit to rulers and authorities as long as it doesnt go against God’s Word, but TRUSTING these ppl or whatever they are would be blind madness.

    • Dear Christopher,

      Have you been to It has some listings of other TI’s but some of them are perps posing as TI’s. You can use your discernment.
      Our country had some great, Christian leaders who wrote a constitution that was geared to give the real power to the people of America. However, these leaders have been slandered by those who want to destroy our godly heritage.
      There are always criminal infiltrators and secret society members who try and steal the power positions from those who love God and are called unto His purposes.
      The Lord be with you.
      In His love and for His glory,

      Peggy Kannaday

  2. Dear Jeff,
    I have seen enough of the propaganda being distributed by those who want to destroy our nation, our government and our heritage.
    The infiltrators into our government are part of the rogue/shadow government; not the authentic representatives of the people of America.
    Those people who are putting out disinformation and saying that our American Republic is dead are those who are traitors to our Republic. They want to distribute their propaganda in order to cause people to turn to a subversive government that has been setup covertly to take over, and destroy our American way of life, our beliefs, and our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    These people offer no alternative, but they want to bring anarchy and lawlessness to America.
    The American Republic is still in place, and countless Americans are ready to take back 100% of the territory usurped by the enemies of our beliefs, country and people.
    America has a very solid foundation of Jesus Christ, The Bible and excellent laws. The secret society infiltrators are only a very small fraction of the founders of our country and our Christian forefathers.
    Have faith in Jesus Christ, because this country was built upon the Rock of Jesus Christ, and it will not be destroyed by a small group of treasonous criminals.
    America has a moral majority, and many fine Christians. Hallelujah!
    You say that you are a Christian, and so you should pray instead of trying to slander the reputation of our great nation, our governmental workers, and our great heritage.
    My prayer for America,
    Dear Father,
    You know that there are many righteous men and women in America and even many in Government Service.
    Please bless all those that are working to help build up America and not deployed to tear our nation and its people down.
    Please raise up a mighty standard against the enemy that has come in covertly. Please expose all of their evil deeds, and please destroy all of the works of the enemies of our people and our nation.
    Please raise up Godly leaders in our Government that will abide by our legal system which is second to none. Please raise up the prayer warriors and intercessors to pray for our nation, our people and our leaders.
    Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus, and may all be done according to Your will and all for Your glory in Jesus’ precious Name. Amen and amen.

  3. Dear Jeff,
    Gang stalking was alive and thriving all over America and many other countries long before 9/11 and the Patriot Act!
    These new laws were totally unnecessary, and I’m sure they will be removed from the books in the future. Terrorism was here in America and all over the world for decades before The Patriot Act and the other terrorism laws and rules were initiated.
    I am no fan of our most recent governmental officials either. However, to blame gang stalking on 9/11 and the Patriot Act is ludicrous and an attempt to divert the blame from the real culprits.
    The real criminals are those subversives who have infiltrated every area of our society with perpetrators and enemies of the American people.
    These traitors to our nation and our people are swarming all over our cities and our suburbs. They infiltrate; not only our Government, but our institutions of every type, our churches and our neighborhoods.
    They have been trained covertly by treasonous infiltrators over many years. The money that fuels these enemies within our borders comes from illegal trafficking of every type, misappropriation of many types of funding, etc. In order to get the gang stalkers to do what they do; they are often bribed, blackmailed, threatened, and mostly; they are people who are out of work, and who have nothing better to do with their lives. The ones in my area are members of occult groups, and they seem to be totally sadistic. They are extremely arrogant, presumptive, and they have delusions of grandeur concerning their futures.
    Many are malcontents and losers in our society and so they love to torture innocent people who have become successful in their lives because of the grace of God upon them.
    The gang stalking in itself is a lucrative racket for a few very greedy reprobates who are put in control of the gang stalkers’ activities as a criminal type of community manager, trainer or coordinator. It is a business of the most insidious nature, as it is targeting the most productive, loyal, moral and talented members of the American and Christian societies.
    Gang stalking was proliferating in America long before 9/11, and it is a form of terrorism in itself. The training is perpetrated through rogue groups that get their training materials from the most tyrannical and draconian systems ever devised by man.
    Gang stalking is completely Satanic, anti-American and anti-Christ, and that is why the most devout Christians and the most productive Americans have been targeted for destruction.
    The attack on our Government, our people and our heritage is coming from subversive traitors to our country, and they should either be deported or tried for treason. Their goal is anarchy, lawlessness and revolution. They want to undermine and destroy one of the greatest countries of all time.
    They not only want to destroy what made America great, but they want to take it over and control it completely.
    Wake up people! You are being brain washed by many people using the various media outlets as their propaganda field. They put out complete lies, as if they were factual.
    They manipulate everything on TV, The Internet, the movies and newspapers to reflect their own selfish agenda and personal ambitions.
    Our beloved America is not finished, as it only took a few good men to overcome the tyranny of Britain in the beginning, and it will only take a few good men and women to overcome the impending attempt to subjugate the American people and take away our freedoms.
    The most powerful weapon we have as a Christian nation is our prayers to almighty God. We need to repent of allowing this country to get in the deplorable condition that it is in at the present time due to murder, hatred, cruelty and every abominable sin imaginable.
    Dear Father,
    Please bring our people to repentance. May we all be humbling ourselves, praying to You, turning from our sins and seeking Your perfect will and face.
    Then You will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and You will heal our land.
    Praise the awesome, all powerful Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.
    May our nation turn back to You Lord Jesus and righteousness and may our nation again become a beacon of light to the world for The King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. In His Name and all for His glory.
    Amen and amen.
    The truth is being revealed, and people are waking up. Good men are standing up for their country. Christians are turning to the living God to bring law and order back to America.
    While I was living in South Korea for thirteen years; we had a rogue President that came in fraudulently (illegal voting machine tampering). After the people realized the truth; the pastors with their congregations all gathered at our city hall area in Seoul, and prayed to almighty God, and now South Korea has a wonderful, Christian President. God always answers the prayers of His beloved people who are praying according to His will and with a pure heart.
    Instead of trying to demean our country; let’s light a candle of prayer “for” our land.
    Thank you for listening.
    May The good Lord continue to bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always.
    In His love and for His glory,
    Peggy Kannaday
    Regent Park/Glen Ridge
    707 Torrey Pines Lane
    Fort Mill, SC 29715
    803 547-2164

