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Gang Stalking and a Higher Dimension

I have read some of the WordPress blogs and other websites under the class of “Gang Stalking”, and I have learned a lot about what the stalkers are doing to try to harm their victims.

It is almost like any unsuspecting person reading about the horrors of gang stalking could think that this crime is carried out by the mass majority of people  in our country, and that these stalkers and their handlers control all segments of our society.   This is not the case; this is the illusion that they are trying to create.

That is why they are working 24/7 to try to convince us that they are omnipresent and extremely powerful.   These people are in the vast minority in our society, and their only power is through deception, deceit and subterfuge.  They use fear tactics, intimidation, lies, mind games, and all types of strange activities and behaviors to harass the TI’s and to try and destroy them.

The TI’s that I know about that are the real deal are very articulate, intelligent, creative and they have strong characters.  In short, they are great people.

On the other hand the perpetrators and their handlers  seem to be very disturbed and insecure people, as I have worked with many psychotic and emotionally disturbed people in my earlier work.  They seem to be people who were not successful in their perspective endeavors, and so they want to destroy those who  seem to be doing well in their lives.

I have found that the perps are more afraid of you, than you are of them.  That is why everything that they do is whitewashed, covered up, and they have all of secret codes, etc. which makes them feel rather important.  They seem to crave attention, and that is they should be completely ignored when possible.

The Lord Jesus Christ takes care of His people, and so I do not worry about what these perpetrators try to do to me everyday.  I do what I need to do, as I know that the Lord is going to bring total justice and all the truth about the crime of gang stalking is coming out into the public arena where it can be dealt with and prosecuted effectively.

What type of person would spend their lives trying to destroy other peoples’ lives?  You can understand that these are very needy people who have found a type of acceptance by being a gang stalker.  It is very sad to me as the ones living all around my home bring small children into it as well.

These perpetrators, gang stalkers, infiltrators, community organizers and all their other titles get their sense of fulfillment in putting down others and by finding sadistic pleasure in harming their targeted people.

This is not normal behavior, and I pray all the time for these people because they are their own worst enemy.  Eventually, this will all come back on their own head, and they are being deceived by thinking that they are powerful and part of some type of élite group.

There is only One all-powerful, infinite being, and His Name is Father God and His Son Jesus Christ.  I am a Christian, and I have found that through prayer, worship and praise; these demonic activities must go.

We have been given all authority over the demonic realm, and no weapon formed against us will prosper and all of those that rise up against God’s beloved people one way, will flee before them seven ways.

It seems that some of the information I read about gang stalking is trying to intimidate the TI’s into thinking that the gang stalkers are winning this “game”.  I can assure you that those participating in gang stalking are headed for destruction unless they repent and turn to Almighty God.

I am praying for all the TI’s, but I am also praying for these poor souls that have somehow been ensnared in a “game” or activity that will end in total disaster for them.

I do pray that the perps will wake up and get a life before justice is served about their illegal wiretapping, surveillance, cyber crime, and all the other insidious crimes.  Turn your lives over to The Lord Jesus Christ, and He will deliver you, and He will give you a brand new life filled with love, joy and peace.