Where are All the Davids and Jehus Today?

David and Goliath1 Samuel 17,
50 So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.
51 David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it from the sheath. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword.

We know the Biblical account of Goliath, and how he tormented the good people of Israel. He was a bully just as Jezebel was a female bully.

God raised up David to fight the giant with a slingshot. With God on our side; we do not need anything else.
In fact, Gideon had to get his army down to 300, so that God could be glorified. We must always understand that it is the Lord who fights the battle for us.

David stood up to the giant, and he cut off the giant’s head. We have many giants in our land today. We need to do the same, but we need to use our God given authority in spiritual warfare prayers.

Jezebel was a female witch that tried to threaten and bully Elijah. She was filled with every type of demon spirit, but she was defeated by Jehu who confronted her. This spirit is used by Satan to kill, steal from and destroy God’s men and women.

Elijah’s prophetic words were fulfilled against Jezebel and her evil husband Ahab. Their blood was licked up by the dogs.

The Bible tells us what will happen to all of Jezebel’s children. They will also be killed.


Rev. 2, The Church of Thyratira
20 Yet I hold this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, who teaches and misleads My servants to play the harlot and to eat food sacrificed to idols.[r] 21 I have given her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her harlotry. 22 So I will cast her on a sickbed and plunge those who commit adultery with her into intense suffering unless they repent of her works. 23 I will also put her children[s] to death. Thus shall all the churches come to know that I am the searcher of hearts and minds and that I will give each of you what your works deserve.

When the Spirit of Goliath, Jezebel and Ahab gain power in our society; the people must be warned, and they must beware.

They must never allow these evil demon spirits to gain a foothold in the society or these satanic forces will bring down everything good, decent and of God in the society.

These type of people will be used by Satan to destroy the life of the family, the church and the government.

The Bible is warning us of these harassers, bullies and criminals. We must not allow them to have any place in a free country.

I read that in the 1700’s, some of the underground giants emerged up into the free countries of Europe. These evil beings began to take over everything that they perceived and so the people of Europe formed groups of hunters.

These hunters tracked down these evil entities, and so they went underground for many years. However, they changed their appearance by interbreeding,etc., and they have emerged again into our various countries.

You will know them by their evil deeds of darkness. They may look like any other human being, but they are filled with every kind of demon and evil human spirit.

Their works are of Satan, and their works will be brought down in the end. However, we need to bring them down before they can defile and demoralize even one more innocent child or person.

1.) We need to expose all of their evil deeds of darkness to all people so that they will not be deceived or tricked.
2.) We need to understand that our God and Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit are far superior to these demonic creatures.
3.) We need to walk closely with the Lord Jesus Christ so that we have His mind and His heart.
4.) We need to be led by The Holy Spirit each and every day.
5.) We need to find other like-minded Christians that we can agree in prayer with daily. We can agree remotely. Prayer has no geographical limitations.
6.) When I pray; I always agree with those who are praying similar prayers.
We are praying that our God will tear down and destroy all of the evil principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and the evil elite in high places.
7.) We are praying that out God will show Himself strong to these defeated enemies. We pray that all of the witchcraft, mind control, deceit and deception will be terminated and revealed to all people.
8.) We pray for the protection of all of the innocent unborn, babies, children, teenagers, adults and animals.
9.) We pray that all of the evil crimes done in darkness will be exposed and brought to justice.
10.) We pray that our God will bring His victory, justice, and repentance upon the earth so that He can forgive and heal all of our lands as He desires.

My prayer for you and yours:
Dear Heavenly Father,
Creator of heaven and earth, we come before You in all humility and meekness to seek Your perfect will and way to be done on this earth.
We pray that You will move mightily to bring down the covens, cults, secret societies, murderous gangs, hacking rings, pedophile rings, drug trafficking gangs, human trafficking gangs, porn producers, and You will raise up Your mighty standard against the enemy and His followers.
We pray that You will bring down the Jezebel, Ahab, Goliath spirits in the churches, and please stop the greed, arrogance, love of money, competition and corruption in all of the churches in Jesus Christ’s Name.
Please stop the many false doctrines in the churches and the control spirit in the government and the society. Please cleanse and purity the churches and please make them into Houses of Prayer instead of Dens of Thieves as many churches are more like businesses than churches.
Please bring back our love for You Lord and our desire to obey You in all our ways.
We thank You so much for Your wonderful goodness and mercy, and we thank You for Your answers in advance. All glory, honor and praises to Your Holy Name and please pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh in Jesus’ Name. Amen, amen and amen.

