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Stop the Crime of Gang-stalking

The gang-stalkers try every possible way to discredit the people that they have targeted.

They go to extreme lengths to protect themselves and to be able to continue in their illegal activities with seeming impunity and immunity. However, it is very naive of them to actually believe that all of the truth will not come out into the public arena.

The difference between the real “targeted individuals” called TI’s and the perps that try and impersonate them is like the dichotomy between black and white and darkness and light.

After awhile, the TI counterfeits become abundantly clear. You will know them by their very own words and what they are trying to perpetrate (whether it is to benefit the victims or is it geared to cause them more distress)?

The few times that I went on the FFCHS (Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance) conference calls; I encountered perpetrators who were impersonating TI’s.
I have also read online websites and e-mails sent to me that I felt were from impostors. One spoke against Derrick (which was meant to cause division and distrust)(one was asking for a donation for Derrick) BEWARE!, and others were sent to try and make me believe that the TI’s situation is totally nonredeemable and without hope for the future.

I found some common elements in the true TI’s:
1.) They are usually very articulate and express themselves in a clear manner. They are people who want to help other TI’s, and they do not want to cause them more suffering and hardships.
2.) They are usually either Christian or very moral people who have high ethical standards, and a strong sense of justice.
3.) They are people who would not retaliate with violence, and so the bullies can harass them daily with impunity in many cases. (Bullies are cowards, and so they would never target someone that they think would take revenge on them.)
4.) They are people who have been placed in a vulnerable situation where the perpetrators have the opportunity to violate their basic freedoms.

I have found some common characteristics in those who I believe are counterfeit TI’s”
1.) They are not articulate, and they usually slaughter the King’s English.  Through this means; they make people think that the TI’s are a bunch of ignorant, paranoid crazies.
2.) They send out information through various methods that can cause the TI’s more discouragement, and they try to produce fear and hopelessness through their communications involving the TI’s.
3.) They have many psychotic symptoms, as they have no concern about harming others. They seem to be able to stoop to any level of depravity.  Basically, they are bullies of the basest level.
4.) They are people who are very gullible in thinking that they will get by with all of their criminal activities with impunity. In short, they believe the lies of the people that are using them to do “their” dirty work.

I can assure you that all of these activities will be exposed and prosecuted. As we can plainly see; the hidden agendas, criminal and immoral activities that have been covered up for decades are all 100%, being revealed.

Abraham Lincoln said it like this, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” In short, the truth always prevails in the final analysis.
Thank you for reading this.