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The Racket of Gang Stalking

Gang Stalking is a very lucrative racket.  If a person doesn’t like another person, considers them as competition, or if he or she is envious; then they can hire gangs to attack that individual.  Thus the term “targeted individual”.  
These roving gangs of criminals have to divert the blame away from themselves, and so the perps will also become the distributors of the “disinformation”.  They spread rumors all over that their crimes are being sanctioned by the nebulous term of the “government” which could include countless, innocent people who are just trying to do their jobs.
Yes, we know that there is an elite group in the government which are called the shadow or rougue government that are basically criminals.  However, the vast majority of government employees are normal citizens.
However, using this method of disinformation; it is not necessary to prove the lies, but all these perps have to do is to convince many people that these rumors are true.  I see this happening with the gang stalking racket.
These criminals only know how to trick, deceive, steal and lie, and everything that they do is a deception.  These gang stalkers and their handlers lie like rugs.  If these perpetrators and their handlers can convince people that they are not the culprits, but it is really the “government”, then they can continue to get by with these crimes.
Wake up, people; you are being duped. 

Furthermore, Gang stalking is a very profitable business hired out to criminals in their respective communities. These perpetrators are also used and paid off to spread their disinformation to the targeted individuals to cause them to have even more harassment and frustration. Beware of these criminals/perps posing as targeted individuals. They are all over our e-mails, calling us on the phone, on Facebook and the Internet. These perps stalk us 24/7, and one of their main roles is to disseminate false, fictitious disinformation to make us believe their lies. Please do not be deceived by these counterfeits, but you will know them by the fact that they are always trying to blame outside powers on the gang stalking, and they will always make the gang stalking seem too big to stop, and they try and exaggerate and amplify the power of the perpetrators. Their goal is to confuse, frighten, deceive and to cause more damage to the targeted individual with their wild stories and lies. They pretend to be sympathetic, but they are really trying to cause you much fear and insecurity. They try and make you think that the gang stalkers/perps are all-powerful, all -knowing and omnipresent. What a lie! They are none of the above. Don't believe these manipulative devices used to try and keep you under subjection.
They are part of the same racket called "gang stalking" which is similar to all of the other covert rackets, i.e. pedophile rings, human trafficking, drug trafficking, hidden meth labs, illegal gun trafficking, porn production and distribution, and the list of secret, covered up, and whitewashed crimes can go on and on. These are all very lucrative rackets made up of criminals that make huge amounts of money off of vulnerable, helpless people in our society.
The Targeted Individuals are those chosen who they know will oppose and expose them, and they know the TI's will not join up with them, and they know that the TI's are good citizens, and so they want to eliminate their influence in their communities.
Many TI's are very influential people, but what makes them different is that they have a moral compass, and they will not compromise, tolerate or condone illegal, immoral, indecent, and ungodly activities in their communities. There are many other circumstantial situations and reasons that are involved, but mainly they are targeted because they do not go along with attempts to demoralize, pollute, and bring crime, gangs and racketeering into their communities, their cities and their countries.
I have found that the real Targeted Individuals are some of the finest people in this country. They want to help others, and they want to encourage others, and they do not want to add to their problems. The real targeted individuals will give you a prayer, a hope for your future, but the impostors will try and control you and get you to believe their propaganda. They become very angry when you do not go along with their brainwashing, mind control tactics. You will know them by their fruit.
May prayer for all of the real TI's: May The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always. In His love, in His Name and may He be glorified in our lives. Amen and amen.