The Nature of The Beast

The church will be one, as the Lord and the Father are one.

The church will be one, as the Lord and the Father are one.

The Nature of The Beast
Peggy Kannaday
For the last eight years; I have experienced such strange, unusual and evil happenings that I no longer talk about it to anyone. I have learned through bitter experiences that when I mention a neph hybrid (NH) or what they are doing in my area along with their coven members; I am met with either disbelief, fear or accusing words similar to Job’s friends who blamed him for what Satan was doing in his life.
The NH’s are exactly like their father, Satan, The Devil, Lucifer, and they all work very hard in behalf of the antil-Christ system that The Lord Jesus Christ warned us about over and over again.
Most Christians are not familiar with the term of nephilim hybrid because they are not being taught about how it was back in the days of Noah. It was because of the nephilim hybrids horrible evil that our God had to destroy the world with the flood.
Jesus said that before He came back; the world would again be like the days of Noah. However, very few Christians seem to be cognizant of this important fact.
The Lord told Joshua and Caleb to destroy all of these hybrids when they were conquering the Promised Land. God was trying to stop these creatures so they could not corrupt any more innocent people.
The Lord bless those faithful men who are putting out this information on The Internet.
I do not know why I have been targeted in my area, but it could be because I work for a very large and influential church. However, I am of no special importance because I do not have any platform at all. I simply work alone, and at my home.
I have worked for Dr. Yonggi Cho for the last 22 years, and he is known for starting the world’s largest church in Seoul, Korea in an humble Marine tent in 1958 with just 5 members including himself.
I often wonder why other Christians are living very peaceful lives, and they seem to be so content when all around them are those who are attempting to destroy them, their Christian heritage and their Biblical way of life.
The NH that has been assigned to me looks like a normal man, and he can be very charming when he is in his deceiving mode. It seems that he is programmed to believe that he can just come in and take over wherever he is assigned by this handlers.
I believe they keep their victims very isolated from each other, and very isolated from any source of assistance. The NH that is stalking me daily is now in hiding in my building, as he knows that I am totally on to him and his activities, etc.
If you have ever been targeted in this manner you will understand how disconcerting it is to be the only one suffering the persecution in your area.
The powers that be; spread lies about me that I am old, crazy and paranoid. It would, of course seem that way since the other neighbors seem to be in league with the perpetrators, and they are not under any attack at all.
If you are not in favor of the anti-Christ system’s agenda, then you subject to be persecuted in Regent Park/Glen Ridge, Fort Mill, SC. You must bow to them or continue to be persecuted 24/7. Many and various gangs and rings are operating in this area with seeming impunity because all of these rackets are very carefully camouflaged and hidden from all public view.
There are fronts, but the average, good American citizen seems to be clueless about what is going on in their own neighborhoods and communities.
I was a missionary overseas, and I never had any idea about what was going on in my own country until I was targeted. Only since that time, have I become aware of the attempt to demoralize, defile and destroy the freedoms and the soul of The USA.
This is a spiritual battle, and only The Christians have the proper ammunition and power through Jesus Christ, and through the power of united prayer and worship.
What is so amazing to me is that my area is supposed to be a Christian area, and yet not one Christian in this area has offered to befriend me, help me or even to offer any help to me when I have told them of my harassment’s.
I would like to have a kind and sympathetic friend, but the Lord Jesus Christ is The Friend Who sticketh closer than a brother. He is all we need to triumph in this evil age, and to overcome all that the enemy throws at us.
I have learned many things since being targeted. They target the most Christian areas, and people. They target any person that they consider a threat to their own agenda in any way. I believe that their theory is that if they can destroy those who are most devout; then they can deceive and destroy many others very easily.
The seem to be well paid with the bonus of a new vehicle, etc. They are mercenaries without any moral compass whatsoever.
The NH’s are totally ego centric. They came into my home and killed my dogs, and have stolen most of my most precious possessions and defile my property with the idea that they are impervious to punishment. They wire tap, hack and do illegal surveillance, as if it was their right, and as if they had the authority to do it, but they do not. Everything these perpetrators do is totally illegal, immoral and evil.
Everything these creatures say is an untruth, a deception and usually it is the opposite of the truth. Everything they do is to do the works of Satan: to kill, steal, lie, trick, and to destroy. They seem to be afraid of me, but yet they seem to think that they can take over my home and my property with impunity.
These creatures represent the nature of the Beast that the Bible describes. They know that they cannot destroy Christianity, as that has been tried many times to no avail.
However, the system is now trying to blend all the religions together into one religion. They know that a true Christian could never compromise their beliefs, and so they are trying to either kill them outright, destroy their good reputations or they want to destroy their works and ministries.
They know that is the only way that they can stop The Gospel message of Jesus Christ. However, we know all of their attempts will fail ultimately.
I know that my Lord Jesus Christ has protected me supernaturally on countless occasions, and He heals all of the curses, diseases, and attempts to destroy me and the work that I do each day.
The message that I want to end with is that after eight long years; I am alive and well on planet earth. You also do not have to fear these creatures.
They can only harm you if you let them frighten you, anger you, or cause you to sin against God’s commandments.
They cannot harm you personally if you are walking very closely to The Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that; they then go after those who are close to you, and try to get them to turn on you or to harm them or whatever they can do to cause discord.
Please pray for all of the innocent blood that is used in their rituals: the unborn babies, the babies, the children, the innocent adults and the animals and even the plants, etc.
However, in the case of the Biblical man Job; his belongings were destroyed, and other things happened to him, but his life was spared, and he was blessed in the end of his life greatly because of his steadfast love and devotion to The Lord.
I believe that there are many NH’s planted in most churches, businesses, agencies of every kind and in every area of our society. You can learn to identify them, and the Christians can start to target them and watch what they are doing.
The are the psychopathic killers, they are the pedophiles, they are those who have a very arrogant and aggressive, control spirit. They pretend to be VIP’s., but they should never, ever be allowed to have a position of authority of any kind or size.
Please know that if you have one of these creatures in your life; the only One who can help you is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The help of man is vain, and in this case; most of the human beings are very ignorant of the occult nature of these Satanic beings.
The NH’s are a portal from which Satan can operate individually against almighty God and His anointed. God laughs at these efforts as in psalm 2, but Satan knows that his time is very short, and so he is still trying to do as much damage as he can before it is too late for him.
Turn to Jesus Christ before it is too late, and He will take care of you. Satan and his dupes are leading many to their slaughter, and it is sad to see.
Only almighty God can be your defense and your rearguard. Trust in Him, and pray that all of the evil deeds of darkness will be exposed and all the works of Satan will be destroyed.

