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The Great Encourager

Take up our crosses and follow Jesus

The cross in front of The Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea

The Great Encourager
Peggy Kannaday

Encouragement is one of the key ingredients to success in any endeavor. That is why it is such a valuable and precious commodity.

I have heard of true cases where one simple word of encouragement brought a person out of a dark pit of heaviness, and it caused the person to forge ahead into great heights of brilliance.

To be an encourager; you must have a generous heart. You must have special insight into
what is needed to activate greatness in a person who has been pushed down and who feels defeated by life. It is a tremendous gift to be an encourager.

What does the root word mean? It is a means whereby a person is inspired and activated with confidence in order to forge ahead with the needed approval and support.

How often does a person feel so alone in their work and choices, but with a little encouragement; that same person will move forward with boldness to accomplish his or her goal.

World English Dictionary
encourage (ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒ) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— vb
1. to inspire (someone) with the courage or confidence (to do something)
2. to stimulate (something or someone to do something) by approval or help; support

An encourager (plural encouragers) Noun:
It is one who gives encouragement.

There have been many encouragers in our lives throughout the years, but there is only One who will be there throughout the long haul. God almighty is our greatest Encourager in this life and His Word is powerful to motivate, inspire, empower, and to move us into supernatural realms of victory.

When you know that The God who created the universe in on your side; nothing can come against you. When you love God and are called according to His purpose; you have the Holy Spirit working in you, through you, for you and He is your confidence, your encourager and He is your overcoming power for success in any and all of your pursuits in this life.

When we read the Word of God; we are not only hearing what God is saying, but we are also being empowered with the Presence of God. He is The Word, and He is The Truth, The Way and The Life.
Through His Word; we can be in a constant state of being encouraged by the Greatest Encourager of all time, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joshua 1:9, tells us that he was commanded to be strong and of good courage. He was commanded to not be afraid or dismayed because the Lord God was with him wherever he went.
Joshua and Caleb were able with the help of God’s encouragement to bring down Jericho and to conquer the Promised Land. Today, with this type of encouragement from our Lord Jesus Christ; we can conquer our area of influence for the Kingdom of God.

Philippians 4:13, give us the encouragement for any and everything we will ever attempt to accomplish when the Word of God says that we can do “all” things through Christ which strengthens us.

Many times in my life the above verse kept me going. Just repeating it in your mind and out loud will give you the strength you need to carry on and forge ahead.

God’s Word brings comfort, protection, Truth, deliverance, health, wisdom, love, joy, peace and it fills us with new faith, hope and courage to complete our lives in the victory that He has won on the cross.

In short, our Lord and our God is our greatest Encourager through His powerful Words of Life.

We will all need encouragement at some point in our lives. It is a fact that the enemy of our souls is very busy in every aspect of our lives trying to bring discouragement to us.
Discouragement is rampant in our lives in these end times.

When we hear the bad news; it is often intended to bring us to hopelessness, distress and apathy in our seeming inability to overcome these difficulties. However, when you are being bombarded with negative reports; just open up that Book that is above every other book in the world, and read the Words of our Great Encourager Jesus Christ.

He is always found in His Word to bring us through each and every experience, trial or tribulation in our lives. He has the perfect Word of encouragement for you as you look to Him and open His Book.

We read so much every day that could bring us to a place of distress, but when we open The Book; we can be so encouraged, inspired and renewed in The Holy Spirit of God.

If you are an encourager; you take after Your Father God and His Son, Who are so very brilliant in transforming what is lacking in our lives into what is filled with love, faith, hope, new life and vitality.

My prayer for all of God’s people:
Dear Heavenly Father,
We pray that all of Your people will be granted your gift of encouragement to those in need. Please bring us into the paths of those who need a kind word of encouragement, a pat on the back or a word that will inspire us to move onward and upward into our destiny.
Words that are fitly spoken are like apples of gold in pictures of silver. In short, it can be the precise key to a person’s ability to fulfill their destiny with greater confidence, assurance and enthusiasm.
Please grant us this powerful gift and may it be used for Your honor and glory.
In Jesus’ almighty Name and for Your glory. Amen and amen.

Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday has worked for Dr. Yonggi Cho for some 22 years as the
Managing Editor for “Church Growth International” which is the English outreach of The Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea.
Contact: pkannaday@aol.com,cgiusahq@yahoo.com, chgrint.homestead.com, ihcf.homestead.com, happy707.wordpress.com

Show Himself Strong

Show Yourself Strong
Peggy Kannaday
The Lord tells us that He searches the whole earth in order to find
one person that He can show Himself strong in his or her behalf.
I want to be that kind of Christian. I want to be the person that
The Lord can say, “Yes”, I will show Myself strong in her behalf. This
is my desire, my hope and my prayer.
I look at the life of Job, and how Satan came to the Lord and asked
Him for His permission to sift Job. Why? Because Satan told God that
Job would surely turn on God if he had problems.
The Lord said to Satan, “Hast thou considered my servant Job? There is none like him in the earth, a perfect, upright man and one that feareth God and escheweth evil? (Job 1:8).
Many people blame Job for his problems, but the Word of God says
that Job was chosen by Satan because of his righteousness.
Be very careful when you judge unrighteously, and blame innocent
people of doing something wrong, and that is why that person is being
Job’s friends just automatically assumed that Job was guilty of a
sin. However, that was not true, and God showed Himself for Job, and
restored all that he had lost two times over, and healed, delivered and
blessed Job in his later days greater than his former days. Why?
Because in the midst of his suffering Job blessed the Lord, and he
stayed faithful to God through it all.
Please be supportive of people who are being persecuted for
righteousness sake, and please pray that their faith will not fail so
that they can be victorious.
Joseph was persecuted by his brothers, and many people think that
he was treated badly because he was boasting about his dream.
Arrogance and bragging was not part of Joseph’s character, and I
believe that Joseph was only relating his dream in an humble manner.
Later, the dreams were fulfilled, and his brothers and father could
understand how God was working in Joseph’s life. There was a purpose in
why Joseph tol his dream to his family.
Joseph was able to give God the glory, and he told his brothers
that what they meant for evil; God turned it around 180 degrees, and worked
it for good for not only Jospeh but for all of his people. God showed
Himself strong for Joseph, as He promoted him to one of the highest
positions in the empire of that time.
Then there was Daniel, and he was so devoted to his God that he
worshipped Him in spite of the decree that he could be killed for not
worshipping the king.
Daniel was so courageous to never deny his devotion to almighty
God,and so Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den.
God showed Himself strong for Daniel, and God closed the mouths of
the lion.
This was a wonderful witness of God’s power to all who saw the
power of Daniel’s God.
God will shut the lion’s mouths in your life as well, if you are
the kind of person that He is searching for to show Himself strong in their
There were also the three young men who were also in their enemy’s camp as was
Daniel. They were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
They were also young men that the Lord not only showed Himself strong for them, but He also was seen in the fiery furnace with them.
This is a lesson to all of those who love the Lord, and are called according to
His purposes. He will be in the fire, the floods and the tribulations with you.
He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is with you in your hardest trials.
Then, I often think of Paul and Silas, and how they were beaten and
imprisoned for righteousness sake. They were found worshipping and
praising the Lord in the horrible environment of the prison.
God showed Himself strong in their behalf, and God brought an
earthquake, and set these two captives free.
All the others in the prison were also set free, and God was
glorified again. Why? Because of the Paul and Silas sacrifice of praise
and worship unto the Lord even in the midst of horrible pain and
In the many cases throughout the Bible; we see that God was able to
bless those who were faithful, obedience and thankful to God.
You can clearly see that God is looking for Christians who love Him
first, obey Him, seek Him, and put Him first and His righteousness.
To have God to show Himself strong in our lives; we need to get our
priorities in order. Then, He will be free to move in our lives as He
has done in the lives of Job, Joseph, Daniel, Paul and Silas and
countless others throughout history.
He is always searching for a person to bless, but sadly many these
days have fallen away from our first love of The Lord.
He wants us to come back to Him, so that He can show Himself strong
in our behalf, and His Name will be glorified.
I pray as the times grow more perilous every day, that we,
Christians will prepare ourselves and pray that we will be the kind of
people that will please God first and foremost.
He wants to bless us, and He wants to show Himself strong, and He
wants all people to know that He is God.
May all of us become the people that God is searching the whole
earth to find. May we be the people that God can use for His glorious
purposes in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Peggy Kannaday has been the Managing Editor for “Church Growth
International” since 1991.
Contact: 803 547-2164, cgiusahq@yahoo.com,happy707.wordpress.com
Peggy Kannaday
Regent Park/Glen Ridge
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Be The Salt of The Earth!

