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Oh, The Awesome Grace of God!

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The Communication's Building

The Communication’s Building

President and Chairman of The Board for "Church Growth International" and Sr. Pastor Emeritus of The Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea.

President and Chairman of The Board for “Church Growth International” and Sr. Pastor Emeritus of The Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

The Awesome Grace of God!
Peggy Kannaday

I was listening to an Internet Christian radio show, and the host and hostess were telling about how five witches had called them on the phone,  and they had turned themselves and their lives over to The Lordship of Jesus Christ.
One of the witches explained how she had been raised as a Christian, and then later she turned against her heritage, and was attracted to the occult.  She practiced wicca,
reikki, and other demonic activities.
One day, she happened to listen to a tape that was not of the same genre because she had no joy in the witchcraft, and she kept hearing the phrase, “You are being deceived”.  She prayed about it, and she realized how far she had fallen away from the way that she had been raised.
She realized that the occult realm was not working for her because she had no peace in her heart, and she could not even sleep at night.  
She later learned through Christians that she had fallen for the lies of satanic powers, and she thought she was helping herself by doing her rituals, etc.  She had believed that by working these spirits and powers; she was enhancing her prosperity, her prospects and her life.  
She came to understand that all of the so-called white witchcraft was a trap, and a delusion.  She started going to church, and found the love of God there from the pastors, and she dedicated her life to Jesus Christ.
If a person does not find the love of Jesus Christ in a church; they should pray and find a church that demonstrates the fruit of The Holy Spirit in the leaders.  Many leaders have burned out, and they have become like businessmen and women.  Since they have lost their first love of Christ; they have grown cold toward God’s beloved children.
Witches, and other occult practitioners who are entering into the church; please pray and look for a place where you can be cared for, where Jesus Christ is lilted up, where the Word of God is esteemed and taught as it is, and where you can grow up in the image of The Lord Jesus Christ.
This morning when I was sharing with my prayer partner about the witches that were coming to The Lord Jesus; suddenly, I realized the dichotomy between how our God treated the witches in the Old Testament and how He pours out His grace upon them in the New Testament and in the present time.
Please read Exodus 22 to learn about the property and social responsibilities that were required in the Old Testament times.  Witches were an abomination to almighty God, and they were stoned to death.  
Why?  Because out of God’s love; he did not want human beings to be defiled through their witchcraft practices, and so by destroying the witches; it put an end to much horrible evil which would come from their curses, hexes, rituals, sacrifices, etc.  
He was attempting to protect the innocent people.
God commanded His people in earlier times to destroy the witches as soon as they were exposed.  He had good reason for it as I have learned myself over the last years.

