There are Termites in The House

Termites are creepy insects that eat away at a building 24/7, and they never stop until the structure collapses. They keep eating away at the wooden structure until it comes down.
I see that America has termites in The House. These are subversive infiltrators who are eating away at the foundation of America and our strong heritage.
I remember Khrushchev many years ago said, “America will fall without one bullet being fired”, and he said that it will be destroyed from within.
These traitors have sneaked into various high level positions in every segment of our society. They are empowered by money from illegal, syndicate and racketeering sources as well as misappropriated funds from the rogue or shadow government.
They are very deceptive because they pretend to be good, law-abiding, decent, American citizens. They do anything and everything to cover up, disguise and whitewash their true mission which is to undermine and demoralize the American people at all levels.
They never reveal their true motives. Their true motives are to paganize, defile and destroy all that Americans call dear and valuable. Our faith in God, our moral base, our heritage and our Constitution.
They are all over. and they swarm just like termites, and they do not leave one piece of the foundational structure alone. They are hidden, and their underground, covert work is kept very hidden.
They move in secret society circles, and they are usually part of the ruling elite, or they are the dupes of those in positions of authority. Many are just dumb puppets similar to the brown shirts of Hitler who did not even know why they were doing. These dupes of Hitler were slaughtered by Hitler when he was finished using them to gain power.
These “termites” have been chomping away at America’s structure for many decades, but now their deeds are being revealed and made manifest. The damage that they have done is becoming very evident even to those most uninformed and ignorant in our society.
There is hope for America, as long as the true Americans are cognizant of the crimes against our nation and our people are known to hem. The true Americans will do the right thing when they wake up and realize that they have been lied to, deceived and sold down the river by these perpetrators.
Thank goodness and thank God that America is waking up today. It is not too late. We must come together in unity to pray for wisdom, as to how to bring our nation back to its greatness.
We need to repent for allowing evil to flood into our House by the termites on our watch. We need to move mightily in unity, prayer, and we need to turn to almighty God with all of our hearts.
He “will” hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land “if” we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Praise God! He is not finished with America!


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