Jesus: The Whistleblower

The Communication's Building The "Church Growth International" Office Building, Newspaper, and Communication's Building.

The Communication’s Building
The “Church Growth International” Office Building, Newspaper, and Communication’s Building.

Jesus: The Whistleblower Margaret (Peggy Henderson) Kannaday Jesus was not only our Savior, our Lord, and the King of the Universe, but He was also a whistle blower. Whistle blowers are brave, and they want to expose the evil deeds of darkness and the hypocrites in the Body of Christ. They want to work the work of The Lord in destroying “all” of the works of Satan. Whistle blowers are “not” wimps. They are mighty men and women of valor as Jesus Christ was when He overturned the tables of The “Den of Thieves” who were using His Father’s House to make money. Jesus spoke out against the “Religious” leaders continually. He called them vipers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, whitewashed sepulchers, and He said that they will travel over the ocean in order to make one proselyte and then make them twice the son of hell as they are. Today, we are living in similar times. People giving themselves high sounding titles have infiltrated our churches, schools, and every type of ministry. These people are the rogue or shadow Christians. They do not walk in the Light of Jesus Christ. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matthew 7:15). “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? (Matthew 23:33). Why did Jesus blow the whistle on these reprobates? He knew their hearts. He saw their motives in everything that they did. Jesus was totally pure and holy, and He only did what His Father showed Him to do. He didn’t have a self-centered bone in His body. He saw right through the hearts of the leaders who were stalking him, harassing Him and lying about Him continually. All those who have the same heart, mind and Spirit of Jesus Christ, and who desire to follow Him completely, and to live a righteous life; will be persecuted by those who are doing their own thing under the pretense of following Jesus. You will know them by their fruit. Jesus was a target individual. The perpetrators stalked Him, and tried to get Him to say something that they could use against Him. They followed Him; not because they loved Him, but because they wanted to destroy Him. They wanted to kill Him before His time to die, but they were unsuccessful. Only when the proper time came were these criminals allowed to stir up the people against Jesus in order to have Him crucified. All of these things were a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Jesus knew what He would suffer, and He surrendered all for the sake of even one human being. Today, the people who are called “whistleblowers” are being gang stalked, harassed, fired, shunned, and in some cases they are murdered, and it is made to look like an accident or suicide. These are very courageous people who desire to speak the Truth in love even if it means horrible consequences to them, their family, their friends and their work. That is why it is so refreshing to hear countless whistle blowers speaking out the truth through the alternative media sources. They know the risk, but they care more about The Truth. Jesus Christ “is” The Truth, The Way and The Life. I do not like the term whistleblower to describe a person who speaks the Truth regardless of the consequences. Let’s start calling those who are exposing all of the evil deeds of darkness, Truth Bearers. Let’s call those who desire to do the Lord Jesus’ work of destroying all of the works of Satan as Overcomers of evil. Let’s all be exposers of the evil deeds of darkness and also Christians who desire to destroy all of the works of Satan. These are our duties and the commandments from our Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Father, Your people are speaking out the Truth in America despite the fact that they know they will be attacked by the mercenaries, the anti-Christ factions and the minions of Lucifer and Satan. Thank You Lord for these people, and I pray that their numbers will increase exponentially to the glory of God in Jesus’ Name. Please protect these Christians, heal them, and deliver them from the false prophets, false teachers, false, apostles, false Christian leaders of every kind, and the hypocrites. Please raise up Your mighty standard in America against those who only desire to demoralize, and destroy our beloved country. Please bless all those who stand up for the Truth in Jesus’ all-powerful Name, amen and amen. Peggy Henderson Kannaday has been the Managing Editor for “Church Growth International’ for 22 years. She was a missionary in South Korea for over twelve years before moving to Fort Mill, SC. Contact:, Phone: 803 500 1267 , 707 Torrey Pines Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715.

7 thoughts on “Jesus: The Whistleblower

  1. Thank you so very much for your beautiful site. So many sites about organized gang stalking provide absolutely no or little reason for maintaining hope, yet plenty of reason for sorrow & discouragement. You get to the truth of what this battle is all about. Satan is after our souls, pure and simple. Thank you for shining a light on the heart of this truth and providing the hope that TI’s need desperately. along with our faith, perseverance and long suffering we will survive this battle. God is fighting this war and he has already won. In the midst of the suffering and vicious harassment it can be so easy to lose sight of this big picture. It is a long difficult battle and I admit I do not always take this vicious harassment and abuse as patiently as I’d like. Praise God that he understands our struggles & weaknesses and as our Savior he is always there for us every second, even through death. This life is just a test and we can look forward to the day when we join our Lord & Savior in heaven. Praise God! Thank you

    • Dear Friend,
      Yes, most of the so-called targeted individuals are used to spread more fear, hopelessness and discouragement to those who are being harassed 24/7.
      I believe those people doing that are paid to do it. I believe and have heard that many so-called Christians have sold out to Satan, and they are being used by the anti-Christ system to spread total doom and gloom. this youtube video shows the evil progression of the NWO. It is a spiritual battle and only our mighty God can push back these forces of Satan, but we must pray in love and unity.
      Thank you for your very kind and gracious words of encouragement.
      Love and blessings,
      Peggy Kannaday
      803 500 1267
      707 Torrey Pines Lane
      Fort Mill, SC 29715


    • Dear Lacrisha,
      I will try and call you.
      The Lord Jesus Christ alone can help you. The help of man is worthless.
      The Lord will guide you, heal you, protect you and deliver you as He has done for me.
      The Lord bless you and yours.
      peggy Kannaday
      803 500 1267

  3. We finally got some emergency housing..Idk why California would not help US,we had to run to another state FOR HELP..sad sad sad..maby it was the pimps fault..the devil kids…Lord God touch them right now..they need you..right now I ask this in Jesus name

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