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From The Sinking Ship to The Ark of Jesus Christ

From The Sinking Ship to The Ark of Jesus Christ
Peggy Kannaday
On March 10, 1748, John Newton was born again. He was the writer of the awesome hymn, “Amazing Grace”, and his conversion was very dramatic.
His Conversion experience as listed in Wikipedia:
Newton awoke in the middle of the night and finally called out to God as the ship filled with water. After he called out, the cargo came out and stopped up the hole, and the ship was able to drift to safety. It was this experience which he later marked as the beginnings of his conversion to evangelical Christianity. As the ship sailed home, Newton began to read the Bible and other religious literature. By the time he reached Britain, he had accepted the doctrines of evangelical Christianity. The date was March 10, 1748, an anniversary he marked for the rest of his life. From that point on, he avoided profanity, gambling, and drinking. Although he continued to work in the slave trade, he had gained a considerable amount of sympathy for the slaves. He later said that his true conversion did not happen until some time later: “I cannot consider myself to have been a believer in the full sense of the word, until a considerable time afterwards.[5]
John Newton found himself as a British Captain of a slave ship that was about to sink. This situation caused Newton to call out to almighty God, and obviously God answered and Newton was showered with the amazing grace of God.
Later, Newton became an Anglican minister, and he wrote the glorious hymn, “Amazing Grace” around 1779. This song epitomizes God’s amazing grace to all those who turn to Him in the storms of life.
Storms on the sea are very fascinating because there is no way out; without God’s intervention. A ship is a flimsy object on the sea of life, and it is very vulnerable to any external influence.
As fragile human beings; we are all floating in the sea of life in our own very insecure boats of our flesh and our breath. Our very lives are described in The Bible as a “vapor”.
In short, we should realize that our very existence is dependent on the grace of God and His protection. However, we often do not think of this fact until we are in the midst of a dire need, as with John Newton.
As long as we are floating along in the sunshine of life, and the storm clouds are far away in the distance; we seem to think that “we” are the captains of our own fate and our own ship.
However, when the storms of life hit us; we soon learn that almighty God is the actual captain and master of our destiny. John Newton learned this truth when his own ship filled up with water. We cannot allow our lives to be filled with the waters from the world which will cause us to sink.
When Newton called out to God; God was so very gracious and caused the water to be stopped so that the ship and the people on the ship could be saved. Most of our salivations and deliverance s are not as dramatic as with John Newton, but they are the same in the fact that only God can bring us out of our sinking boats or unsafe life situations.
John Newton became a minister of God, and he went from being a slave ship captain to being an advocate for the abolition of slavery. John Newton truly understood the grace and power of Jesus Christ.
Not many of God’s people have been on a real sinking ship in the vast ocean, but all of us have been in sinking ships in the oceans of our lives before we met our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Now, we have found a haven, a refuge and The Ark that will keep us afloat until the end of our voyage.
The Bible says that it is the person that endures to the end that will be saved. Being saved is a process, and not a one time event.
The day of the conversion of John Newton was just the very beginning of his great journey with almighty God. As Newton studied The Bible, prayed and learned how to praise God; He grew in The Lord, His love, His faith and His grace.
All of us are on the ship of life that could be filled with water from the world at any time and in any storm. However, when we make The Lord God our trust, our refuge and our everything; we can enter into His ark where we will be safe from all harm, evil and temptations.
We are told that in the last days; it will be similar to the days of Noak and his ark. That is true today. Only Noah and his family were saved from the flood out of all of the other people.
They were not perfect, but Noah trusted in the living God, and he and his family were saved and delivered. We also will be saved from all storms, floods and disasters as we put our total trust in God.
Let’s not wait to the last minute to get on His ark of safety. Let’s get on His ark today, and find a wonderful place of God’s love, joy, peace and the greatest thing of all His amazing grace.
Peggy Kannaday, B.A., M.Ed., has been the Managing Editor for “Church Growth International” which is The English Outreach of The Yoido Full Gospel Church which has an 800,000 membership and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
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Beware of Envy