By Peggy Kannaday Peggy is an author and freelance writer at the current time.

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Spew Them Out!Lighthouse
Prayer for our nation and all nations (2/15/2016)
“ They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate” (Titus 1:16).

Dear Father, We love You and adore You;
We bow down before You.
Lord Jesus, You said that the hypocrites were white-washed
sepulchers, vipers and false prophets.
Lord, we pray that You will spew them out of Your mouth,
the church, as You said, “Let the wicked be wicked still and let the righteous be righteous still”.
Oh, Lord Jesus, please expose all of their evil deeds of darkness
and please destroy all of their works of Satan in America and
across the whole world. 

Please draw Your people to Yourself, please bring us to our knees before You, please bring us to repentance; please bring justice and judgment to all those who are in rebellion against You, Oh, Lord.America
You Oh, Lord are the Head of Your church. Please take Your
proper position. Please bring down the love of money, the love of
power and the pride in the church in America and the world.
Please show Yourself strong to the weak and raise up Your mighty
standard in the churches. Please raise up the spirits of Joshua,
Caleb, Jehu, Josiah, and all those who love You and who are called according to Your glorious purposes.Amcerica will rise again
Please bring in the worshipers, the prayer warriors, and
those who will intercede for our country, our leaders, our people
and our freedoms. Please raise up those who love You with all of
their hearts.
Please reveal the Truth, The Way and The Life to all those in
darkness. Please bring Your people, Your remnant and Your elect back to their first love of You, and to the joy of Thy salvation. Please revive us Oh, Lord.
Please teach us Your ways so that we will obey and please You.
Please bring down the principalities, powers, rulers of the
darkness, and the wicked in high places. Please tear down the evil
forces of witchcraft, sorcery, mind control and all the plans of
Satan will be pushed back to Eden.
Please draw all of the people to Yourself so that they will come to
know You in a wonderful way. Please save the lost, heal the sick,
and deliver those in bondage. Please set all of the captives free.
For all of those in darkness, please shine the light of heaven on
their hearts and minds in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name. Amen and

The Resurrection

Resurrection CollageThe Resurrection of The Dead

John 11:25, “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: 26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

As we who have been born-again know; we were dead in our sins, and then when we received Jesus Christ and His resurrection power; we were alive in Christ. We suddenly became new creatures in Him, and everything old was passed away, and all things became new.

That rebirth experience is a touch of what we will experience in the life to come.
When we walk with our Lord Jesus everyday, in His Word and in The power of His blood; He increases in our lives and we decrease. It is a wonderful privilege.

When I visited the “Garden Tomb” in Jerusalem; I felt The Lord’s Presence so intensely that I couldn’t stop crying. The power of The Resurrection was there in that place. It was very strong and undeniable.

There is a war going on in the universe between the powers of good and evil. Those who take the more difficult road in life in order to obey God and to do good will be rewarded with the resurrection of life.

The Lord Jesus , Himself endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him. We must never give up our hope in what the Lord has set before us. Those who endure to the end will be saved.

Those people who choose the easy and broad road will suffer a resurrection, but it will be the damnation of their souls. Many people think that when they die; they will be gone for good, but they will continue on in hell where they will suffer great pain forever.

John 5:29
“And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.”

The enemy of our souls is always trying to convince us of these lies and deceptions.. He is always trying to rob the true Christians of their blessings and their salvation.

The more we die to the enemies’ lies and the more we die to our own flesh; the more we become holy. Our resurrection causes us to grow up into the image of Christ.

Unless a grain of wheat fall to the ground and die; it remains alone, but if it dies; it will bear much fruit. We know in the parable of the sower that the seed fell on 4 types of soil, but only one seed out of 4 continued onward and upward in order to bear fruit, some 30, 60 and 100 fold.

Be fore there is new life; there must be a death. Jesus freely gave His own life so that we could experience new life in Him forever.
We can overcome everything evil in this world through the blood of The Lamb, Jesus, The Word of our testimony and we love not our lives unto the death.

If we have fear; God cannot use us as overcomers. We must have His perfect love which casts out all fear. Fear has torment, and the enemy of our souls uses this evil spirit to thwart our effectiveness in the Kingdom of God.

Romans 1:4
“And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:”

We, His children need to be holy as He is holy. We must die to ourselves and life to Him. We need to take one day at a time, and be led by The Holy Spirit of God and to fulfill His glorious plan for our lives.

