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The Power of Prayer

Power of PrayerThe Power of Prayer

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in My Name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My Name, I will do it.

The above Scripture goes very much unused these days. It contains a great and mighty promise from almighty God.
God’s authority and power stands behind the above Scripture promise.
God desires for us to come to Him with our problems. In answer to our love for Him in obeying His Word; He will answer our prayers.
He will never violate His Word or His Name. We must always ask in His Name and for His glory.
We have countless examples of God’s mercy and answers in the Word of God. In my life; I have had countless and miraculous answers to prayer.
I lived in Seoul, Korea for over twelve years, and when the country had a problem; the pastors took their congregations to the city hall area to pray.
In Wichita, KS, there was a serial killer who was terrorizing the city for many years. He even would taunt the police about his killings.
One small Baptist Church held a small prayer meeting in their church on a Saturday night to pray for the capture of this serial killer. The night of the proposed prayer meeting there was a big storm, but the Christians came to pray anyway.
The serial killer was captured within one month after the prayer meeting in the Baptist Church. God loves for us to obey His Word, and to come to Him as our answer for every problem that we have (even a serial killer).
God desires to answer our prayers, and even one of His angels could subdue legions.

God wants us to pray that all of the evil deeds of darkness will be exposed, and that all the works of Satan will be destroyed.
He wants us to pray His Kingdom come and His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.
All problems and troubles have spiritual dimensions, and that is why prayer is the only answer for the problems that we face while we are on this earth. We, Christians are in a daily spiritual battle, but praise God; He has won the war many years ago.
The anti-Christ system never sleeps, and it is going around trying to destroy God, The Lord Jesus, The Holy Spirit’s influence, The Word of God, and all of God’s anointed people.

The anti-Christ System is operating today under the disguise of the New World Order, but it is actually The anti-Christ System which spreads out with many names.
This system involves NWO mercenaries, Communists, Terrorists, cults, covens and secret society members to name but a few of these subversives.

These criminals are being rewarded for doing evil. Many are under mind control and deception, but many are full fledged Satanists who have sold their souls to Satan himself.
These are the wicked in high places. They desire to control every person and everything on the earth, but they will be totally defeated in the end.
The Lord Jesus is so patient to wait and give even these cruel bullies space and time to repent. However, these reprobates just take God’s goodness as a sign of weakness as they do not know the meaning of the work mercy.
These perpetrators have been busy working on destroying America and then on to other countries for many decades. They do most of their work in hiding. We need to pray that all of their evil works will be exposed and destroyed in Jesus’ Name.
These criminals use fear, intimation, bribes and every form of deceit to get people to do what they want them to do. Do not be deceived by these reprobates.
I pray that The Lord will raise up a mighty standard against these hypocrites. I pray that our God will raise up those with the spirit of Joshua, Caleb, Jehu, David and Daniel who will stand strong and pray.
I pray that God’s House will become a House of Prayer for all people.
May God’s Kingdom come and His perfect will be done.

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How to Pray The Korean Way!

How to Pray The Korean Way!
Peggy Kannaday

Many years ago, I prayed a simple prayer. “Lord, please teach me how to pray”.
Later, after my daughter got married; I was sent by The Lord to Seoul, Korea to be a tent maker for over 24 years.
It was an awesome experience. I learned more than words can express about how to pray.
The Koreans not only taught me how to pray, but they also taught me the way to pray.

I learned that prayer was not something that you did periodically when you were faced with a severe problem, but prayer was a way of life for the Korean people.
The Koreans prayed before they drove their cars, they prayed upon entering their churches, they prayed everyday they prayed for their children, and they prayed in the City Hall area when their country needed God’s help.