Be the Salt of The Earth
Peggy Kannaday
Mat 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
Right away in Matthew 5:13, we, Christians, are told that we are the salt of the earth; not we were, or we will be the salt of the earth. That means that we have the capacity and potential to be the salt of the earth.
We are the elements in the world that are in the world, but not of the world. We are the people who will bring preservation, purity, truth, and a sold out love for almighty God and all people to the earth.
However, if the salt has lost its savor or flavor; it will be good for nothing, but to be thrown out and trampled on by men.
In Bible times, salt was very crucial and important. They did not have freezers to preserve meat, etc.
It was even used in the sacrifices due to its many very needed uses.
However, when the salt had lost its ability to flavor food and it had lost its ability to preserve; it had to be tossed out. It could not be thrown out just anywhere, because it would destroy plants and the fertility of the soil where it was thrown.
For that reason; it had to be thrown on the roadways, where it would be trampled on and become very hard, like asphalt.
The enemy of our souls is always trying to demoralize every person on earth, and especially, the true Christians. The Lord gave us so many wonderful parables to teach us of how to be forewarned about the trials of life, and how we must seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first and foremost. Then He will keep us fresh, on fire, and He will give us the staying power of His love, faith, hope, joy and peace. In short, abide in The Vine, Jesus Christ and keep your zest, your zeal and your fervor for all that The Lord has for you.
Those that receive the seed of the Word and Truth of almighty God; are immediately challenged with the temptations of Satan, the cares of life, and they are in many cases gradually worn down and worn out to become worthless to The Lord, and then they will become useless for the Kingdom of God. They are immobilized to be able to come to fruition and come to maturity in The Lord Jesus Christ which is growing into His image.
Salt preserves food, as Christians are commissioned to preserve the integrity of our society. The thermometer in our society is how are the true Christians growing in The Lord Jesus Christ. How are they maintaining their close and obedient walk with almighty God.
If we see a society that is filled with every type of occultism, cruelty, strife, doctrines of demons, man made doctrines, and the love of self, money and power; we have a severe problem in the churches of that society.
We, as Christians are to bring The Lord to the world and its people. However, in many instances the churches and their leaders are mirror images of the world and all of its evils. Statistically, the church has become like the world, and in many cases; it has become more corrupt than the world system and its evil empire.
Jesus compared the Christians to salt because salt is and was a very valuable commodity. It had and it has unique qualities, and it is very distinctive from all other elements.
Jesus used salt to describe the Christian walk because when salt has lost its valuable benefits and attributes; it becomes totally worthless. Jesus wants His beloved people to be warned of how the world, the devil and all of the elements of our society are working to destroy the true Christians’ closeness to the Lord, the obedience to The Lord and the glorious fruit that the Lord is desiring to develop in our lives. He wants to use His beloved people to spread His love, His Truth, His Way and His life throughout the world.
Our own righteousness is as filthy rags, our own power is very weak, and our own ability to bring change for good into the world is as nothing. The same way, when salt has lost its savor (flavor; it is useless. We must have God almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to be the salt of the earth, and to change our societies for the better.
Jesus made the Truth so easy for even a child to understand by using common elements and situations to teach us, His children. He was constantly warning us of the dangers lurking all over the world for the unsuspecting Christian pilgrim.
However, during these days; we are bombarded with every wind of doctrine that is not of the spirit and the Word of God. We are being taught doctrines and lies from the pit of hell.
We are being taught by self-appointed apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists that it is okay to go against the Word of God and still be saved. We have been infiltrated by impostors who want to use their Christian title to gain money, prestige, power, and they want to be worshiped just as their god Lucifer rebelled and wanted to compete with almighty God.
As we read in Rev. 19:20, we can plainly see what happens to those who follow these insidious lies of the anti-christ, his prophets, his dupes and his lies. They will be destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire alive.
Jesus always warned us over and over to beware of the false ministers who come to us as angels of light. Do not be deceived. Get into the Word of God for yourself and know it inside and out, because in the coming days; if it were possible even the very elect will be deceived.
We need to get back to The Gospel, Jesus Christ, and we need to be led every day by The Holy Spirit. May all of us become the salt of the earth so that we can spread the beautiful savor of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world.
Peggy Kannaday has been the Managing Editor for “Church Growth International”for 19 years. “Church Growth International” is the English outreach of The “Yoido Full Gospel Church” headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
Contact: Regent Park/Glen Ridge, 707 Torrey Pines Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715, 803 547-2164, Websites: happy707.wordpress.com, ihcf.homestead.com/index.html