Beware of Envy
Peggy Kannaday
Envy is one of the sins of the flesh as listed in Gal. 5, and yet it is much more insidious in its damaging results.
Definition of envy:
1. “Anger or discontent at the good fortune or possessions of another”.
2. The word literally means “to look at with evil intent…”
What is the difference between envy and jealousy?
We often equate envy with jealousy. However, envy goes beyond jealousy.
JEALOUSY POINTS AT YOUR OWN HURT. A jealous person is usually an introvert, and he or she is angry and hurt because he wants more for himself.
The envious person is usually an extrovert, and he or she is also hurt and upset, but this type of person wants to hurt the person who is a success. He or she wants revenge.
Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins in church tradition: 1. Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust.
Because of the very unfair nature of envy; Christians are far more likely to see in themselves and confess any of the other deadly sins than they would envy.
The pagan leader Pilate had more mercy on The Lord Jesus than the religious leaders of his day. (Mark 15:6-14) “For he (Pilate) knew that the chief priests had delivered Him (Jesus Christ) for envy.”
When Jesus was before Pilate; Pilate tried several times to release Jesus.
One of his attempts was to grant an old Roman provision, that would allow a prisoner to be released at the Passover.
However, envy prevailed, and Jesus Christ was crucified even though He was totally free from all sin and evil doing.
There is no logic involved in envy. It is a demon spirit, and it will try and destroy its target, but in the final analysis; it will eventually destroy the envious person unless the person can overcome this sin. I have seen the death and destruction of many very envious people in my lifetime.
Envy was what caused Cain to kill Abel, Joseph’s brothers to try and get rid of him, Daniel’s accusers were spurned on to try and destroy him by envy, King Saul was envious of David and tried to kill him countless times.
If the spirit of envy comes upon a person; it needs to be checked quickly, so that it does not take root. In the cases where envy was allowed to grow unchecked; murder or attempted murder resulted.
The Bible asks us, “Who can stand against envy?” Proverbs 27:4, “Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?”
The answer is only God because envy is also an evil spirit that finds fertile soil in the sanctified flesh.
Envy does not make any sense in the logical mind because it is an allusion and not a reality. It is demonic.
It operates in people who have insecurities and inferiority feelings. It is based on our feelings, emotions and unresolved defenses.
Our feelings are very unreliable and unstable, and so we must take authority over our feelings. A person that cannot control their own emotions will have more issues than Kleenex tissues.
Many Christians allow their emotions to dictate their actions to their own detriment and this also causes damage to others without repentance. When the evil spirit of jealousy comes upon a Christian; it must immediately be rebuked, renounced and a prayer for repentance must follow.
Unless we realize that envy is a sin; we will not repent, and this sin will grow stronger in our lives. I believe many crimes are initiated through the sin of envy which is then carried out to its culmination which is to destroy the person that is envied.
Envy is based on the often times erroneous idea that some other person has more than we have or life is better for them, etc.

It also involves the thought that the person does not deserve to be so blessed like Joseph, Abel, etc.
This type of thinking leads to unrighteous judgment, broken relationships, and many horrible consequences.
The very religious leaders were envious of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not even have a place to lay His head, but these leaders were influenced by demonic spirits that wanted to use them to have The Lord crucified.
These religious leaders were used as the dupes of satan. However, as always with the lies of satan; it back fired on satan, because satan did know realize that he was killing the Lord of glory that was dying for the sins of all mankind. If satan had known what he was doing; The Bible says that he would never have Jesus Christ killed.
Envy is also involved among countries. America has always been considered a great nation, and because of that; America is being targeted by many who want to destroy, demoralize and render America powerless and ineffective. It was spoken by a Russian leader that America would be destroyed without firing one bullet because it would be taken over from within. This is happening today.
However, the church is going to rise up and take its place in America, UK and throughout the world. The church “will” be purified, and it will become the pure and holy bride of Christ.
The Church is going to become “One” as Jesus Christ, and God The Father are one, and so all of these sins of the flesh and spiritual sins will need to be eradicated and overcome by The Lord. We need to submit unto The Lord, resist The devil , and he will have to flee from us.
If you are the Christian that is being attacked due to envy, then The Lord Jesus Christ will take care of you, and He will work it all together for your good. He will bring you through it all victoriously.
Fret not about it, do not be anxious about it, but with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving; make your requests known onto God, and He will give you His supernatural peace.
Pray for those who have fallen into this insidious type of sin because they do not realize that it will end up destroying them if they do not repent.
Let’s get rid of all envying in the church. It does not have a place in the Body of Christ, and it will never be found in the beautiful, pure bride that Jesus Christ is coming back to wed.
We are all loved equally, as God is no respecter of persons. The enemy that tells you another person is more favored by God than you are is a liar of the highest order.
Satan uses envy to try and destroy the envied person, and also to use the envious person until that person is destroyed by satan in the end. If you feel envy coming upon you; get rid of it by renouncing it, and ask The Lord Jesus to deliver you from it.
Ask The Lord to give you love, kindness and forgiveness toward the person that is envied so that hatred and a desire to hurt the person is stopped before it starts. Envy will destroy the person that allows this demon to live and manifest in his or her own mind, heart and soul.
Trust God; He loves you more than you can even imagine, and He would have died just for you. We never need to envy anyone because God’s love is shed abroad for everyone that loves Him, obeys Him and fears Him. He has no shortage of love and care to give to “ALL” of His children.
You never need to compare yourself with any other Christian because you are so very special to Him, and that is all that really matters in this life. He has prepared a glorious place for you in your future. God individualizes, and each one of us is so unique and wonderful to Him. We never need to compete or compare ourselves with each other.. Each one of us is more than a conqueror to almighty God.
He has each one of us engraved on His hand, and He cares even for a sparrow, and so how much more does He care and love each one of His beloved children? Trust in God’s love for you, and you will not be able to entertain an evil spirit of envy.
My Prayer for You:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for Your wonderful love and care for all of Your precious and beloved people.
Please deliver Your people and all people from the very insidious sin of envy. Let it not be named among any of Your people in Your church. May the spirit of envy and jealousy be
removed from Your Body, and may we have Your love one for another.
You are going to build Your last day church, and the gates of hell will no longer be able to stand against it because we will all be filled with Your love, Your care for one another and we will be in total unity as You, Lord Jesus and Your Father God. Thank You, Father, come Holy Spirit and fill us all, and we ask all these things in The all powerful Name of Jesus Christ and for His glory. Amen, amen and amen.
Peggy Kannaday, B.A., M.Ed., has been the Managing Editor for “Church Growth International” which is The Englist Outreach of The Yoido Full Gospel Church which has an 800,000 membership and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
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Pray for What You Don’t See

