Give thanks to The Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to man.

Give thanks to The Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to man.

Dear Friends,
The gang stalkers, the handlers, the perpetrators, and those who pretend to be targeted individuals have a real money making racket going on, and then they blame their illegal activities on the Federal, state and local Government officials.
I am not a fan of an over-sized Government, but the claims of the GANG STALKERS that The Government is responsible for what a group of Russian mafia types, gang stalkers, and thugs are doing in our neighborhoods is insane and ludicrous.
When I moved to Fort Mill, SC in 2005; a man took my photo while I was walking out of the library. The regular Method of the gang stalking rackets is to make a false report on their target or victim, and then they take this erroneous “report” to everyone in the target’s sphere of influence, and they tell everyone that their criminals activities against the target are authorized by The Government. This is a total lie.
It is being done by people who are criminals, and who are outsourced by the elite or those in power who are actually put of a rogue element in our society. Everything that these criminal gang stalkers do along with their handlers is kept very secret and this lucrative racket is totally covert in its operation.
Everything these criminals do is camouflaged, and hidden from the public’s understanding, and it is all blamed on The “Government”, but most of the Government Officials in my state are not aware of these crimes against innocent citizens in their states.
I live in Regent Park/Glen Ridge in Fort Mill Township, SC, and I have been continuously gang stalked since 2005. The perpetrators live all around my home now, and so they can readily trespass on my property, and by the time the Sheriff’s office personnel arrives; the perpetrators are hidden in their homes.
They cruelly killed my dog at Halloween in 2006, and then they tortured my friend’s dog this year, 2010. They use all types of covert harassment tactics which are the same as other thiid for by Christians, but now it seems to be used as a “front”, and a racketeering haven for every type of covered up criminal activity.
All of the subversive activities are whitewashed and camouflaged. The perpetrators spare no expense in their cover ups.
It is a shame that true Christians were not able to acquire this property which was originally dedicated to the Lord and His work. My prayer is that all of these illegal activities will be exposed, and all of these perpetrators will be prosecuted for all of the damage they have done to innocent people.
Please pray that the corruption in Regent Park/Glen Ridge will all become public knowledge so that this property will be used as it was intended to be used as a Christian community. Please pray that godly men and women will be able to acquire this property, and they will be good stewards of this lovely and valuable area.
It is now being used for ungodly and very evil, self-serving gain for a few, elect people who have no business being here in this area. They pretend to be Christian leaders, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
It is so sad to see many very innocent people being duped, deceived and led to the slaughter by these so-called “Christians”. These people also use demonic spirits to enforce and seduce their targets, victims, and their cohorts as they are involved in rituals, witchcraft and sorcery to control and manipulate the people (especially the young people).
My prayer for Regent Park:
Dear Father,
We pray that the Regent Park property which was where the old Heritage USA was located will become everything that You would have it to be. We pray that godly men and women will be sent to take back this property for the Kingdom of God.
Please bring in those with the spirit of Elijah and Jehu to push back and down the spirit of Jezebel here.
Please raise up mighty prayer warriors who will occupy this territory until the Lord Jesus Christ comes back.
We pray that this territory will become a real Christian community as was prophesied.
Please expose all of the evil deeds of darkness going on here, and please destroy all of the works of Satan in this place in Jesus Christ’s almighty Name and by The blood of The Lamb.
Thank You, Father, Thank You Lord Jesus and please come Holy Spirit to Regent Park, and have Your way. Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done here, even as it is in heaven.
Please destroy the heresies being sent out from this place that are going all over the world. Please bind those doctrines of demons and cancel out all of the schemes of Satan concerning this property.
When the enemy comes in like a flood; the Lord will raise up a mighty standard against Him. Thank You, Father; we pray that this place will be a place where You will be truly worshiped in spirit and in truth.
We pray that this will be a place where the Lord Jesus Christ will be lifted up, and He will draw all men, women and children to Himself. May This property be used 100% for Thy Kingdom, honor and glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen and amen.

Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday
Managing Edtor
“Church Growth International”

Regent Park/Glen Ridge
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715


  1. I too had my picture taken by some wonen about 6 months ago, and two weeks ago my stalkers kicked up again. this is the second time. last time it lasted a year. I caught them gathering at my locak seventh day adventists church. after I caught them it stopped untill recently. ive shook them many different ways, you can too, get creative as thats what they are. good luck in battle.

    • Dear Friend,
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
      Psalm 37 is for you.
      May the Lord be with you, protect you, and bless you.

  2. I have been a remote neural victim over 25 yrs, and believe these people doing this are paid by a infraguard or neighborhood watch type group. I have noticed my x jewish satanic type neighbor having flags on car and home and groups of people on weekends at their house and I recognize his voice in the air with this frey type of device.

    • Dear Friend,
      May The Lord bless you and heal you after so many years of torture.
      The Lord can heal you completely as He does for me.
      Yes, in my neighborhood, the ring leaders fly “American” flags in front of
      their townhouses, but believe me; these flags are just more of their deception.
      They are “not” patriots by any stretch of the imagination. They are traitors
      to everything that America used to stand for, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of
      These gang stalkers are enemies of our country, our people and our freedom.
      Everything that they dos is to trick, deceive and destroy what is good and decent.
      It is an honor to be attacked by these criminals because they choose the very best people to
      try and destroy because they are losers and they hate those who have lived a good life.
      May God bring them to justice and to repentance.
      Dear Father,
      Please bring justice for all of the targeted individuals that are being attacked by the lowest
      form of humanity in our neighborhoods. These are the pedophiles, porn producers, thieves,
      drug traffickers, human traffickers, and those involved in the gang stalking rings in our communities.
      Thank You Father, for exposing them, and for bringing them to prosecution and for bringing restitution
      for all of their targeted individuals.
      Thank You for protecting us, healing us and delivering us from this evil in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen.

  3. I too (as you know) am a targeted individual, after filing a lawsuit. I’ve seen ‘all of them’ participate in this inquisition, realizing the golden age had begun heading us into tribulations. I’m adamant, we that some locals used/mind-controlled into gang stalking us (via their vehicles/pointing cellphones) are possible wheats mixed-in with those urging them on (the real tares). Just as some TIs are tares mixed-in with those whom realize this is about the parable of Christ on wheats and tares at the beginning of trib, the golden age, when the false anti-christ system is in-place (See Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer UNDERSTANDING SATAN’S PLAN, PROGRAM OF SATAN FALSE ANTI-CHRIST FOR THE REAL ANTI-CHRIST–Betrayal Intel Ops Informants Persecuting God’s people
    To Counterfeit the Second Coming of Christ & the Restoration of All Things) showing itself to the public/churches included by 2001-2004. This false antichrist system starts is for the real antichrist. Ref:

    Great topic Margaret. We TIs should discern this more now, for others to find.

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