Gangstalking Update August 04, 2016

Dear TIs and other Friends,
Time is flying for me as I lost my job of 24 years. However, God’s in His heaven all is right with the world.
The hacking, the wire tapping, the stealing, vandalism and constant surveillance continues on and on. The good news is that I have learned how to live with it, and how to even use it for my good.
Even our wonderful Lord Jesus learned obedience through the things that He suffered. God allows all of it for our good as in the end; it will all be similar to what Job suffered in the ancient Biblical Book of Job.
In the end; he was healed, and he received great restoration and restitution. He was blessed even greater than he had been in the first part of his life.
Why, was Job attacked by Satan? It was because Job was the most righteous man on the face of the earth during his time. God trusted in the fact that Job would not turn against Him or fall. God allowed the attack of the devil because He knew that the sufferings of Job would perfect him.
The sufferings of Job would strengthen Job and make him more of a powerful intercessor. He was told to pray for the friends that had accused him falsely.
We need to thank God daily as we are being harassed knowing that it is all working together for our good and for God’s glorious purposes.
The perpetrators are being used by Satan and his servants, and unless they repent; they will suffer unending torture for all eternity. They are the losers, and they should be prayed for as they are in deep trouble with almighty God.
They are the real victims in this evil empire of the anti-Christ System or NWO fiasco. They are like puppets being controlled by demons and evil human spirits. They are under mind control from many sources which are all coming from Satan himself.
Much of what I have read by TI’s HAS TO DO WITH THE ORIGIN OF THE GANG STALKERS. i HAVE FOUND THAT THEY COME FROM SATAN, AND THEY ARE CONTROLLED BY MIND CONTROL AND EVIL HUMAN AND DEMON SPIRITS. In short, gang stalkers are demonized human beings or they are hybrids which have no soul.
They have infiltrated every area of our society, churches, businesses, the Government, the schools, universities, the secret societies, the gangs, the covens, the UN, the cults, and the list could go on ad infinitude.
We should always realize that it involved a spiritual battle that has been raging since the Garden of Eden.
Psalm 2 asks, “Why do the heathen rage?”. They rage because they are trying to come against God and His anointed people. If you are under attack; it is because you are on God’s side or the winning side.
It is not so much where the source comes from, but what we can do to counteract their evil deeds of darkness using the authority we have as Christians.
God has given us all authority over these entities whether human, demonic or whatever. We use The Name of Jesus Christ, and we bind these forces of evil, blind them and render them powerless by the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our weapons are not carnal or worldly, but they are powerful to the pulling down of these satanic strongholds.
In short, people who are demonized are under the control of the Lord Jesus, but we must speak out God’s Words and power to take authority over them.
These rebellious people are doomed unless they repent. You can pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will tear down their witchcraft, sorcery, mind control, programming and all of their ritual curses, hexes and voo doo assaults.
You need to be into the Word of God and agree with God’s Word to combat these satanic people and entities.
It seems as though Communism, terrorism and the satanists have all joined together against The Lord and His people as in Psalm 2.
Most people do not understand about the horrors of these three totalitarian beliefs because they have never been taught about them as they really are in our society. Communists are out to take every piece of private property from you. They want the money in your bank, your property, your home, your job and ultimately; they want to take your life.
Terrorists want to take over the world through killing each infidel one-by-one that will not bow their knee to Allah.
The satanists are totally selfish, and they want every one to destroy and sell out their souls as they have done. They live in homes all over this place, and they will kill their own children or whoever to gain their powers.
Beware, because they use all kinds of lies, deception and trickery to get people to join up with them. Once you join a secret society, a cult or one of these pagan groups; it is very difficult to get extricated from them.
Everything they do is staged and a deception. When you walk closely with The Lord Jesus; you will have more and more discernment, and you will have the ability to resist the devil and his dupes. The Bible says, submit unto God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
I would always be glad to pray for anyone who is trapped in a cult, coven or secret society or whatever.
The Lord came to set all of the captives free, and He is ready to set all those who have been deceived free. They will know the Truth, and The Truth will set them free.
Praise The Lord forever..
In His love and for His glory,
Peggy Kannaday
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 500 1267

5 thoughts on “Gangstalking Update August 04, 2016

  1. Dear Peggy:

    I am so saddened to hear of your job loss. You are an amazing woman with unlimited faith. I pray for your enduring strength, protection, and faith. May God richly bless you, especially during times of suffering.

    Best to You, Amy Maier

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Be strong and of good courage! Do not fear them or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He WILL NEVER leave you nor forsake you! (Deut 31:6). It’s always darkest before the dawn (your breakthrough). Saint of God, warring soldier, get ready for promotion and a greater work for our Lord and his people. Listen prayerfully with expectation for His next steps for you. Warring with you and for you! Be Blessed!!

  3. Peggy, I am praying for you. Trust GOD our Father. He is taking care of you. He is opening doors to use your gifts and talents to minister to even more people.You have been and continue to be a blessing and encouragement to me. As I pen this comment, I get a strong impression from the Spirit that you need to write a book. Looking forward to your next victorious update soldier of GOD. BE encouraged, GOD is for you and with you. If GOD be for you WHO can be against you?

  4. So sorry about your job loss. Peggy, you are so right about God’s people being preferred targets. I used to wonder why they chose to target me – I was just a homeschool mommy who spent all of my time at home with my kids. I didn’t date, etc. There were plenty of loose living people in town. Why didn’t the stalkers target them? They seemed to be immune.
    Then it dawned on me. What would happen if they were targeting the sluts and surveilling them 24/7? All of the other sluts who were running around with them would get caught! No slut would ever be approved by the gang to be targeted. It would just stir up too much muck.
    So a gang stalking target must be of the highest moral character. The target must be someone that the stalkers know has never run around with any of them OR anyone they might like to recruit in the future, which could be anyone. It must be someone that they can depend upon to maintain that high moral character. The target must be someone with monumental self control, who will not retaliate with violence. I found that in my town, the men are using the target to distract their women, causing them to look in the wrong direction, while the men are running around with the sluts. No wonder gang stalking is so popular with the male – dominated secret societies!
    Of course, gang stalking is used for many other unscrupulous purposes, but for any of them, it is easy to see why the target must be of the highest moral character.
    Praying for you –

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