  4. Hi,
    I agree whole heartedly with you about gang stalking being perpetrated by political subversives and criminals. I am gang stalked because my son is alive today, who was nearly kidnapped in the mid 1980’s; less than a month after almost taking my son, these same 4 individuals did kidnap and murder little Leticia Hernandez in Oceanside, California. The investigation, of course, went nowhere – The kidnappers were described as vagrants, who just “disappeared”; They had a large brown Buick-like vehicle and were in town at least a month, and nobody knew them? Somebody did.
    What people have to understand is that human trafficking and drugs go hand-in-hand and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Probably bigger than MicroSoft. We can’t ignore the fact that where gang stalking is happening, serious crime sky rockets. I believe in many cases, these criminals move into our neighborhoods, and choose targets. While everyone focuses on the target, the illicit activity they conduct in their own homes go unnoticed.

    • Dear Friend Qaren,
      Very good report on the crime of gang stalking. You are right; where there is gang stalking all other crimes are running rampant. These crimes are all covert and hidden types of crimes, and they are all money making rackets of the most insidious form.
      It is a shame that the church has not taken their place in praying these evil strongholds down in their areas. These criminals have occult support to assist them, but most churches seem to be clueless, afraid or ignorant of how to pray spiritual warfare prayers that will bind the strongmen and spoil their houses.
      I pray that the churches will repent of allowing these covered up crimes in their midst and on their watch to flourish. I pray that God will raise up the true pastors that have the Good Shepherd’s heart, and they will pray and care for these abused and persecuted targets.
      Prayer is the most powerful force in the world, and through prayer; we can overcome the evil.
      Dear Father, I pray that You will heal Qaren, and son, and I pray that all those being gang stalked in the neighborhoods throughout America that we will all be totally healed, renewed and all that we have lost will be restored. I pray that we will receive the needed restitution.
      I also pray that all of the gang stalkers, their handlers and the perpetrators will come to repentance, and they will find the Truth, The Way and The Life, before it is too late in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen and amen.

  5. So many beautiful comments have been left here, however, I think Christians are not doing their duty to call these things out. That is not slander! Some Christians act like they are afraid to say anything about these people and that’s ridiculous. And I know some will quickly say that’s not godly! God commands us to rebuke and expose if we are not doing this, this is probably why Christians are viewed as weak or cowardly or perhaps both!

    • Dear Karen,
      Yes, I agree. The standard comment is that we are not to judge, but we will judge the angels.
      We are not to judge unrighteously, but we are to judge according to The Word of God, and the fruit that we see.
      Jesus called the religious leaders vipers and other such names. He told the truth, and so should we.
      He told us to expose all of the evil deeds of darkness.
      Thank you for your great comment.
      The Lord bless you and yours.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday

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