Margaret Kannaday

Thank you for this message. “Recognizing the Problem; are we losing the war for liberty?” on modern militia.

I believe that the patriots are just now waking up to the disinformation and the confusion that has been propagated for many years by the NWO globalists, liars, psychopaths, and traitors to our people and our country who have pushed themselves into the high positions through their good old buddy networks.

They have their perpetrators and mercenaries planted and filtrating any forum or source of real news in order to spread their propaganda and their lies. They are basically attempting to demoralize with their statements that allude to the idea that we, Americas are finished, and we might as well just give up and submit to these criminals because we have no hope.

I can tell you that is a lie out of the pit of hell. Do not believe it.

The true patriots have not even begun to fight this evil, illegal, immoral and reprobate system that has come in illegitimately to just take over our people and our country. The people of America now realize what is going on, and they no longer trust any of these reprobates.

Now, they are praying, now they are trying to organize, and now they are trying to find the way to correct this horrible situation so that it will never happen again. There are countless great men and women of God who understand what is going on, and who are standing in the wings to occupy.

An example of a man who would be a great leader is Dr. Ben Carson, and there are many others. We have allowed the media to dictate who would be president, but the people need to take back the voting process and provide alternative media sources just like they are doing at this time through the Internet.

We need to use the knowledge that we are being lied to by the NWO mercenaries and their trolls and perpetrators, and we need to see them as they really are. These infiltrators are trying to take away your hope by putting out disinformation which glorifies their own power. They put out information that is erroneous just to try and cause the good people of America to think that they are giants instead of the grasshoppers that they really are

Most of what we hear from these psychopathic liars is pure fiction and great boasting. When we understand that everything that they espouse is geared to demoralize the patriots and to exalt themselves; we will not be influenced by their rhetoric.

I can assure you that they lie about anything and everything, and most of it is just the opposite of the truth That is how they were trained. They were rewarded for being liars, murderers, thieves, vandals and traitors. Reverse behavior modification was used on them, and they do not know anything else.

America is now waking up, and those who have tried to destroy America and our way of life should be in fear and trembling.

The Americans would rather be dead than to be under a dictator. Our love for The Truth and for liberty sets us apart from all other countries. We will not be captured by a bunch of ignorant, Godless, immoral, secular humanists who don’t know which end is up.

I know the people in America, and we are brave, courageous and we are not stupid.

Yes, God bless America with a new set of leaders who will bring back peace, harmony the rule of law, the Constitution, the

rights of individuals, and safety and the pursuit of happiness to all Americans; not to only the criminals who are being backed by big money.

When the American people come together in love, unity and in one accord; there is nothing that can be impossible with them as long as God is on our side.

God “is” on the side of all those who want the best for the country, and the people. God “is” on the side of all those who care for the innocent, those who care for those being mistreated by the government.

The lawlessness can stop by starting with one outlaw at a time until all of them are deported, incarcerated or tried for treason by the people. We, the people of The United States of America are the legal authority in this land.



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