Are You a Targeted Individual?

This video tells what is involved in gang stalking, and where this illegal activity originated. It is copied after several totalitarian regimes.
These gangs also steal your property, your mail, you finances, and they do many more things that cannot be mentioned in a video. These perpetrators use occult means in order to carry out their insidious attacks, and they are told that they are immune from prosecution.
These perpetrators are being deceived, and in the end; they will be slaughtered by the very authorities that they were working under. The Brown Shirts of Hitler’s regime are perfect examples of what will happen to people who choose to betray their fellow neighbors and good citizens in their country.
As the Word of God says, “Those that live by the sword; die by the sword”.

10 thoughts on “Are You a Targeted Individual?

  1. This is everything I’ve been writing about. I don’t agree with everything that was said in this video. The part where family is not involved is not true. They are. And it’s true, someone should be careful whenever the perps are around. Anyone who does what they do is mentally challenged, so targets should be very careful around them.

  2. Was so moved by your blog, I rededicated my life to Jesus, it made me cry how wicked these people are, and because so many of them operate under the rubric of religion, I cut myself off from any association with, gods people. Now I see that religion is just a tool they use to con people.

  3. Hello Peggy,

    You are correct in your analysis – it really comes down to good vs. evil. I live west of Charlotte, not too far from you, and this area is OVERRUN with gangstalkers. The people who are recruited for this work, are generally people without jobs, skills, education, critical thinking ability, or reverence for things such as liberty, the Constitution, God, etc.
    They believe anything they are told (or are just plain evil)!

    This I know. This whole phenomenon originates with our federal gov. Somebody was rewarded for reporting you as a suspicious person, you were added to the terrorist watch-list, and then classified as an extremist. There are, by various accounts, between 700,000 -1,000,000 Americans on the terrorist watch-list. Not everybody on the terrorist watch-list is gangstalked, but everybody who is being gangstalked is on the terrorist watch-list.

    These are counterintelligence subversion techniques being performed against suspected “enemies of the state.” But since real enemies don’t exist, they have to manufacture them.

    I know this because I have traveled on business in the US and the techniques, colors, etc are uniform across the country. No criminal group could have that kind of logistical, communication, or financial ability.It would quickly bankrupt any group.

    Even if somebody doubted the Feds were behind this, there is no way that an organization this large could exist without all the alphabet soup agencies knowing about it – including our friends, the NSA. So at the very least, they are complicit.

    Stay strong. It’s going to end, but not how most people think it will.


    • Dear Dave,
      I just received your comment. I also live West of Charlotte in Fort Mill, SC.
      You are right the people planted all around my townhouse do not seem to have a normal job. You are right on about the terrorist watch list.
      I was talking to a Christian recently, and he said he never thought he would live to see a Christian called a terrorist in this country.
      Yes, I believe many in the Federal Government are puppets of those who control the money, power, etc. At the same time; there are some good people in the Government who are doing the best they can.
      I like Nikki Haley, Gov. SC and Tim Scott, Sen. SC. Many of those in the Federal Government do not even know what gang stalking is, and if they did; they would be horrified that it could happen covertly in homes and buildings throughout the US. I, myself would have questioned such a thing if I had been told about it by an individual that I did not know very well. It is just too preposterous and insane. They want us to tell everyone we meet about it because it will make us look like we are a sandwich short.
      I didn’t know about it until it hit me like gang busters when I moved to Glen Ridge in Regent Park in 2005.
      Thanks for your great comment.
      The Lord bless you and yours,
      Peggy Kannaday

  4. Correct – it’s not everybody in government. There are many good people in government at all levels. As a matter of fact, I believe most in government have no idea this is occurring. This is the work of the Intelligence Agencies, their minions, and people in the communities who they are able to deceive.

    In reality, it can be anybody that receives intelligence/information about suspicious persons who are on watch-lists.

    This type of activity is not unprecedented in history (COINTELPRPO, Stasi, Gestapo). It’s just exploded since 9/11 with huge funding to “fight terrorism.”

    And yes, we need to be careful how we discuss this issue with others. Don’t tell people that you are being gangstalked or stalkers are following you around. Most people are not accustomed to think in those terms and they may think you are delusional or crazy. This is so far out of realm of what most people are able to understand, you need to choose your words very carefully. As shocking as this situation is, an overly emotional response will destroy your credibility.

    Think back to how this could have started and the events surrounding it. After you have a good idea of how this started, think about how you will present this to others. You may say something like, “A few years ago, during the Iraq War, I was very publicly opposed to the war and spoke out about it as much as possible. And I think I got myself into trouble over it. I’ve seen some indications that I have been labeled a dissident and put under surveillance.” If the listener is open to what you are saying, then you can go more in-depth. Again, refrain from getting emotional.

    Definitely tell people. But speak in terms that people are familiar with. Tell people that you have been unfairly reported as a suspicious person, placed on a watch-list, and are under surveillance.

    Remember the old adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

    PS. I live in Gaston County.

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