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Exposing the gang stalkers is what is very successful. This is being done all over this country and other nations as well. The gang stalkers are bullies, and bullies are cowards, and so when their illegal activities are revealed to the public; it makes them feel very insecure.
Bullies only pick on people that they think will not retaliate because of the bullies’ many fears.
If Americans and those in authority positions continue to ignore the “targeted individuals”, then no person in America will be safe. If the innocent, targeted individuals are not protected by those in authority who are paid by our taxes to protect us, then we should have a new and law abiding turn over in the powers that are supposed to enforce our current laws.
It is a crime to harass people, it is a crime to bully people, it is a crime to wiretap without a warrant, it is a crime to stalk a person night and day, it is a crime to kill a person’s pet in a cruel way, it is a crime to enter a home illegally, it is a crime to steal and deface a person’s property, it is a crime to take over a person Internet connection and to destroy the person’s work, it is a crime to use illegal surveillance on a person, it is a crime to try and run a person off of the road and to cause the person to have an accident, it is a crime to throw balls and objects at a person’s home, it is a crime to use (DEW) Directed Energy Weapons on a person through the wall, it is a crime to put out false reports on an innocent person, it is a crime to slander a person’s good name, and it is a crime to allow these activities to continue without intervention from the authorities that are in power.
The above crimes are just a partial list of the crimes that are committed on a daily basis by gang stalkers against an innocent targeted individual.
These crimes will not go unpunished or unidentified in the future. These crimes are accumulating in our society, and they will be exposed and prosecuted.
The truth always comes out, and justice always prevails.