Romans 6:5
“For if we have been planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection

Many times, the Lord is presented as on the cross. In some plays and movies; the death of Christ was emphasized with not mention of His resurrection.

When witnessing to others concerning the Lord’s death and burial; we must always include His resurrection. His resurrection provides the hope of our own resurrection and the resurrection of our loved ones.

“If Christ “be not risen, our faith is vain” (1 Cor. 15:14).
I believe that God’s people can have newness of life in this lifetime through faith and trust in The Lord and the power of The Resurrection. Moses had new sight and Caleb felt like he was 40 when he was 85.

The Word “resurrection” means rebirth, renewal, regeneration. The whole of the New Testament speaks of the historic event of The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
There were countless witnesses that knew the Lord Jesus before He was crucified, and who also saw Him after He was raised from the dear.

This great event was completed and thoroughly documented. However, the enemies of the Gospel still tried to send our false rumors against the Truth. It is the same today.

The anti-Christ spirit is very strong as we are entering into the end time. Those that are righteous; be righteous still and those that are wicked be wicked still. Get right with God today so that you can be part of the power of His resurrection.

There seems to be a great falling away in the church at large. However, remember that our wonderful Father, God has His people. He always has a remnant who will not fall away, and who will continue on until the end.

The enemy is working overtime in his desire to kill, steal and destroy all that our Lord has given to us. The enemy was defeated at the cross, and he was destroyed at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

His time is short, and he is involved in every type of scheme to harm and destroy the Lord and His anointed ones as depicted in Psalm 2, Ps. 34 and Ps. 37. These psalms expose his evil plans, but it also confirms God’s total power over the devil and his demons. Praise God!

Philippians 3:10
“That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death;”

Revelation 20
“Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”

My Prayer for You:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray that each person and their loved ones will be able to experience the glorious salvation of the Lord and will attain to the power of His resurrection.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us out of them all.
May we all stand strong during these perilous times, and may The Lord receive all honor and glory in His precious Name. Amen, amen and amen.

  Does The ‘Shame and Blame’ Method Work to Change Student’s Behavior?

I was raised with the “shame and blame” type of discipline. It was the prevalent form of punishment in my school and neighborhood. However, my pa07-2(1)rents used the sharp switch method which I preferred. I do not believe the ‘shame and blame’ is effective in the short or long term. Why? Because it causes damage to the student’s self esteem and concept. It does more damage than good. I can now remember when I was playing with my friend Nancy at a neighbor’s house, and the neighbor looked at me and said, “Why can’t you be like Nancy”? I kept wondering what I had done to cause such a negative comment. The comment was meant to cause me shame, but I did not know what I had done that cause me shame. The comment was not constructive because it just caused me to feel badly about myself, but the man did not explain what his problem was and so I was left just feeling badly about the neighbor. I used to work with Learning Disabled and Emotionally Handicapped Students, and I found that their own self confidence was very low and to try and shame them only added to their insecurities and their acting out behaviors. I used positive reinforcement and praise when the student did anything that was commendable. I found that the students were very quick to learn that good behavior would be rewarded and their bad behaviors would be ignored. Many of my students were misbehaving just to get attention, and so when they were ignored; they did not receive the reward of attention. I learned that many of the students had never been taught the basics of their own identities. For example, even when they were older; they did not know their own address, state, and information that they would need on an employment application. I started to teach them their own personal information that they had never been taught at home or in the school. Many 5th graders do not know their own personal information, their state information and their country’s basic statistics. This knowledge made my students feel more secure and better about themselves. I also learned that even 5th graders did not know the correct way to behave in any given situation. No parent or teacher had never taught them the basics of polite and courteous actions. I found that these students were so glad to learn these basics. Knowing how to act in any given situation is very empowering to an individual and especially to those who have been categorized as needing special education. I asked my students about many different scenarios and what they would do in each situation. I found that they had no clue as to what to do, i.e. when they accidentally pushed or touched another student. They learned to say, “Excuse me”, and they learned that those two simple words stopped many altercations in the classroom and at recess. They learned about the power words of please and thank you. They learned the little words that would bring them success in life. They were becoming more and more akin to good little citizens instead of the rude and wild little creature that they had been at the beginning of the year. Children love to learn when they know it will benefit them in their lives, among their peers and in their future workplaces. No matter if a student is in the regular classroom or in a special education classroom; these principles work with everyone. The student’s ego is very fragile if that student does not have the needed affirmation and support from their parents. A student that has understanding parents and teachers is at a great advantage over those who do not. Parents and teachers, please take advantage of the time that you have with your children and your students. Student love to learn very practical lessons. Students gain tremendous confidence when they know how to act in every type of situation, i.e. the classroom, the restaurant, traveling, and visiting friends and family. They want to know what to say, what to do, and how to do it so that they do not feel uncertain. I know when I study how to eat properly at an eight course dinner party; I feel more confident, and I enjoy myself much more. It is the same with the students who are just learning many things for the first time. All in all, even if your students or children behave like little barbarians; it is not really their fault. Shaming them and blaming them is not going to produce any good result because their bad behaviors are all they know. They never had an adult who cared enough about them to teach them the right behavior and the right way to succeed in their lives. Student tend to copy their parents and peers until they are taught in all the areas of correct behaviors. Most parents are so busy just making a living and doing their daily required tasks to even think about teaching their children the basics of right and wrong behaviors. My students loved the little skits that we performed in my classroom to demonstrate the “correct” way to handle common problems and situations. Many students were labeled as having behavior disorders were really just students who did not know the proper or correct way to handles life events and daily routines. I know these three methods work: 1.) Orienting the student with their own personal information, their surrounding area facts and proceeding to information that they feel is important to learn. 2.) Using fun games to learn how to behave in given situations. 3.) Using skits to act out the correct behaviors. Positive reinforcement and positive teaching bring very positive and extraordinary results.

Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday

707 Torrey Pines Lane Fort Mill, SC 29715


803 500 1267. — Draft

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The Power of Hope

page 18 middleMargaret (Peggy) Kannaday
707 Torrey Pines Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
803 500 1267
Hope is Key to a Healthy Mind and Life
We know that it is impossible to please God if we do not have “faith”.
What is faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. In short, without hope; there could be no faith.
Why? Because faith is based on the content of what the person is hoping to experience or attain. Hope is a required prerequisite to activate God’s power in your life.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, and a hopeless person is very sad, depressed and ill. We must keep our hope strong at all costs.
Christians are so blessed because they all have the hope of their salvation. They know that this life is just a vapor, and then we move onward and upward to a glorious life with The Lord Jesus Christ.
A Christian should never feel hopeless on a continual basic because we have the Word of God. We gain hope from reading God’s wonderful promises every day.
Faith is dependent on having hope, and it also comes through hearing the Word of God. Hearing the Word of God produces hope in our hearts and minds.
We need the Word of God as our daily food. When we focus on God’s Words; we can be totally free from heaviness, sadness and depression.
There is Christ’s life in the Words of God. The power of The Holy Spirit manifests Himself as we read, study and live by The Word of God.
Many people are losing hope in the world system, the church, the leaders in every area of society. This is alright because when we lose hope in the world system and in everything around us; it can be the start of our putting out total hope and trust in Jesus Christ.

