Peggy Kannaday
Re: Hope for America
Yes, our American Government has been infiltrated by enemies of our Constitution, our people and our very existence. These infiltrators are not really true American citizens, as they are warring against all of our morals, belief systems, and our American way of life.
However, they pose as good citizens, and they go after the most powerful positions. They are not real representatives of America, but they are imposters who actually want to destroy our society, and not only destroy it, but after that; they believe they will take over our country and its people. Their desire is to cause America to become powerless so that they can control it.
They are trying to destroy everything in America that made this country great many years ago. Then, they will be able to take it over very easily.
We, Americans and especially the Christians need to stand strong and pray that The Lord will intervene, and the people of America will repent of our apathy and lack of understanding about the enemies within our borders.
We need to pray that God will raise up those brave men and women who will fight the good fight of faith, prayer and bring back the righteousness that is able to exalt our nation.
God said that if His people will humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways; then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.
May we, the people of America turn back to our almighty God, and start having the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom.
I was a missionary in Seoul, Korea for thirteen years, and during my time there; North Korea had propaganda and disinformation flowing, and that same thing is happening in America. Most of the reports from the mass media are total lies and they reflect the bias of a few of the elite that control their broadcasts.
While I was in Seoul, Korea through disinformation, a rogue/shadow government candidate was put into the presidency through the use of illegal voting methods and die bold computer software that controls the voting numbers.. After this president’s term, he came under investigation, and he committed suicide.
During his term; the people, pastors and the church members went out in the city hall area to pray for South Korea, as they always do when there is a problem. God always answers the prayers of those who are praying according to His perfect will and with a pure heart.
Now, South Korea has a wonderful, Christian President, and the people of South Korea have learned so much from being duped previously.
Now, God is exposing all of the evil deeds of darkness going on in America, and that is a very good thing. The people of America are waking up.
My prayer for America:
Dear heavenly Father,
I pray that You will continue to expose all of the gang stalking and other rackets here in Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC, and all over this nation. I pray that You will destroy all of these evil deeds of darkness going on secretly.
I pray that You will expose and prosecute the community managers/coordinators that are running these illicit gangs for their own profit and power.
I pray that You will bring justice and restitution for all of the innocent people that are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
Please bring all of those who have infiltrated our communities, government, churches, businesses, and every institution to judgement and prosecution, as you did in South Korea. Please bring investigations into all of the activities of the subversives and enemies of our people that have held any type of position of authority in America. Please expose their treasonous deeds, and also all others in America who are trying to tear down our Republic and destroy our Christian and American way of life.
Dear Father, I pray that all of these traitors will be identified, and either deported or tried for treason, because they are enemies of the state.
Please bring all of the subversives to justice, judgement, prosecution and hopefully to repentance for all of their crimes.
Thank You, Father God, Thank You Holy Spirit, and may America come back to our heritage which is Jesus Christ and The Word of God, and may our Constitution be established again for truth and justice for all people; not only the elite.
We praise You God for Your wonderful goodness and mercy, and we ask that You will bring all of us to repentance, humility, and righteousness and then You will heal our land. Praise The Name of The Lord Jesus.
Please raise up those with the hearts of Joshua and Caleb to take back our country for the Kingdom of God. We need men and women of courage, faith and the love of God.
I thank You Lord in advance, as You always answer our heartfelt prayers.
In Your Name Lord Jesus Christ and all for Your glory. Amen and amen.
In His love and for His glory,

Peggy Kannaday
Regent Park/Glen Ridge
Fort Mill, SC


  1. There’s an awfully lot of it going on in the US and I think while it does include tacit approval, sometime participation by firemen and law enforcement, it’s a far more inclusive phenomenon insofar as who’s doing it than we tend to credit. Good luck to you.

    • Dear Friend Jules,
      Yes, I receive daily fake e-mails blaming the gang stalking on the “government”, which is only part of the problem. The people sending me these e-mails claim that they are fellow targeted individuals, and they say that they are Christians.
      They are actually perps and anti-Christ dupes.
      The e-mails are just another way to divert the blame from the community coordinators in our neighborhoods who have come in illegally and organized these gangs. It “is” part of the rogue or shadow government which is covert, subversive and anti-American. It’s all geared to discredit our American heritage that is good and decent.
      I want to give the targeted individuals hope for their future, as we are bombarded with attempts to take away our hope, our faith and our love for and trust in The American people. There is an attempt to confuse, demoralize and deceive America’s finest.
      If only Americans could come together in agreement in each area and repent, pray and turn to almighty God.

      The e-mails that are sent out are full of disinformation and propaganda geared to further terrorize the targeted individuals. The phony phone calls from so-called TI’s are also geared to ask questions to check up on each other, to find out how their techniques are working, and to cause more confusion.

      I pray that Americans will develop some real discernment so that we will be able to know what is true and what is garbage. If it were possible even the very elect will be deceived in these days due to the lies of satan.
      The Lord bless you and yours and may He keep all of you in His loving arms both today and always.
      The Lord be with you and yours.
      In His love and for His glory,

      Peggy Kannaday
      Regent Park/Glen Ridge
      707 Torrey Pines Lane
      Fort Mill, SC 29715
      803 547-2164

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