13 thoughts on “The Nature of The Beast

  1. You are not alone sister, in many things you have said. I have been helping a girl that is experiencing the same things. People will always say we are crazy .. but this has happened before and our brothers and sisters are not aware of it cause they refuse to get into the meat of the scriptures. I am finding more and more are becoming disconnected. We need to always use our Authority and cast these entities into the desert bound, chained till judgement day. If we do not bind and chain them they can come back x7. I have seen this as the enemy tries to get to me through my husband and his alcoholism and anger. Only the remnant will stand against this and we are here to fulfill the will and purpose of the Father. I love you sister and will always keep you in my prayers.. Praise our King .. He is always with us! He is ALL we need!

    • Dear Barbe,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and for your advice.
      Especially, thank you for your prayers.
      Thank you also for confirming what I am trying to say in your comment.
      If only more people were like you; this evil could be stopped through exposure,
      prayer and doing the right things in our daily lives.
      I pray for you as well dear sister that the Lord will restore everything to you and in abundance.
      Much love and the lord bless you in a mighty way.
      You are a strong woman of God.
      Peggy Kannaday
      Fort Mill, SC

      • This is my calling Sister.. This is what the LORD has been preparing me for .. for the last 10 years.. He has gifted me with teaching skills and speaks to me even in my writing this to you. We have to take a Stand in His Mighty Majestic and Holy Name! Thank you I will do my best to help you get this word of Truth out that has been stolen from many being deceived with riches, lust and revelry. Time is not on our side any more .. it is growing very short. Even at the door! Blessings!

  2. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    We are all here for a purpose. That purpose is to be obedient and do the Will of the Father. What Peggy is telling us here is going on in this world of confusion and disconnection.. We are all subject to attack .. The kind of attacks she describes make her look crazy, but, she is not. There are many experiencing this but will not talk about it and even let it overcome them, especially those that do not have a foundational belief and know their Authority Yeshua gave us when He took our sin on Himself and was crucified on the cross FOR US!!! Please read my blogs and the information about Spiritual Warfare prayers. This information is vital if we are to come together and be able to defeat the darkness in this world. Keep praying that you are accounted worthy to escape what is coming and what is already here in the Spiritual realm that have been summoned by the many rituals performed to let these things in through gateways and portals. We have to fight this in the Spiritual in order for it to manifest in the physical. We are the Warriors that Yeshua chose! Are You WITH US!!!

  3. This is 100% a government-owned operation. How do I know? I have traveled extensively on business in the US and the hand signals, colors, caravan of cars, mobbing, is the same everywhere. This requires training folks.

    This operation also requires MASSIVE communication, organizational, and financial capabilities. And do you think criminal groups have gotten their hands on top secret non-lethal weapons? No way.

    This is all about social and political control under the guise of watching terrorists and criminals.

    Some people wonder, “why would people spend all this time and money to stalk and harass me?” The network is already in place and you were just added to the watch list. Common smokescreens are blaming religions, criminal gangs, insurance scammers, etc.

    Here are 3 websites that accurately describe what is taking place and by whom:

    Best of luck..