Ex. 22:18,” Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

Our God knew how alluring witchcraft was to the innocent, and He hates the horrible fruit of satanic and demonic rituals and ungodly attacks on the innocent blood.  Witches are required to use “innocent” blood in their sacrifices and rituals.
God hated the activities of witches and occult because of His love for the all people. Today, we have millions of the unborn, children and innocent adults being used in rituals and for sacrifices unto their god of Satan.
Why is this allowed to go on unchecked?  I know that there have been estimated to be two million worshipers of satan in the USA today.  That is probably a conservative calculation.
When I first moved to my current area of residence, I was told I was told by a witch who was posing as a Christian that in the 1970’s,  there were some 10 covens in my proximity, and due to the infiltration in this area; I could imagine that there would be some 30-50 or more covens in this area due to the way people are dying of all types of disease, and animals and children are disappearing, etc.
When the moral character of a neighborhood or area goes down for no apparent reason; it would be related to witchcraft covens praying against the people, the Christians, the Churches, and praying for all immoral and illicit  activities to grow and become rampant.
In my area alone; there seem to be pedophile rings, gang stalking rings, porn production broadcast areas, and every type of immoral and illegal racket used to make money, and also used to defile the property, the people and the whole area.
I suddenly realized, “Oh, the grace of God” as He was allowing all of these witches, cults, secret society members and occult practitioners to freely go to the cross of Jesus Christ and find the grace and forgiveness that they need to be saved.
However, I also understood that these people who had been stoned and not allowed to live in The Old Testament were not cognizant of the great grace that they had been granted by our Lord and our God through the cross of Jesus Christ.
I was so amazed at their lack of clarity of thought, and then I remembered my own mind prior to coming to know The Lord Jesus Christ on August 31st, 1972.
I remembered how my family had bought  a beautiful  home that had been used previously by spiritualists when I was a small child.  My family did not understand the occult at all even though they were Christians.
I remember how I came under a tremendous attack to my life, my mind and thinking processes during my school years.  However, none of my friends and family members knew or understood what I was going through.
I believed in The Lord and wrote poems unto the Lord all the time, and I loved the Lord, and I loved God with all of my heart, but I was not born again as I was not able to know how to bind and ward off the demons that were attacking me with migraine headaches confusion every single day.
I was plagued with thoughts of suicide, and I had a lot of trouble in school, particularly with mathematics of all types.  I later got married too early, was later raped by a psychopath, and so after that period of time; I was 29 years old; I thought my life was over for many reasons.
I felt like a complete failure in life, and I did not want to go anywhere, and I felt so alone when I went to church where there were so many seemingly happy families.
I was able to work full time, but I had lost all confidence in the world system, and I realized that there was no help in looking to any type of manmade institution because there was so much corruption in the world.
All the hopes and dreams that I had when I was younger were demolished after I was raped and had to go through a lengthy capital trial as the victim.  I learned everything about the system, and what I thought was good; turned out to be very unjust.
One Sunday, I was visiting my home during this very difficult period of time, and my mother said that I should go to church  I just said, “no, because it made me even sadder”.  Then, she said the very key words, she said to me, “Do it for your daughter”.
That was August 31st, 1972, and I went to the  little Christian Church around the corner.  
I remember the sermon spoke about how we had to doubt something that was a known truth in order to really believe it with all of our hearts.  The Pastor told about how for many centuries, people thought the tomato was poisonous and so no one ate tomatoes.
However, one day, a person doubted this seeming fact, and he took a bite of a tomato, and needless to say; it was good, and what would we do without it today?
The point I received from this anointed message was that I had a little doubt about Jesus Christ, and I felt guilty because of it.  This guilt was a hindrance to really turning my life over to Him.
God was so gracious to me, and He let me know that it was okay that I had a little doubt, because that made my faith stronger.  
I remember that I was up in the front of the church after that sermon, and I was weeping and weeping.  I do not remember walking to the front, as I believe tha,t I was carried.
As I stood there in the front of the church weeping and weeping, huge weights were being lifted from my back, my life and my mind.  I was literally being cleansed and purified supernaturally by the Lord Jesus Christ as I was repenting of my sins, and I was filled with such tremendous love, joy and peace.
The Lord spoke two things to me there.  The first was that every Word in the Bilble was
true, and the second was that I would never die.
I was floating after that for eight years, and the Bible came alive to me and the words leaped off of the pages and literally exploded into my brain.
All of my learning problems related to understanding mathematics and other subjects were gone.  In fact, The Lord led me into the field of working with those who had learning disabilities and other disorders, and into the area of counseling.
I graduated with an M.Ed. in 1981, with a 3.82 GPA.
Since that momentous day, the Lord has used me in another area, and I have been The Managing Editor for “Church Growth International” for 22 years this Nov. 2013.  I worked as a Missionary overseas in Seoul, Korea for 12 years before moving to Fort Mill, SC.
My walk with the Lord has been glorious, but at the same time; I have come under much persecution through being gang stalked for 8 years.
The gang stalking has given me much understanding of the an underground world that I never knew existed previously.  Through 8 years of being gang stalked and 8 years of researching the occult realm; I have learned that Jesus Christ and other saints were also gang stalked horribly.  
The stalkers followed Jesus Christ around wherever He went to try and destroy him and His testimony.  Finally, they had Him killed, but of course that was part of God’s glorious plan of redemption for all mankind.
When Jesus said, “It is finished’ ; that statement brought the total victory for those who accept the sacrifice of the body and blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I understand that all of these perpetrators, gang stalkers, pedophiles, porn producers, killers of the unborn and all those who have decided to join up with the anti-Christ system have been given the most wonderful offer of grace that was not available to the witches and pagans in the Old Testament.
As long as a human being has breath; there is a window of opportunity to turn to almighty God through our Lord Jesus Christ and find grace, forgiveness and salvation.
My prayer is that all who are involved in the occult and anti-Christ system will turn to our most gracious Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late.
May our gracious Lord have mercy on all those in darkness. Amen and amen.