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  1. The insidious crime of Gang Stalking is also dangerous to the perpetrators. I had a friend who believed these criminal’s lies, and he did what the perpetrators ordered him to do, and then they killed him because they had something to use against him.
    Beware when a person or people come and accuse another person to you, and please check up on their accussations, and please research their identities and why they are trying to destroy another person’s reputation.
    Please do not just accept the lies of people who claim to be government agents, investigators, police, etc. The crime of gang stalking consists of total deception and trickery.
    They use blackmail, bribery, threats, and promises of rewards that they cannot deliver to get innocent people to do their bidding.
    You need to education yourself and r loved ones about this crime.
    Knowledge is power, and you need to know what is going on all around our country so that you will not be duped into cooperating with them in their crimes.

  2. I believe you are right. And the original targets are bait. The real targets are the gangstalking recruits. We are harassed but they are enslaved. And as is often the case with people indoctrinated into cults they will be stripped of all they possess. For many of the their situation is worse than ours. And in the end when they are ruined they either face that they made a choice to work for evil or become insane so as never to face it. By the way I purchased one of your books on a Kindle. I was sorry to hear they had hijacked the community resource. Years ago I very occasionally attended a Pentecostal type church in London, a powerful prayer church. I did not know I was being stalked then. The stalkers followed me there, infiltrated it and are no doubt abusing God’s gifts I service of the evil they serve. I am sorry also about your dogs. They killed my cat too. They infiltrate everything including churches. Then this supports the view that some take that the churches are evil and behind stalking- but not voluntarily. They have been duped too.

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