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PRAYER FOR ALL TARGETED INDIVIDUALS Response to “Dedicated to Those Who Keep Silent”

Those that are silent, and those that turn their heads are sealing their own fate, as when we are silent and allow even one innocent person to be illegally tortured through gang stalking, then we have lost our compassion, and we are on the way to losing our own souls.
When a people have lost their compassion for those that are being persecuted unjustly; it will come back on their own heads.  We will reap what we have sown or what we have allowed to be sown in our society.
Evil will not dissipate, but it will expand and anarchy will be the result. That means that no person will be safe in the society.  It will then be each person for himself, and it will become a lawless society.  No life will be secure, no property will be safe and no person will have the rights guaranteed in our American Constitution any longer.
When we have the attitude that even one person is valuable, and we will protect that person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then we in turn will be able to enjoy these freedoms in our society for ourselves and our loved ones.
Dear Father God,
I pray for all targeted individuals that you will protect them, heal them, and deliver them.
I pray that You, Lord will restore their health, the property that has been destroyed, their good names and the time that they have lost.
May each and every one of the TI’s have a new beginning with total restoration and compensation for all that they have had stolen from them by the gang stalkers/perpetrators.
May all of the gang stalkers be brought to justice. May the identities of their handlers be revealed, and may those who turn their heads to what is going on be identified. They are the silent partners of the gang stalkers/perpetrators.
I pray that all of the illegal activities of directed energy through the walls, wiretapping, pc hacking, illegal surveillance, trespassing, vandalism, robbery, killing of pets, and attempted murder will all be exposed to the authorities that are our legitimate protectors and also law abiding law enforcement officials.
May all of the immoral and illegal activities of the perpetrators (gang stalkers) and their handlers be prosecuted (unless they repent), so that this country can become the America that our heritage proclaims. The Land of the free and the home of the brave.
I pray all of these things in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Comment by Peggy Kannaday | March 25, 2010