Pray for What You Don’t See
Peggy Kannaday

The average time that is spent praying in our churches is infinitesimal in comparison to the other activities. Even when a church reserves a special time for prayer; it is usually used for praying for the church, its ministries, and the congregation.
This is very good, but this type of prayer is just the beginning. We need to forge ahead to pray for all people all over the world, and especially for those who have no one to pray for them.
The Bible tells us to pray for all people and to pray for our leaders. Joel 2 tells us to cry out to God to “Save Thy People, Oh Lord”. If The Christians aren’t praying for all people and all circumstances, then who will pray?
Today, I believe it is because of the lack of prayer in our churches that human suffering, and crimes against humanity are proliferating all over the world. The crimes of human trafficking, gang stalking, porn production/distribution, pedophile rings, snuff films, drug trafficking, abortion, child abuse and human/animal sacrifices are growing out-of-control.
Why? I believe it is because the church is not praying for these victims and perpetrators simply because they are not aware of the horror going on all around them. Many of these crimes are going on in homes, buildings, and secluded areas in our own cities, but they are all “covert” crimes. We, Christians cannot see these crimes.
In short, these crimes which are the worst of all crimes are all done in secret. Great attention and expense is given to keep these most evil crimes completely hidden from the public view.
I know because I have been gang stalked now for 7 years right in the middle of a
neighborhood that is supposed to be a “Christian-oriented” area. Gang stalking is a form of persecution and harassment that is continuous 24/7 against the targeted individual.
The perpetrators, will try and cause you to have an accident if you drive on the road, and they come into your home while you are out, and they put blood, urine and feces in your home so that you will not want to go out.
You have your name slandered, and so no person wants to befriend you because of the gossip that they have heard. The pastors are also wary of you because of what they have heard.
You are being harassed at home day and night with loud noises, remotes through the walls that cut off your TV and PC, hacking, wiretapping and all types of vandalism, thief and trespassing.
They killed my little dog at Halloween in 2006, and so you cannot have a pet, and they also kill the wild birds that come to my feeder. They destroy and deface your property, but it is all done covertly. If you video their crimes, then they destroy that portion of your video.
The crimes of gang stalking and all of the other covert/secret crimes are all described and documented on the Internet, and yet the church ignores all of these tortured people in their prayers.
I believe that The Lord has allowed me to be gang stalked so that I can give a call for
prayer for those suffering under all of these covert crimes. Like Job in the Bible, the perpetrators have tried to kill me, but I am still alive by the grace of God.
I would never have known about or researched these covert crimes; if I had not experienced it for myself because I have always lived a very sheltered life until I moved to Regent Park.
God allows what will work for our good and the good of all people, especially the innocent ones.
The church has been given all authority over evil, but we are not using it. These crimes will not just go away through legislation; but they will be stopped when the hearts of evil men and women turns to almighty God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
These covert crimes are different from the ordinary rape, murder and molestation done by individuals acting alone. Why? Because evil people are making millions and billions of dollars off of the suffering of these innocent people.
These racketeers have infiltrated almost every community in America and most countries. They have learned that as long as good people do nothing; they can thrive.
The only people that have the real power are those who have made Jesus Christ their Savior and Lord. They have been given all authority over Satan, and nothing will hurt them, but we must not rejoice in that, but that our names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life.
Prayer is the greatest thing that Satan attacks in the church. Why? Because a few Christians praying in love, unity and according to the will and Word of God can transform not only their own areas, but the whole world.
The Lord Jesus said that His Father’s House shall be called a House of Prayer for all people, but we have made it a den of thieves. Yes, that is true today as well as when Jesus spoke those words.
Today, many churches have become a little more than clubs and businesses. They have forgotten their main purpose which is to grow up into the image of Jesus Christ, and to become intercessors for not only their own people but for all people of the world.
A small church came together to pray about a serial killer who had not been caught in decades, and within one month; the man was incarcerated and prosecuted.
I was a missionary in Korea for 13 years, and during that time; the people of God always turned to God through prayer over every situation.
In their Congressional election; the wrong person was about to be put into power. However, the Korean Christians prayed together in the city hall area.
What happened? The weather in the district of the wrong candidate’s main supporters was horrible on the election day, but it was bright and beautiful in the district of the preferred Christian candidate’s supporters.
The best man won due to the intervention and intercession of the Christians. If only the Christians in other countries understood their great power through agreeing and prayers according to the will of God.