When our hope is in salvation; our hope will never be deferred. Jesus Christ has already paid the price on the cross. Our salvation has already been paid for, and it is fully complete.
Our salvation includes, eternal life with God, healings, blessings, deliverance and a blessed life. Our hope is secure when we put it in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God.
Our family, friends, jobs, and other things in our lives may at times fail us, and many Christians will fall away from their faith before the Lord Jesus returns.
Many times in the history of the prophets before us; they were left all alone and without any friend. Jesus Himself was abandoned by many of His disciples, and He said that He endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him.
In short, what kept Jesus from turning away from the cross was the hope that He held on to concerning the future He would have with His beloved Father.
It is the same with all of us. We Christians are being persecuted for Christ’s sake on a daily basis these days, but we can say along with Job, “Though He slay me; yet will I trust (and have hope) in Him”.
No matter what happens in our lives; we know that our Lord Jesus has been through much worse, and He has prepared the way for us to go through many afflictions, and He will deliver us out of them all.
So many people, even Christians are under attack to become hopeless. They are being bombarded with bad news 24/7. We must counteract these very bad news reports with the Word of God.
If all we hear daily is negative and very hopeless; we can easily become lethargic and down mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We must balance all of the bad disinformation and news with The Truth of The Word of God.
Because so many people are depressed in America, on drugs, on alcohol, and who are hooked on gambling and other vices; we must fight to live the victorious Christian life.
When we fight the negative with Bible reading, prayer and praise; we will not go too low into heaviness. We must pray to have the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.
Having a hope-filled heart and speaking out words of thankfulness and praise fight off all hopeless feelings. God Himself inhabits the praises of His people.
When we are grateful to God for our very breath and our salvation; it will produce a wonderful hope in our heats for the future. No matter how difficult our present condition is; we can always have our hope for the future when we walk faithfully with Jesus Christ daily.
The closer we stay with The Lord; the most blessed we will be, and the most we can bless others. Paul and Silas were praising God after they were beaten and put in a filthy prison in chains. God gave them an earthquake and a supernatural way of escape out of their bondage. He will do the same for His people today.
If you can have hope when your situation seems hopeless; you will always be a winner. You will overcome the current situation by focusing on the future hope that is in Jesus Christ and His glorious salvation.
I pray that The Lord will give you the wonderful hope of salvation which will keep you safely. King James Bible
“But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation” (1 Thes. 5.8)
The protection of our minds; is the Helmet entitled “The Hope of Salvation”. It provides a guard against all negative thoughts and hopelessness.
When the movie, “The Passion” was shown all over the world; the masses of people went to see it because they knew it was about Jesus Christ. However, it was not complete because the movie left out the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; the story has a very sad ending. However, all of those who know The Lord Jesus Christ have the knowledge and promise of The Resurrection. Our lives have been renewed, revived, and we will be resurrected in the future.
We have the greatest future and hope because of Jesus’ victory over the grave and over death.
Our hope is in “He is Risen” . He is no longer in the tomb because He is Risen Indeed, and He sits at the right hand of God, The Father.
He is there interceding for His people night and day. When we pray; His resurrection power can flow through our mortal bodies to bring new life, new love and new hope for each one of us.
My prayer for you,
Dear Father, Please fill these innocent ones with Your love, joy, peace, faith and the hope of salvation. Please bless them with your helmet of salvation so that they can live with You for all eternity in Jesus Christ’s Name.
Peggy Kannaday is a Freelance Writer in Fort Mill, SC.
lkannaday@gmail.com, 803 500 1267
Word count 1, 174

No Greater Love!

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).mf734

I was watching a documentary that was reporting on a severe tornado in the Midwest in the United States.

The whole area was devastated beyond recognition, and there was only debris where homes and buildings had been standing.

One of the first responders spoke to the camera, and he described the scene he found in a school that had been demolished.

He found the dead body of a woman teacher, and she was found over the bodies of three small children who were still alive.

I remember the man said, “Good job, teach”.  He understood what this teacher had done.  He realized her great sacrifice, and he commended her in his own way.

We know there are many heroes in the world who go into burning buildings, and pull out people from explosive vehicles, and who dive into icy waters to save people that they may not even know.  This is the ultimate demonstration of love for another person.

Recently, I read of about a celebrity, Jamie Fox who pulled the body of a man out of a vehicle  that had crashed near his home.  The car was on fire, and he risked his welfare in pulling the man out of the car.

There are many other cases of this type of heroism even among children and teenagers who saved people from disasters.  It shows that there is still love and decency in our society despite all of the bad news reports and crimes.

To have the love and courage to put your own life in jeopardy for the sake of another person is the supreme example of pure, unselfish and undefiled love.

It is the love that God The Father had when He sacrificed His only Son for our salvation and our eternal lives to live with Him for all eternity.  It is the same love That Jesus Christ demonstrated on the cross, when He took our place to die for our sins and trespasses.

God proved His love for each one of us.  He would have died on the cross to save the life of even one human being.

God’s love is without measure, and He has set the highest standard for His followers.  We must deny ourselves, take up our own crosses and follow Him in this life.  Those who desire to save their lives on this earth will lose them, and those who desire to lay down their lives for Christ’s sake will find them and save them.

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 16:25)

Missionary, Jim Elliot who died in Ecuador, had already settled this in his mind before he was martyred.  He said, “He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”.

Some of us, as Christians may be required to give our lives for Christ’s sake, but we also need to be willing to lay down our own plans, desires, and our own wills every day in order to obey our Lord Jesus and to trust in Him totally.  Most all of the great men of God were tested in the area of their devotion to The Lord.  There was Job, Joseph, Abraham, Daniel, David, Joshua, Caleb, The rich young ruler, Paul and all the disciples that had to stand strong in the faith of God.

We need to be praying that we will be able to stand strong when the time comes.