  4. Your reference to the nephalim is interesting and is consistent with how they behave. The ref in Genesis was clear that despite their “divine” connections they were evil and corrupted humanity.
    But even if true ( and I think you have a very credible theory) the fact is whoever or whatever these people are – there is no doubt that they are a criminal menace and are the enemies of the values that all in Western Christian democracies hold dear. The protection against the spiritual danger is by prayer. To add to my own prayers for protection for myself and those I love and those who love me I use the prayer site Prayonit and also pray for the defeat of my enemies.
    On the physical level targeted individuals ( see the site of that name) and other gang stalking try and give what advice they can. You might like Surviving each moment – tortured world hidden evil. I find Pssal ms 140 And 141 helpful

  5. I am under the same persecution!

    These are acquaintances and family, that have Electronically Harassed me. Either on their own, coerced to do so, or someone impersonating their likeness. And keep in mind that many of the Minnesota Officials have had knowledge of this and sponsor this STATE RUN CRIME SYNDICATE! The FBI Also has COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF THESE Spies. Terrorists. Hackers. Pedophiles. Mobsters. Gang leaders/stalkers and conspiring killers! If it looks familiar, it’s an outline of what the FBI Investigates! See more including every single service provider I utilize to sustain life listed and their crimes committed against me and my father who they MURDERED April 2013!~ My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism They call themselves Christian, many of the perps stalking me are PROFESSED CATHOLICS! Some give an impression of strict devout Catholics… PROFESSED AND IMPRESSION BEING THE OPERATIVE WORDS! Gang Stalkers behavior breaks nearly every single one of the 10 commandments! THINK ABOUT IT!
    ◾Kelly Biondich
    ◾Kent Biondich
    ◾John Atkins
    ◾Curt (Kurt) Leppa
    ◾One I’m unsure of (Sissy)
    ◾Francesca Biondich
    ◾Alice Maki,
    ◾Kim Brletich
    ◾Celeste Hoglund~Paris
    ◾Sandy Paris Chamernick
    ◾Marie Westlund
    ◾Judy Clark
    ◾Cliff Tobey
    ◾Jennifer Tobey
    ◾Leo Schaefbauer
    ◾Joe or Mark or both Joe has also assumed the FBI Agent role
    ◾Impostor FBI Agent Jimmy Scartozzi
    ◾Villery Koski (deceased since 1990)
    ◾My Dad, ABSOLUTELY UNWILLING! Also Targeted!
    ◾Dorothy Fishel Marks (deceased since 1993)
    ◾Arthur and Hilma Koski (both deceased)
    ◾Roy Koski (deceased since 2005)
    ◾Kathleen vulnerable adult incapable of partaking of her own will. ◾Charlotte Koski
    ◾Eugene Scartozzi
    ◾Ed Jonak a Federal Agent with the FBI(?)
    ◾Arlan Matheny ex-husband
    ◾Sarah Matheny
    ◾Jessica Matheny
    ◾Jim Monetti
    ◾Scott Broker ties to 1997 EH Harassment
    ◾Jim King ties to 1997 EH Harassment
    ◾Terry Erickson ties to 1997
    ◾Shelly Strouss ties to 1997
    ◾Kelly Perfetti
    ◾Gladys (Unknown) Staff Fairview Hospital Hibbing
    ◾Small children I know
    ◾Former Special Agent in Charge, Minneapolis Division FBI, Donald E. Oswald!
    ◾Steve Antley
    ◾Vicki Koschak
    ◾Jodi Oborn Perizzo passed away suddenly 01/31/14 Vacationing in Florida
    ◾Sandy Stoddard
    ◾Mike Houghton
    ◾Steve Marks
    ◾Several St Louis County Sheriff Deputies
    ◾Hibbing Police Department Electronic Surveillance Specialist (Hired late 2006, early 2007. When my online difficulties started!


    Read more about My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism in Rural Hibbing MN. here~

    • Dear Friend,
      Thank you for exposing these evil deeds of darkness. God sees it all and vengeance is His; He will repay.
      My prayer for you:
      I pray that The Lord will bring new health, a new beginning, restitution and justice for you. I can see that the Truth is coming out all over the country. When a person is being tortured 24/7 and there is a constant threat to their lives; what do we have to lose?
      Hold on to your hope and faith in God. He is moving in spite of these criminals, and He will bring justice, judgement to the perpetrators,
      and He will bring healing, restoration, redemption and deliverance to those who are the victims. He is a God of restoration.
      Praise The Lord because He is exposing all of these evil deeds and He is destroying all of their works, weapons, hiding places and gangs.
      The Lord bless you, and may He keep you in His loving arms today and always.
      In His love and for His glory,
      Peggy Kannaday
      Fort Mill, SC
      803 500 2167

      • I’ve been a victim of this for life. I didn’t realize until this year. I’ve been set up (along with other family members) to be in a false relationship…deceived and manipulated to go against religious beliefs for my own downfall. My family is under attack. My friends are against me. False crimes have been set/ framing occurred. Black helicopters
        overhead Dr./psychological visits. Horrible. I wish I knew more earlier. Please reply

      • Dear anonymous,
        I am so sorry for your problems, but it is good that you realize that they have been going on
        your whole life. Some people do not learn that this is a spiritual battle against those who are
        chosen by God. The enemy knows this, and so he is trying to stop this awesome process.
        You can write me if you care to at:
        May The good Lord heal and deliver you from all harm and evil in Jesus’ Name.
        Peggy Kannaday
        803 500 1267

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