Matthew 18:19, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. 20For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
Joel 2:
Our lovely Lord is calling out to all of His people today to: Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm, let all the people tremble because the day of The Lord is coming, and it is nigh at hand.
What does it all mean? It means that according to Joel 2:2-11, many very frightening things will be coming upon the earth. Unprecedented things will be coming.
The earth will quake and everything will be shaken, and only what is of the Lord will remain standing.
The Lord implores all people to turn to Him before the Day of The Lord, and before it is too late. He tells us to relent, repent, turn to Him and rend our hearts, and He says for His people to hold a fast and a solemn assembly.
God tells us to fear not and to rejoice and be glad. Why? Because He is going to bring the former and latter rains, and all the vats and floors will be full.
He requires the pastors and ministers to cry out to Him and to pray for Him to spare the people. Then the Lord said that He will take pity on the people, and He will send corn, oil and wine to bless them.
Our God will remove the northern army from out midst, and He will destroy them. He will then restore all that the locust, caterpillars, canker worm and Palmer worm have eaten, and he will never allow His people to be ashamed again.
After that He will pour out His spirit upon all flesh, and there will be great prophesying s, dreams, visions and great wonders in the heavens and earth.
The Lord will save all those that call upon His Name! What a wonderful day that will be.
Joel 2:31, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.”
32And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem whom the LORD shall shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant call.

People of God, please call solemn assemblies in your homes, your businesses, your churches to pray for God to spare the people and to deliver those who are being victimized and the perpetrators who are making money off of the pain and suffering of countless, innocent people and children.
My Prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Prayer is the greatest thing that we can do for any person, and You said that what we do unto the least of these; we are doing it unto You. Help us to pray for those being used, abused, tortured, killed, persecuted and destroyed.
We pray that You will expose all of the evil deeds of darkness going on both covertly and in the open, so that the eyes of the good people will be opened to their needs.
We pray that all of the works of Satan will be destroyed in our area, our country and all over the world. We pray that You will raise up a mighty standard of intercessors, worshipers and prayer warriors to pray for all of the people, especially those who cannot pray for themselves and who have been targeted for evil.
Father, please bring to our minds the needs of those who are being tortured in isolation and those who are being harassed in their own homes, communities and they feel helpless and alone.
Please comfort them, and deliver from them from all harm and evil, and please bring their persecutors to repentance so that justice can be served in the end.
Please bring everything that is going on around our area to come to our attention so that we can pray more effectively, and please give us Your Spirit of prayer, intercession, revelation, and the gift and fruit of faith from You.
Please cause Your people to rise up against Satan’s empire of evil which has infiltrated out neighborhoods, our area, our countries and the world. Please give all of us the spirits of Joshua, Caleb, Josiah, Jehu, and Elijah to confront the evil Jezebel and spirits of greed, sadism, envy, and all spirits that are bound in heaven.
Please pour out Your Spirit and move mightily to bring love, joy, peace, faith, hope, kindness, and total liberty for all of the captives, both the victims and the perpetrators.
Please Father, draw all of us together in love, unity and prayer to take back our homes, our areas, our countries and the world for Your Kingdom, power, honor and for Your glory.
We ask everything in the Name which is above every name in heaven and earth, the Name of Jesus Christ, The coming King of kings and Lord of lords.
Amen, amen and amen.

Peggy Kannaday, BA, M.Ed., served as a missionary in Korea for thirteen years, and she is now still the Managing Editor for “Church Growth International” which is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
Contact: Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill, SC, 29715, 803 547-2164,,,
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