My prayer for you:

Dear Father,

Teach us Your ways, that we may please You.  Help us to stand strong in love, faith and hope during these most perilous times.

Fill us anew with Your Holy Spirit and Your power to be over comers in this life.  In The Name of Jesus Christ, and all for Your honor and glory, amen, amen and amen.




The Golden Key to a Wonderful Marriage

The heart of any society is the family unit, and the husband and wife are at the core of God’s building block.   That is the reason the relationship between a husband and a wife are under attack today.

God ordained His church to be a symbol of the marriage between one man and one woman.  Christ is supposed to be the Head of the marriage, just as He is ordained to be the Head of The Church.                                       

In my previous work; I had a chance to minister to pastors who were visiting the prayer mountain in order to pray.  These were very devout men of God who were married in most cases, and their wives were minding their churches while they were away for a month or so.

The one question that I asked them was, “Do you pray with your wife?”  

They usually said, “No”.  That was such a surprise to me as my whole life after my tremendous conversion in 1972 revolved around prayer.

I do not think that I would have ever survived all of the trials and afflictions that I went through if I had not totally relied upon prayer.  

I always prayed with my daughter and then later; I had a wonderful prayer partner who is a tent maker, and we pray every morning by phone for about one hour.

How great it is to have a sincere prayer partner who will be in agreement with each other.  There is exponential power in your prayers as you are in God’s love, unity and agreement.  It is life-changing.

When a Christian gets married, that person has an instant prayer partner, and a small church.  They have all of the potential to grow, mature and multiply as they abide in The Vine, Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus must always be at the center of our prayers, as praying

His will is crucial.  As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Take This cup from Me, but not My will but Thine be done”.  In the final analysis; we must always realize that God’s will and our Father always know what is best.

I learned over many years that so many Christian ministers were missing out on the awesome power that they had at their disposal.  It is very convenient for a husband and wife to be their own prayer partners on a daily basis.  

Praying together is a bonding exercise, and it brings tremendous, positive results as God honors the holy Covenant of Marriage greatly.  When God is at the center of the prayers of the husband and wife; a threefold cord is formed which cannot be easily broken no matter how difficult the circumstances.

There is nothing impossible for a husband and wife that pray together daily.  All things “are” possible as they exercise their faith and trust in God through their daily prayers.

I always tried to encourage these pastors to go back home and pray with their wives.  I think for those not accustomed to pray with their spouse; it could be awkward at first, but if they continue on; it will become their most intimate, and blessed time of each day.

“How can husbands and wives meet each other’s needs?”

illustration 1

They can meet each other’s need through their prayers for one another.  I have never found any challenge, problem or attack that could not be overcome through this method of praying for one another.  We are commanded to pray for one and another, and it is an honor to pray for the needs of your spouse.  

Lift up the needs of your spouse, and watch as the answers come in.  It is very exciting and rewarding to experience God’s faithfulness as He brings in His promises with your faith, patience and prayers.  

What does a godly marriage look like?

A Godly marriage looks like a beautiful Wedding Cake with the bride and groom standing on the top.  The bride and groom are triumphant in their marriage, and if they place God at the center and at the head; they will never fail.

A marriage that is ordained and blessed by almighty God will be a glorious example of God’s own relationship with His beloved Church.  It will be a blessing to all those who perceive it, and it will bring honor and glory to The Lord Jesus Christ as it grows in Him.

Why should God always be kept at the center?

illustration 2

The reason that God must always be kept at the center and head of your marriage is because the marriage is and has always been under satanic attack.  

The marriage, the family and all of our society are under siege during these current end times.  

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We cannot combat these assaults without the power of The Holy Spirit, and without the power of almighty God.  We must give our lives, our marriages, our families, our churches and our countries unto the Lord for His protection, peace and so that He can bring in the leaders that He chooses.  God knows the beginning and the end, and He alone can bring the victory in any given situation.

Our God is all-knowing, all-powerful and omnipresent.  He will always assist those who trust and put their total faith in Him.  He alone is worthy of our trust and faith as He proved His love for each and every one of us on the cross.

If we abide in Him, and He abides in us; we will continue to grow up in Him and into His image.  The wonderful golden key is prayer.  

The family was designed to multiply; just as the church should be multiplying.  We can only multiply as we abide in The Vine Jesus Christ.

My prayer for you:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray that all of your men and women of God will abide in Your Son Jesus Christ, and we will grow up into maturity, and we will bear much fruit for Your Kingdom, honor and glory.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen, amen and amen.