Riches, Honor and Life

Peggy Kannaday
By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life (Pr. 22:4 KJV).
I was listening to my daily devotional on my audio Bible, and suddenly; I received a rhema Word from The Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit opened up this Scripture to me as never before.
I have read this Scriptures probably hundreds of times, but at the proper time when I was not seeking after anything; this revelation came to me. When we are content in all of our circumstances, God can speak to us as we are at rest, and we are not striving after anything.
It is a good place to be in, and we should all seek to enter into The Lord’s rest where we will be able to cease from our own strivings. What are many people striving after today?
Yes, the three main lusts, desires and goals in general in our society are to be rich, have honor from men and also to have an abundant, good and healthy life.
However, God’s riches, honor and life are so much more superior than anything that we can think of or imagine. We seek after temporal rewards when in actuality; the Lord wants to give us rewards that are not only for this life on earth, but also are valued in the life to come.
The Laodicean Church that is rampant during these end times is also seeking after wealth, praise from people and a happy great life. However, Jesus tells them in Rev. 3 that all of their strivings have only produced a dilusion of grandeur. In shore, Jesus sees right through their riches, fine clothes and outer cleanliness, and He tells these hypocrites that they are deceived by an outer condition that is like a vapor.
Everything that we have on earth is like a vapor, and it will all disappear when we leave this earth. The only things that we can hold on to are the treasures that we receive and store up in heaven. Our treasure should not be of this world, but the treasure that will last throughout all eternity.
Jesus told the Laodicean Church that even though they thought that they had everything in abundance; in reality; they were miserable, poor and filthy. They were admonished by The Lord Jesus Christ to go to Him for the true treasures.
Gold refined by the fire of adversity, white raiment which is gained through a pure heart and life, and eye salve so that they would be able to see the Truth. These Laodicean Church Members were blinded by their own, pride and by listening to the lies of Satan, which put the stamp of approval on all worldly and anti-Christ teachings.
The Laodicean Church did not make it as they were vomited out of the mouth of God. They were very harshly rebuked and warned of their real condition, but they did not repent and go to The Lord to buy what they needed from Him in all humility and in the fear of God.
Having the fear of God is to know that He is a God of love, but He is also a God of serverity and judgement when needed. He always warns us over and over again of our sins, shortcomings and confusion, but we often ignore His still, small voice in lieu of worldly entertainment and the voices of worldly so-called Christians who continue year after year believing that they are right with almighty God.
The Laodicean Church desires all kinds of riches which will boost their status and honor before others. The Laodicean Church goes through the motions of going to church every week, and they seem to believe that is the same as obeying God’s Word and His Commandments.
They seem to think by going to church; they will be saved. This seems to be a hidden doctrine. It seems that false ministers put this idea in the minds of their congregation so that they do not have to worry about their people leaving their particular church.
The unethical pastors emphasize church attendance over and above a close relationship with Jesus Christ and being led by The Holy Spirit. Some even insinuate that by not going to church; it will send them to hell.
The Laodicean Church has stopped teaching the pure and holy Word of God, and so the only way that a Christian can receive the pure Word of God is through their own study of the Bible.
It is imperative that the Christians during these last days stay in the Word of God themselves. They should only attend churches where they can hear the Word of God, receive the love of God from the Pastor and where they are led by The Holy Spirit.
We can no longer look at the outward appearance of churches, but we must pray for discernment, and we must “not” submit to false teachers, pastors, prophets, apostles or evangelists.
When we submit to false teachers in joining their churches; we become a partaker of their evil teachings and deeds of darkness. Pray for a church that has ministers with humility and the fear of God.
You will know the true ministers by their fruit. The fruit of The Holy Spirit should be evident. I have been to some churches, and I felt like I was going into a lion’s den and the oppression was horrible.
Do not go to a church where they try to order you around, and they try to control you. Why? Because where the Spirit of The Lord is; there is liberty and freedom.
Many churches have been severely infiltrated by those who desire to kill, steal and destroy God’s anointed as described in Ps. 2. These individuals are planted in the churches to bring about confusion, lack of prayer, lack of holiness and to eventually cause the church to become divided or to come to a halt.
Many in the church today have diabolical agendas, and we must be aware that everyone in the church is not a Christian and especially those who have put themselves in the highest positions.
We must learn that what we hear from so-called Christians could be the opposite of the truth. We must stop being naive, and we must pray for wisdom, understanding and the anointing of how to pray for our local churches.
We must pray that our churches will become Houses of Prayer, and we Christians must continue in the Word of God daily in all humility and the fear of God. We are promised that if we seek first The Kingdom of God and “His” righteousness; everything else will be added unto us.
When we are content and waiting on The Lord; He will do as He has promised to us through His glorious Word. When we do His will; then, He will do what He has promised to do for us.
We have to get to the end of ourselves and our own lusts and desires, and the The Lord Jesus Christ will move on our behalf as He has written; He will accomplish. He has so much for those who will just simply obey His Word and His will.
My prayer for you:
Dear Father, Please help Your people to draw nigh unto You daily. Please help us to walk in all humility, and the fear of God which is our very safe and wonderful harbor from the temptations of Satan to sin.
Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus Christ and please come Holy Spirit. Amen.
Peggy Kannaday has been the Managing Editor of “Church Growth International” headquartered in Seoul, Korea since 1991.
Contact: 803 448 5061,

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2 thoughts on “Riches, Honor and Life

  1. Hi,
    I am a target also, have been for at least 5 years. I enjoy your blog. I would disagree with some of what you say. This is a government program, illegal yes, but paid for by our own tax dollars. That being said, government or not, it is definitely demonic.

    This stuff they do is so evil it would take someone truly controlled by demons to want to participate. This stuff goes against the nature of God. God is about Love,
    treating others well, goodness, doing unto others the way you would have done to you, etc..

    In my wildest dreams I never would have guessed so many people would be so interested in devoting so much time and energy to serve satan and destroy and deceive a fellow person before this happened to me. What is Satan about? All the qualities these individuals possess. Satan is about destruction. These people
    know very well and do this day in and day out. They destroy a person in every way imaginable. And then they constantly find new ways to destroy. And the look of happiness and control on their faces is amazing.

    • Dear Friend dguy,
      Yes, I agree that I do not have all of the truth on this subject, as it goes way down into the abyss.
      I have learned from the super soldier James and others that the real big money comes from global drug trafficking which is destroying countless lives in itself, and it is being used for that purpose by the elite in control of the money, politics, etc.
      The gang stalkers are also involved in all kinds of rackets, hacker rings, pedophile rings, porn production rings, human trafficking, and every other type of evil under the sun.
      Their goal is to destroy every vestige of human decency, morality, integrity and honor. They want to even do away with almighty God.
      He is laughing at their efforts as seen in Ps. 2. Their pride and arrogance will bring an end to all of them when they try to fight the living God. God will destroy all of them with His breath.
      All those in darkness need forgiveness because the are being used as puppets in the hands of the elite, and they will be led to the slaughter unless they turn to Jesus Christ. May God forgive them because they have no idea what they are doing or their friends, family and ancestors.
      Stand strong, dear friend, keep your faith in Jesus Christ as He always causes His people to triumph. It is through much tribulation that we will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and of God.
      God is with us always, and nothing can separate us from His love. He will heal you every day, protect you and deliver you. You will see His mighty power in your behalf. God’s power to bring vengeance on these perpetrators has not come as yet, but it will, and it will start with the church.
      The Lord bless you, and may He keep you safely in His loving arms both today and always.
      If you ever want to talk or have prayer; you can contact me at: 803 500 1267 or

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