The Koreans’ prayers changed their nation during hard times over and over again. I asked my associate if she was ever concerned when one million North Koreans were lined up on our northern border? She said, “No, because we will go to the City Hall area, and thousands of our Christians from many churches will pray together. She told me that the good Lord always answered their prayers, and so they didn’t worry about their circumstances or The North Koreans.
I learned that The Korean Prayer Warriors also had an indomitable faith in The Lord’s supreme and almighty power to answer their prayers. Their faith was so strong that the results were already evident to them in their minds.
I have never seen such great faith among such a large group of people or a society. They prayed in love and unity.
If only all people could learn the power that the church united in prayer has in every area of their lives. What a changed world this could and would be if we simply would pray The Korean Way.

Gods House

Every Sunday, The wonderful Lord’s Prayer was sung, “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”. When we pray as Jesus Himself taught us, then The Holy Spirit moves mightily to bring The Kingdom of God into our territory.

The Lord wants His Kingdom to be manifested in our lives, and He wants what is already bound in heaven to be bound on earth, and He wants want is loosed in heaven to be loosed on earth.

I lived in Korea during one of their elections. The conservative candidate was winning, and then we looked at the TV Screen, and the conservatives’ name and photo were switched, and it looked like the leftist candidate was winning.

The leftist was pronounced the winner, and the conservatives asked for a recount which they were not allowed to have. The leftist President of South Korea was exposed for what he was, and he later committed suicide when he came under investigation.

During this time; many of The Christian pastors along with their members visited the City Hall area in Seoul, Korea to pray. Many times, there were 25,000 to 30,000 Christians praying in the center of Seoul City.

After that, to the glory of God, South Korea had a wonderful, Christian President that understood business and every aspect of government because he was head of the Hyundai Corp. He was also an Elder in his church.

Praise God that the Christians prayed for their country, as we are commanded to do in The Word of God. There is unlimited power in the prayers of agreement among the Christians who come together in the Name of Jesus Christ.

That is why He came to give us the Keys to The Kingdom of God. He wants us to take our territories for His Kingdom honor and glory.
The Church is not to be passive to the evil deeds of darkness, but the Church is to be a House of Prayer for all people. It is to become a place where Spiritual Warfare is conducted to pray for our leaders, our families, our people and for our nations. The church is to become the Army of God on the earth.

I learned that this can be done when the Christians come together to pray for every need. It is a beautiful experience to go to The Osanri Prayer Mountain, and see the people praying in the many daily services, and in the prayer grottoes.

Prayer in Korea is not the last resort, but it is the first priority.

I do not worry about the future of the Christian Koreans because I know that they will turn to the Lord, and they will overcome every obstacle through the power of prayer, faith and total trust in The Lord’s mighty power.
Dr. David Yonggi Cho always says that he simply “prays, listens and obeys”. It is very simple, but the Korean Way of Prayer is amazing, and the answers are life-changing, nation transforming, and out-of-this world.

Dr. David Yonggi Cho was my sponsor and boss during the 24 plus years that I worked as his Managing Editor for The “Church Growth International” Ministry. Then this past year; he was “retired”.

I learned so many things from him, and from the Korean people who had been under great threatenings and persecution from North Korea. However, their constant trials kept them on their knees, and Korea has the largest churches in the world.

Most of the large churches in Korea also have Prayer Mountains where their people can go to pray, fast, seek The Lord and have wonderful fellowship and worship. Buses going up to Prayer Mountain leave every hour from The Yoido Full Gospel Church.

It is a beautiful experience to visit these places of love, refuge and prayer. May these prayer mountains and prayer houses continue to grow all over the world to the glory of God.

My prayer for you:

Dear Heavenly Father,
May You receive all of the worship and glory due to Your Name. We pray that Your House will be make into a House of Prayer and that Your House will be a place of refuge, fasting and worship.
Please deliver us from all harm, evil and temptations, and please bind up the broken-hearted, and heal all those who are ill. Please stop the evil in high places, and please destroy all of the works of Satan, and please exposed all of the evil deeds of darkness.
Please bring in Your Kingdom upon this earth, and please bring in Your perfect will. For Thine is The Kingdom, power and glory for ever and ever, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen and amen.

Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday

Regent Park/Glen Ridge

707 Torrey Pines Lane

Fort Mill, SC 29715

803 500 1267


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